Shenzhen – Luohu Commercial Center

A madhouse in the City of Women

I have the Lonely Planet Hong Kong & Read Macao, that a trip tip Shenzhen should be, because you can shop wonderfully, Although there is virtually nothing original, but bargains can still make it there.

Shenzhen - Luohu Commercial Center

Shenzhen is a special administrative region on the outskirts of Hong Kong and is considered the shopping center of Hong Kong. Respect, I made my, once to visit Shenzhen.


An article about Shenzhen on Spiegel Online I have unfortunately seen only after. 13 Million people are living in the district of Shenzhen and 75 % be female. Migrant workers, have been exiled from everywhere in China and are used here.

Shenzhen Nagelstudios
To the horizon, a nail salon next to the other

Nagelstudios, in Massagestudios, as saleswomen 7 Days a week for pittance. We would call it slave labor for the girls but seems to Shenzhen to be the promised land. This is a thinking and should I ever get there, I show myself to eat a good, or a nice generous use or let me talk about it to a head massage.

For example, in the Luohu Commercial Center, a madhouse finest quality-, as I have not seen it. It reminded me a little of the Tower of Asterix and Obelix, where they come from one corner to the next and hardly come out.

Shenzhen visas
Shenzhen visas
Photos banned of course

However, before shopping, the Chinese government has set the limits firstonce. To the border, everything is easily, you sit directly in Hong Kong Kowloon to the subway and is driven for really little money about half an hour to the border crossing to Shenzhen, then go off for the visitors problems going.

Where do I, whither shall I, where I travel from Hong Kong, where I travel in Hong Kong, what about the visa, what next… this is all really quite simple.

shenzhen shopping mall
Hong Kong towards shopping Shenzhen

You get off track just go straight, go through the first lock simply by going further, fill out an exit form, go on to exit switch, passing the border, go on to the next checkpoint, go up the stairs, Change servicekit HK $ ín 160 Yuan, fill out a visa application, imagine themselves to the queue for visa clearance, give visa application, Passport and 160 Yuan ab, is waiting to be called to, 'll pick the passport with visa, go to the next control, fill out a Eineiseantrag, go to the control, 'll look closely and examine, move on, leave the baggage check and a trip to Shenzhen.

The procedure took me about one and a half hours, However, the second time only 20 Minutes.

Louboutins Shenzhen - Luohu Commercial Center
Louboutins in Shenzhen. At least Wore it

Then you are in the Middle Kingdom. At least in the Special Administrative Region of Shenzhen and you will notice the difference immediately. WHILE Hong Kong is west, everything is present in english there and everyone can english, we are here in China. English there is only bröckchenweise, just as much is needed for sale as just.

For example, just in the Luohu Commercial Center, which is just across the border and 5 Storey shopping mall with 700 Stores is, everything and offer nothing. Preferably, Mode, Electronics and jewelry….and massage parlors and nail salons and even local vending. All the shops are more parcels of 10 ²-25m ² and before any is at least one person, that you “DVD, mp3, Rolex, good Tailors, Handbags – What do you searching for” offers. A bit like the street line Davindstrasse in Hamburg…. as a man walking alone.

Louis Vuitton - Shenzhen - Luohu Commercial Center
Even with the authenticity of this Louis Vuitton bag I would be careful

Here you'll find everything to brands, Man was stamped kennt. Not everything is made, but on request fetches each Verküferin from their huge pile of books, the current Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu, Prada, Chanel, Gucci (Please continue to carry this list randomly) Lookbook somewhere and you can choose… Or would you prefer shoes? Louboutins, Alexander McQueen, Salvatore Ferragamo, Kate Spade, Baldinini … or or or.


As I said, few things are from, because fakes are also officially allowed. But if you ask, go somewhere and someone comes back with a harmless bag and the part… The Keller, in which all stores, I would like to see.

In any case, it is totally lost here as a tourist. Interested in a charging, so later you can not find the back anyway, you should have left him once. I grew 5. Stock out of the lift and we have almost an entire floor just with cutters, Tailors, the one slicer, what you would like. Pick from a look from a book, and they do this within two days.

Maßanzüge Shenzhen
of a safe 100 Tailoring

It puzzled the Scneiderein, Although, I (obviously man) wanted to have a business suit for women with my measurements. Now, I hate my netbook and while a picture can work wonders. The material was then indeed a small surcharge, however 50 € for a tailored costumes pinstripe jacket and skirt with a blouse and is then probably not too much… I bought more, actually not totally overwhelmed. but I had once again come to pick tailored costumes.


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