Myfest 2013

Myfest 2013

The Myfest remains for me the best street festival world - at least! I know, that some people see things differently and for those that Myfest a "hard fucking police" is. Okay, then just the world's best police hard. I am also satisfied with.


Although I realize, how Kreuzberg changed slowly but surely, thus keeping the issue of gentrification felt here still within limits. The Orange Street is still alive, when I look at the Oranienplatz, I look at Refugee Camp, something, what would be hardly to unthinkable in other parts of the city and I feel generally more comfortable.


I think it's also okay, when on May 1 is not a police state of emergency, burn and no cars. Place in the face give it to the ears and such right. Punk, Indie, Reggae and dancehall, Hip Hop, World Music, Electro and even some with a more x (= Large number) to make the platforms Myfest simply a pleasure.


It's just not a commercialized festival, Becks no stage, kein West Power Tower, no Carlsberg beer stand or Bacardi cocktail as. Anwohnende residents and traders provide food and bars, Tavern etc. for the beverage and sound. And which is, that the Orange Street and all side streets until midnight are pickepackevoll and having to burn cars ...


I love the Myfest for girls punk band like the Diva or the collective simply superb beatboxer at the underground station Skalitzer Street. For me, every day could be ... Although Myfest, I would not be happy ... Let's leave it there so once a year and we hope, that the district not eventually cancel any, because Kreuzberg has become quiet.

So stay loud


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