Outcome: The dresser

So now it's through, the show with me at “The dresser” is gone and I've survived it. A few people, which were reported to have good, a few people, which did not find it good have not reported and the shoe rack is arrived bombastic.


I personally think it's great, because Stene has had really come up with something and the lights are wonderful in the dark.


Also the clothes racks are much better than the gekrachte actually down a few minutes before the start of sending clothes rail. A large mirror although I had already, but now it is a much larger mirror:)…

Foto (11)

Although I am not a specialist IT and Janka is Sheila but that's nothing, because the falls anyway only those on, a) me and b) Sheila und Janka kennen.

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2 thoughts on “Outcome: The dresser

  1. Hello,

    I saw the episode and I have to say, I (like any woman) I'm jealous of your shoe rack! The shelves used there are from Ikea, I'm aware.
    But I would still be interested in where you can get the clothes rail system?
    Would be very nice, if you tell me…

    • Hi Nettle,

      as far as I've noticed, was everything from Ikea, so just go there with a picture of me and say “I want that, too” 😉

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