Svenja and the wild Renate

On Friday, it was found shortly, I was asked by a friend, if I would come to the salon to the Wilde Renate, a club, how well can it be only in Berlin. House in a house demolition. Kischigen with all kinds of furniture, furnishings and brocade wallpaper.


I was only once in the wild Renate, mag aber den Club, I agreed and got ready in no time to the Renate with Steffi to visit. The name has not changed since my last visit, but the entrance and the rooms in the house. Not sure if the other rooms are now unusable, or are only open, when the party gets bigger or is there a known DJ, But the club is actually another – but similar. It's still the Wild Renate and we were more or less the first, long the loungy house music listening, which was the time of filling and Renate slowly faster and more danceable.


The wild Renate before the DJ booth, a small platform, from the a long time, no one except the two of us auftraute, as if all the anxiety would have had before us. Eventually, however, also completed the podium slowly among others with a girl, that seemed to me known. Very well known…

But I was not sure. When seen from people I have two problems. 1) If I'm not 100% sure, I really know someone, I'm 100% unsure. 2) even if I'm actually 100% sure, but can not explain, why, this person should be in that place, I am unsure.


For me it was more of a second. The-respected by me as a person not known comes from Berlin and even if it were in Berlin sien, why should they hit just one of thousands in this club … and since they obviously did not recognize me, although we actually danced next to each other, I was unsure, whether I should be safe.

Well, It may also be because, that they bisdato only from Hamburg and only knew me as a man and it just Berlin and my appearance was now not just male. But in today's times, where the mobile Internet can also, I could just compare times with a picture of you and then I was sure. It was Svenja.

So I called them just once, earning a confused face. Someone, she does not know she speaks in a city, which it is not with their name. It took a while, until she recognized me. It still sit a month ago, since we danced together at a wedding in Hamburg. What impudence ;-).


In any case, was also with her, that even – not wearing heels – Women are not immune before, to love high shoes. But there still needs to Svenja practice some time, until they can walk in my shoes. Elegant ist anders 🙂 . But my footsteps umm shoes fit her. Next time maybe.. At any wedding in Hamburg. And when she wears high heels and then I just do not, then perhaps we are also equal…


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