Mexico Fashion at Lena Hoschek

To Berlin Fashion Week has for some years one of the most interesting shows that of Lena Hoschek… And it is also a reason, why I ever Fashion Week 1/28 position of my annual leave in 2 Half-day installments.

So I picked up again this time half a day to stop by the Fashion Week Tent, what Lena Hoschek has to offer this time as… But it was not really easy to get to Fashion Week Tent…


This had always been located at the Brandenburg Gate, a parking lot at the stealing and a small walk to the tent included proved far more than a good idea. This year rather not… Although I parked there – and made my way around to see because, that the Fashion Week Tent – not there – was.

At least not there, where I expected. Instead, I did not see the white tent at Brandenburger Tor, but on the horizon near the Victory Column. Now, instead of going back to my parked car, I set out on foot on the road.. relatively quickly determine, but that was too far away… I actually different from CSDs in Berlin weiss…

Fortunately, a rickshaw driver joined me, convinced me within seconds, that he is the better choice – and only a few seconds later we were and agree on a price and I let myself – as a tourist – drive through Berlin… So we have also checked the times.

I came so still early enough to Lena Hoschek Show.. and I must confess, at repeated plan view of the pictures I have my opinion, I had, revise a little. On the first day on it at the after show party I represented nor the opinion, I was not so enthusiastic about the collection and little of it has to hang me in the closet.

Wrong, there were still several pieces, which really pleased me, even if I can not do much with the overall theme of Mexico. I think overall the models have me looking a little tarnished onto the really important. The Collection….

Because the makeup of the models, all as Mexican skull-pin-ups were made up, reminded me a little more on Halloween than at a fashion show. I did not like, but that is purely subjective. The lack of wealth, some models to run on the shoes – also noticed, however, other, a model is kept running even after a fall without shoes…

But for clothes: Mexican more than tinged, with ornaments and flowers and very summery and beautiful, of course with a magnificent wedding dress at the end. Toll. With a bride I like better in Bridal Make Up, as with skull. 🙂


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