Olivia Jones Bar

Since I am over the Christmas holiday time in Hamburg – mainly by a few rockabilly shops in Hamburg Pinup-Fashion to photograph.

Actually a good opportunity to times Olivia Jones Triumvirate of Wild Boys, Bar, to look at and show club. So strictly speaking, I wanted to see the show again Club. First time Barbie Stupit and Lee Jackson on stage again Eve Champagne meet.

The, but honestly I had no idea, show exactly where this club is now once at home in the Grosse Freiheit, I headed to the bar, to me to inquire times, exactly where I the Eve and Co. find….

Garnirgendwo this evening, because a few days before New Year's Eve not only the neighborhood was fairly empty but the show Club – However, the completely empty – because closed. Mist.

So I looked for an hour in the bar and took another one because- two drinks. But Sven Florijan Olivia's assistant wondered something, because he had never seen me, if I had never been there? Klar kennt er mich nicht, ich lebe ja in der Regel in Berlin. Devina Devill hinter der Bar klärte ihn aber sofort auf. Always nice again, if one is recognized by the right people.

But was nice in the bar, good mood, nette Leute, Devina as Stimmungskanone between… As I said, one nights Laden, sure of normal on a Saturday – is not directly in front of the New Year – fairly rattles. So there was loads of space for dancing and photography.

top left

Apropos Photos. There hung the picture, me that times really cost a lot of money has… Olivia Jones und Udo Lindenberg… 995 € …. Aaargr

Oh… The Flyer is Kieztour: Here celebrations celebrities like Hella mad and Dirk Bach… To the ladies and gentlemen should revise times.


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