Persuasion always help

This weekend, the Queer boat already fourth trip should put to sea even in Berlin. I actually knew a long time, because at some point Pricilla had told me once in an asylum House, but I had a long hidden somewhere in the back of my mind and of course did not think of. Preliminary plans are indeed known to be not my thing.

Jessi can not help it….

Well I spoke recently to Polly now, if I was queer to boot… Ummm probably not… But then I would be sure to come to the Insomnia evening before.. Insomnia, hmm I do not know, Almost exactly two years since since I was not after all more… Damals der Vorabend December Queerboots. Now what the hell. So I let myself convince times and visited the Insomnia again.

Not interest me now like the – obvious – Andrew Blake videos on the video screen or the outfit of guests. Well maybe the outfit of a man with a white pleated skirt… at least a little. The fact is, there were less people there flogger dressed in Insomnia, I.

selber schuld 🙂

Not polly, that appeared in a brand new Lip Service PVC dress with pinstripe, skids that they would not at all need, but might as well be able to borrow from my wardrobe. I call this but also my own, and this totally unused. I ordered it in time BEFORE a Boheme Noir in the U.S. and received it AFTER this same Boheme Noir. I mentioned, dass Vorplanungen mein Ding nicht sind 😉 Nadelstreifen finde ich ja sehr klasse.

But not only so I was pleased, Polly once again watch, and Mia and Jessica… and – what surprised me very, Miss Hagen, I – as I said,, had not seen for about three to four years. However, they denied the, for I have seen them in Cologne on the CSD, would spread out in front of her and grinned my Flügle and Vic. ÄÄÄh ja 🙂 Sollte da etwa bei so vielen Kölner CSD Eindrücken ein einzelner in Vergessenheit geraten sein??? I can hardly imagine.


But there are always times things, the forgotten, like an interview, I once had many years ago with a man from the picture. Since I of which I had never heard from again, I went logically assume, something that never had happened to it…. Obviously a fallacy, because Miss Hagen told me of a “great article about me” long time ago in the picture… Then there is probably still an article came of it. Interesting, why no one told me about it.

Damage, I do not have the. Nevertheless, they had softened up morgends me so far against four clock, I would try, still to visit the Gay Boat.


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