Halloween Kostüm

It could become a household word, er spell. “You're a real Zoe”. This refers to a person, which is simply too late. (einwurf me: I am not exactly desewegen the name Delay? )

halloween outfit

Lease egal, in this case was the occasion of Halloween, a feast, that every year comes about as unexpected, such as Christmas or Carnival. Well, at least for me unexpectedly. While Sheila and Janka already knew for months, what they would wear for Halloween and for weeks tinkered (what was worthwhile in the rest of), I allowed myself (apparently) also several references, yes that Halloween is soon, not get out of the rest.

halloween avatar

The appearance deceived, because frankly I thought about a lot and often, because I could do so on Halloween. The knowledge, that the two were planning what dolles and images of the last Halloween Masquerade from two years ago before our eyes, made these considerations do not easily. A witch costume is not enough and since I'm such a uninspired and uncreative Olle, I came here not really a green Branch Whisk.

silverwings halloween

Honestly I thought ersthaft, To make halloween costume fail simply due to lack of, aber Bob Youngs Halloween Masquerade muss man erlebt, but most of all have seen, I also had quite an idea. Our halbtotes Candygirl, Halloween Treats that adequate and similar to Monster journeyman distributed. I missed this, however, and so I had some short-term (says noon on Saturday for Saturday night) once again Decoration Behrendt. The snake described to me before I did but from the realm of fables – far from it. That a setup and decoration shop needs a bouncer comes safe from even just two days in the year…

deko behrendt halloween

No matter, I found a few scars, white theater make-up, all sorts of nasty plastic animals and what else you need for a decent Halloween outfit. Now the only thing missing a tray. What leicte exercise – I thought. Doch weder in the Potsdamer Platz Arkaden, there was still a round serving tray Kaufhof. I found after hours of a stainless steel tray for the evening for a mere 17 €.. What the hell…

halloween kostüm

Good Good, against Sheila and Janka course I could not anstinken and Nina's outfit was at least as crazy and insane as dead, but I was quite happy and it brought me this evening many interesting events and many people, Cat's in the courageous bite and muttered aah licorice, WHILE the friend / the girlfriend just as bravely bit into a plastic spider and more ieeeh plastic bleated…

halloween silverwings

I did not know anyone but being forced to bite into plastic, and the – frequently asked question – “what is that?” and “You can eat the?” I have only looked not just saying from my dead eye…. You can eat anything, It SHOULD only one not necessarily….

Oh by the way all the pictures here are not from the Halloween Masquerade, but from the small starter Halloween Party at the Silver Wings.

teufel kostüm


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