Blonde Trans casserole in Goya

While the rest of the queer boat passengers on the – obviously not as exciting – Adagio has made, have Sheila, Janka and I packed us to Goya to the propaganda party to rock again.


Sheila had mainly the reason, that they should be consulted before a movie camera on the work of David Bowie… So it was pretty fast unwell and had Janka and strip me alone through Goya… It's not bad, we know as of now yes and it was certainly not our first party propaganda, we visited there….


This time, however, were different. Ma was able to speak of a veritable trans casserole in Goya. A pair is always there, But mostly you can count the fake women in Goya at one to one and a half hands. This time, however, there would come out a number, one has hardly taught me in first class.


We were a little surprised schschon, as with Tatjana – to us – Unknown Ladies arrived, We were even more surprised, as we threw another glance through Goya. Large scale and especially in large numbers unknown to us girls, who populated this evening the Goya.


Part of the solution to the puzzle was a loud Tatjana “umgedreht Party” in a bar, should come to the girls than boys and vice versa…. The latter has Tatjana then bagged in large numbers and packed and shipped to Goya. Obviously needed some persuasion the, but on the other hand, this was then again apparently successful.


Gina Tonic was not part of this troupe of course, but was also more technically work on the propaganda and sonicated to Floor Pop. I like it much better anyway, but was particularly impressed us this evening the Candyboy, with his tray full of sour licorice snakes Janka and could not quite escape me.


obei you have to say, that it rather interested me the goodies on his tray, Janka while there obviously had other interests.

In any case, we had enough of this evening eventually, yes if the boat since the Queer lasted much longer hours than normal so we were reasonably happy as Sheila had finished her report and we could finish the evening.



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