Brute Force & 2@ ManyDJs BBB opening

the Bread and Butter Opening is indeed another matter. United expected but without knowing exactly, what to expect, one can expect at least, that the boys and girls will not disappoint and once again a great cinema offer.

bread and Butter High Voltage

This also happened in the last Year t, than in winter at once was a 20's club at Tempelhof airport or in the summer, was presented as a great amusement park with great music to visitors from around the world. One thing you have to admit the bread and butter that is without any doubt. She knows absolutely to stage.

fuerza bruta BBB

Because if you look closely is the Bread and Butter fashion fair a. Streat Wear moreover,, nix aussi Haute Couture, not a celebrity casserole and next to some really exciting brands just too much. In addition to the 110th jeans manufacturers specify the Xth brand with printed T-shirts. As I said, a fashion show, but it is THE fashion show for streetwear in a raised any doubt about Location, Tempelhof Airport, with a production, that any marketing people pushing tears in your eyes.


This year it is the bread and butter 11 and 11 is now even better than 10 – which taken in itself is pretty good, is already at the first video Einspieler clear. Sodenn one sees this as, probably because the Scots after almost 2000 Visitors were closed and other visitors were no longer admitted into this year's tent, what has been really bad for those, because they veropassten a splendid show of Fuerza Bruta…

Vollbildaufzeichnung 18.01.2012 015015

Brute Force? You do not know? Not power, I did not previously. But like I said, if it's the BBB opening, then it may be worth and independent sources confirmed, that these – yes what they are actually – Performance group sums it up best – would be worthwhile to look at. Indeed, it then.


Although the show did not have everything-long theme, at least none, I would have understood and is probably to denote primarily as Strange, but it made me wonder, brought my lower jaw to fold down and tackerte my mouth fixed grin.


Outside of the show were some things. Strobes, Water, Wind and generally no liability for anything. Better that way, because for very fearful or even claustrophobic people that had nothing. Permanent Stroboskopgewitter, loud music, strange impressions, Front stages, right, rear and one on water as well as various. Well, you were warned.


People, which run through life, jump through walls, beat or guests with Styropurplatten, cleared out of the way people, Tables and chairs and a large pool with scantily clad ladies over the head. one could describe the whole and yet no one would really understand. I think you have to see Fuerza Bruta itself, wrd do not understand it anyway, but be impressed mt security.


Respect the bread and butter with the opening party has once again reached their minimum standards. That after that 2manyDJs music from all genres and decades should skillfully with beats occupied not remain anonymous, but after the show it was just more or less “only” a large disco, because the club lacks a little flair from last year…. But it is also something very different and yet very well.


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