Kylie Minogue Flashmob in Sydney

I'm generally a friend of well-made flash mobs, although most flash mobs have little to do with the actual meaning…

Vollbildaufzeichnung 02.12.2010 033752

Always, if more photographers and video cameras are present as Flashmobber, is the whole a rather double-edged sword. For a good flashmob distinguished indeed characterized by, that is not even visible before, that just because something happens. No matter, so be it, when it is done well or at least funny, can it ever watch.


This just about have already been 100.000 Do people in this flash mob in front of the Sydney Opera House, to the drag queen Joyce had Maynge loaded. …It strikes me again and again, obvious that every mob in the world includes at least a drag queen or was even initiates of their.

And what exactly makes a good drag queen from Sydney? Sure, Australia's mascot Kylie Minogue with a medley, the safe dfazu leads, that this video is soon locked.

Vollbildaufzeichnung 02.12.2010 034221
The video tells the story of “hundreds” Dancers. This is probably somewhat exaggerated, but there are already a lot and certainly there was previously a lot of samples, so that the hinhaut. Insofar receives all my respect


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