Rock & Roll X-Mas Nightmarket @ HBC.

I run with yes besides still a small site about Pin Up Rockabilly, Retro clothing and so I was not completely uninterested, when I saw the announcement on Rock & Roll X-Mas Nightmarket im HBC las.


Exciting brands and labels, where the issue of the night, for example, to the music of the Cry Babies Burlesque and Julietta La Doll. Exciting concept, now that does have to do with X-Mas and a little something like this also on 2. february or 25. July or or would be possible, but definitely a good idea, as to stop by.


It was not that easy, the HBC. to find. at least not for me, I had really no idea, exactly where I had to look for and also the address, the HBC. or their website has helped me a little. Questions by then, was the motto – and worked so – well – moderately. Nevertheless, I found the HBC. and thus the rock & Roll X-Mas Nightmarket.


Really a lot of new brands but I could not find as. Pony girl I know, of course, long and also the shops, which were exhibited there reasonably recognizable by the brands, they exhibited. The only exciting new label, that I met there was kissin Bomb, a rocking a Finnish designer label at absolutely fair prices.


But, if I could not learn much new brands, I was happy about but the secondary program. The Cry Babies, for example,, a Berlin-based band, I have seen so amazingly, on a visit to my hometown for the first time in Hamburg, and gave me back then liked it very much.


Or layer Julietta La Doll, I have indeed seen X times, but the white again and again to inspire with new numbers and amazing outfits. Yesterday, however, it was really difficult for them, because just problems with the music to their number somehow.. A misfire followed the previous and next accompanied the. As if the DJ slapped on the CD player every few seconds times… Too bad. …Outfit of Aber… a dream.


I had expected non, to meet my ex-colleague, but there was probably a little earlier… too bad.


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