Teaserettes @ Asphalt Club

Ohmann I just noticed, I still have some numbers the other day in the asphalt of the Teaserettes club open, are completely lost me in the course of time.

Now, on the evening just the appearance of Nina Hagen overshadows the entire evening in the asphalt Club, really sorry but this is not, but I hope, please forgive with, I vow to improve and if the numbers tonight from the Wild At Heart quickly publish.


So here simply for the sake of completeness, a few Teaserettes numbers of the nice evening with Miss Popalina in asphalt Club. Outstanding course, is Sandy's number, Although I already knew, of which I could not, however, never get enough, because this number contains just about everything, which must contain Eien ingenious number. So that would also fit on the stage of insanity House.


That evening, however, it was the asphalt Club, I still can not quite fond of, because once barked after me a little overzealous Club Manager, because I unsheathed my camera to film a show…. This time I was allowed to – or at least to me it was not prohibited.



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