Incognito – Travestie Bar

I thought so, I have seen so slow all bars and clubs, which takes place in Berlin travesty, but there are always times again small corners, the man – also ich – not yet known. The Incognito this time.

The Queer boat was at the weekend in the city and thus a lot of girls from all over Germany and it was a queer boat Preparty proclaimed in Incognito, the Nadine and I wanted to visit and at least Melly Wonder wanted to come too. Okay, Incognito I do not know though, if it is Travesty, why not try it, especially in monitoring.

Nadine only came to me once.. In jeans and top and wondered around for a while, whether they should go to the rock brought. However, he was in your opinion too transparent… to transparent does not go into the case, although, but I had to concede, that he really was not as opaque 100%.

But why do I have a pop-filled wardrobe. Exactly! To help out young women in need. A handle in the closet, a sequined dress in hand. To an introduction to “How to: Double-sided tape” Et Voila: a hot basement in (m)a hot dress… 😉

So Heiss, that it would have been easy, but very interested to bewitch the taxi driver as, that he would have lent themselves easily to a free ride, if she had really laid it out on. But if she has not.

The Incognito is a travesty shed, as you could just imagine travesty: The Incognito Sisters wear wigs and glitter fumble and sweeping are never embarrassed especially a crisp spell. Thus one expects it, too.

Overall, it reminded me somehow Incognito noise to the Gold, instead of gold foil ah one here but silver foil. Stars with pictures on the wall, The bar held a total in red and the word if I something now “cheesy” use, this is by no means absolute, and not meant pejoratively, because a bar with classic travesty must be. Gratifying nice people behind the counter by the way, the same was as we entered the incognito donated us a glass of Prosecco… what an attention.

Up to Nadine and Melly – which came as a type – I knew no one in Incognito, also, Although some – a few – People knew me obviously, but did nothing, I felt good because entertained me. So I talked with good example Claas, a guy, the worked times in Incognito and probably part of the inventory. A cool type with a dry sense of humor.

Eventually, the shows were over. The Incognito emptied by itself, Nadine glass through my help and we thought about a threesome, what should we do with the evening so… Fortunately nothing, what should prove to be a good idea at the next morning, when my alarm clock before 9 Clock (yes morning) rang.


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