Propaganda Hong Kong

In Berlin, the propaganda is indeed one of the best known and largest Gayparties de city and thus a popular meeting place every month again.

propaganda hong kong

Also in Hong Kong, there is a propaganda, or rather a propaganda, here it is the most famous gay club of the city and it was the tip of Coco Popp, one of the few drag queens of the city and one of the most. Feat, if there are only three.

Coco signalisierte mir to Facebook, that it would be as though, but just gedresst Non Smoking. But that did not and should not prevent me from, to appear there as Zoe. Surrounded by Soho (not the English course still blessed with a similar number of bars and pubs) comes from small road eione, in turn, a not too large sign “Propaganda” points in an even smaller alley.

hong kong propaganda

Aha, So here suggests the gay heart of Hong Kong – and that translates pretty loud umm expensive. Here is nothing with free entry for Drags, nene, proud 240 HK$ also etwa 24 € !!!! should cost of entry – but there were then also…. not much.

A drink after all, a caipirinha, Mojitos because there was not. Actually not even caipirinha, because it was not sure this dishwater, – In Rio if they had been quartered for – but we leave the. Let's talk about the club.

coco popp hong kong

Inside he seemed a little like the Irrenhouse, black, some way and cellar with two rooms and a whole lot of corridors between, schnacken invited to stay and the, no stage, no Hong Kong Drags – zunmindest not gedresst, the very short time after my appearance a small Asian man introduced himself to me as Coco ago. Someone had told him it would be a blond drag come. The grapevine works perfectly obvious propaganda in.


I was then presented some also not gedresste Drags. The next time, but where the ladies are right back on the stage will be Halloween and I'm back in Berlin… such was the motto of this year's Halloween Masquerade Vodoo noch oder Zombie?

gayclub hong kong

No matter, is exciting, that there are drag this mother-daughter cases in Hong Kong, Coco helps a young drag it with tips and trick to help with choreography and performances and so on. Total Drags but also probably because the little gig opportunities. I think so but, which should take just… Macht Parties.!


Legacy of a drag queen in the propaganda Hong Kong


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