New York, River, Tokyo ääh Berlin

I have two flights booked Friday. Berlin – Rio de Janeiro am 2. Oktober und Rio De Janeiro – Berlin just three weeks later. (So, strictly speaking, yet each one more flight, Good ich 2 Times have to change in Madrid).

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And so I'm prepared for anything, I wanted to look at the INternet, if there are any drag shows in Rio, the worth to visit.

After shows in Germany, UK, USA, Cuba, Thailand and at least by video of a drag I know in Hong Kong I must sometimes look, what Brazil has to offer… I haven't made any real progress yet, but I found something else interesting…

A dissertation from 2007 entitled:

An ethnological study of self-images and forms of self-organization
in den transgender-Subkulturen Rio de Janeiros, New York and Berlin

Now I have only part of the above 700 Read pages, but the part about Berlin is quite exciting. He is more historical and tells of the time in West Berlin before reunification, from the insular world of Berlin and the time after the turn and explains the still fairly obvious difference to the Drags Mehringdamm and on the other hand those in Mitte and Friedrichshain. Hardly a name in it is still a concept, but very exciting.

You can find the whole under the following link

In the next days I will once I read through the New York area and at the latest on the flight I'll read times, what is there to say about Rio as.


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