Tournee burlesque Film

For several weeks Sheila distributed flyers for an event for the premiere of Burlesque film Tournée fom, should not only be shown, but also some mi Burlesque performances should be relined.


From their film had read a long time ago. Tournee is a film, in contrast to “Burlesque” tatsählich also has to do with burlesque, with real performances and a story that is not just once Cinderella, mit Charaktären, Burlescue with real artists and with a certain dose Trash.

I find good. All this should take place at the Thalia cinema in Potsdam and it actually came all sorts of visitors, significantly more definitely, would have been expected as the premiere else. For it was the visitors but also offer some.


Sheila herself, Ginger Synne, Tara La Luna, Lada Redstar and Lady Lou occurred and Gloria Viagra should try a little later, to keep the guests on the dance floor. …The latter unfortunately only worked as mau, as the guests after the last number cinema Typical moving right direction and output were gone. Although some leftover danced abundant, but prolonged the after-show party then but not significantly.

No Parybewusstsein, of Potsdam. This is probably also the reason, why the ladies and gentlemen live in Potsdam and not in Berlin 😉 But it doesn't matter, for it was on this evening just it also all about burlesque in film and reality and started with a number of Sheila, I have such a scchon seen a couple times, what is so mainly because, I'm often there just, where it occurs just.


Was so exciting for me, what happens because as noh, such as in Lady Lou, that came with their first number with eienm really great outfit on stage and – as befits a burlesque number – future to fully defoliated and then also artfully clothe himself again to collect the deserved applause.


No war toll, but no comparison to her second number, was found in the, that Lady Lou is not only a great burlesque artist, but in addition also a super heroine, that the soils of the world makes an end with all kinds of weapons. Super Lou, so to speak, and the lady has actually saved the world in this case. Thank you Lady Lou that you take care of ourselves we

Two great numbers there were of Ginger Synne, in their numbers wrapped the audience with a lot of mysticism in both numbers and even more secret and unwrapped himself from a long estaunlich becoming costume


But all this was nothing compared to the two numbers from Lada Redstar, they were just great, … Not only the numbers, but also the costumes were truly breathtaking and certainly in the price of a small car. So yes I know, which cost my Zönix costume with his wings then, but against the corset and butterfly wings, were simply incredible. I love the costume and of course the number. Both are really really great. The video you have to watch absolutely.


But the second number of Lada Redstar – and her second outfit were more than impressive. A huge Vogelhut, a dazzling outfit and every defoliation again new things, wo man sagt ” wow ” great idea. honestly, the two numbers of Lada redstar warning with the best, I've seen Burlesque numbers. Since the film Tournée could not gegenanommen.



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