A box of memories

Yesterday I learned important.

You should have a box of memories under the bed have all the important and unimportant, sad and happy – but especially the latter – come in.

Because if one day the grim reaper stands in front of one and one can lay claim to such box, Then he sits and smokes another and we must once again 5 Minutes revel in his memoirs, promotion man dann, permits with a smile (because of the joyful experiences) comes along.

Whether a blog, however, such as a crate is one I could not find out, but I'm quite sure. 🙂

…and when I go in, here, what I have experienced in recent years, so everything, I actually need more than 5 Minutes… I'll just have to offer him another pair of cigarettes.

Aber psst das wurde mir natürlich unter dem mantel tiefster Verschwiegenheit erzählt 😉


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