Resin 4 Transerei

Life as a drag queen in Berlin is not an easy, where – known as. Too few jobs, too little parties, too much competition. If one's own – well-attended party – not heard zufälloig, Nina Queer as her astray House can hardly be sure, that you're not next month will be replaced by a young transvestite for even less coal at the controls.

Vollbildaufzeichnung 03.04.2011 233609-1

Some people already spoke of resin 4 Transerei and Berlin as the capital of the term. That it is already so bad alledings, for example, that Stella must DeStroy the street sweeper sale already in the subway Vogue, I would have not thought.


Well quite seriously that is not well, but if the next time a man with the street sweeper stands before you, then think of times, if you can not spare a Euro… Upper case, just as in Stella's the equivalent of some heroin ;-).


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