Halloween Masquerade 2011

Halloween Masquerade 2011


The deaths were, Half dead and undead quite impressive in the horror Laboratory of Silver Wings, was at the Halloween Masquerade by Bob Young – actually traditionally – another Shovel draufgelegt Reingehauen ax.


It really is that, that the, of at another party already is pretty good, at the Halloween Masquerade certainly has to worry because, noticed – and he must already be really great, about to enter the pre-selection of Bob and Frank and participate in the costume contest can.


Sheila, Janka – and actually Diana – selected – And Stella DeStroy, in their series “Women of movie history with big names and even greater wickedness of the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland this year and threw a cloak over Dalmatian Cruela de Vil from embodied hundred and one Dalmatians. Sehr passend 🙂


Even otherwise the costumes were again overwhelming and it is probably once again ran into many friends, one has simply not recognized, because they just looked so different, as you know otherwise. Someone got me, after we had been there for quite a while asked, Janka whether there is also…


Simply search for something great, pretty disgusting with Fledderflügeln
Oh that's Janka?


Behind the music controls played the dead Gloria Viagra, Barbie Breakout and SuperZandy dead musical stuff from Amy Winehouse to Michael Jackson, to which the dead mass, however, could dance admirably. One would think yes, that zombies move slowly and colleagues, here was not quite as…


The costume contest and a magnum of champagne bottle, they will never drink, then won a happy, beautiful tooth fairy with a decibel volume from 97, which is similar to a circular saw, just the right Dezibellautstärke for a Halloween Party.


And so the horror could actually stop the night the terrible witch Kitana lost her key and had to ring the bell in the sense of Trick or Treat… Well not at the neighbors but with Janka, which in turn did this to me… Fortunately, the key was in my car and the locksmith had no witch unlock the door…


It would certainly have been difficult for Kitana, sich so richtig auszuweisen 🙂 So rettete Supergirl dann an diesem Abend zwar nicht die Welt, but by a witch in front of the frozen Erfrierungstot. Every day a good deed.


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