Bar Babette

Bar Babette
Through the history of music in 5 Hours - II v. II

it was nice with the Mentalettes at the Barracuda Ballroom Night. But after the show, it was the Roadrunners Paradise and then really quickly empty, So was the idea, what we should then do so because.


But I had to get another email, who offered me two guest list places in Moscow Cafe, I suggested to… Not, because I desperately wanted to the party, but, because I was interested, whether the Cafe Moscow after reconstruction has not yet received anything from the atmosphere, that it had GMF old times….

The bouncer looked a little confused and wanted to send over to the cinema already internationally, them gerade der Klub International stattfand, but not us, we wanted but instead actually the cafe Moscow… …Unfortunately, however, we were told – and where, standing at the checkout in front of us, that the guest list was closed For a clock… But it was good and full of perfect good… but that interested us down the field especially as you could see from the outside, that at least the “well fully” corresponded well not quite the truth…


So we let this loss leader and the cafe behind us and visited Moscow opposite the bar Babette, because as you could see from the outside, that it was actually full of good – as well as full well – as it later turned. Annual Cocktails, nice people and at least interesting music, which reminded me at times of the Hip Cat Club in Hamburg. Danceable, mostly unknown to me and probably attributable to the whole Borthern the Soul… would then probably end somewhere 60s early 70s was assigned.. Fit perfectly into the time series, which began in the Roadrunners…

Whether the two DJs since now had some greater plan, I can not say, Faculty allerdings war, that the music of the time was radio-dominant, So having moved to the music timeline somehow… By the way, the mass of people moving in the bar Babette, strangely, however, especially on the small Esplanade, on the thronged the dancing, while but sometimes had quite a place on the actual dance floor…


That changed mainly, entered as a type of the small stage. Armed only with a microphone and a cool attitude, He made a little music, which in turn was further moved in the time axis. If you had asked me, I would have it filed somewhere in the time of the New Wave. The whole thing was really limited my music, but the guy was kinda cool.


Cool then felt even man, the then boarded the small stage and using Mac laptop and synthesizer music made Keybord… or at least did so.. Electronic Music, EBM, easily technoid impact, So we had arrived somewhere end of the 80… exciting musical journey… But the conclusion was a mystery to me, because the guy at the keyboard while constantly turned to any controls, but at least in my ears turned in any of the whole spin anything in music… I held the whole of the laptop is made just for show while the music… But I'm not a skilled worker in electronic music and maybe he has actually worked any waves…


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