Dinner one im Blanc Berlin Lustgarten

Some time ago, Diana had to on Facebook Dinner one blanc geladen. So at least to the people, they knew so.

dinner en blanc berlin

Das Dinner one blanc – for, who do not know – is a kind of great garden party. A large picnic with many, many people, have to be perfect all dressed in white (which would partially creative and beige, Creme, Khaki or silver was designed). Jede Gruppe hat darüberhinaus einen ordentlichen Tisch mit weisser Tischdecke und allem was sonst noch so zu einem ordentlichen stilvollen Picknick zu gehören hat, there.

dinner one blanc

White? Ääääääh. not my typical color. The guy in me had to yesterday except two white t-shirts no such thing in the closet – Okay, Zoe would have to really do a selection. Dress, Dress, Dress, Outfit, Long Hose, Kurze Hose Sommerhut… uswusf but the type? None.

So I bought a. A suit by Otto, schuhe vom Türken nebenan und sogar eine weiße Unterhose 😉 Nicht zu vergessen, Picnic facilities and a folding chair… Quite an expensive picnic for things, you will no longer need at least a year… A white suit…. My name is Crockett, Sonny Crockett…

berlin dinner en blanc

Before I went to the meeting place, I returned briefly in another shopping center and at Media Markt. Surprisingly, how people look at a man in a white suit with white shirt and white shoes. When I was a poor madman. 😉


Nevertheless, I was at one of three venues, at which people meet for the actual event, the first place to break… Sat in my folding chair in front of the old guard and waited… Already arrived at the first “Is the meeting here?” Uh.. I believe, and… But then there came more and more white-clad, it seemed to be so.


The first buildings on their tables and verkösstigten first wine bottles. Collected, we went to the orchard in front of the cathedral and there were so many people and tables, that there was hardly a place for us and our table, at least be able to sit still about. On the table was not enough space for all the goodies. But that did not matter, we had quite a bit of time. Until the Night, when dissolved all.


Nett war es, we got to talk, Cross-table quite well or even further. They took time, drank and chatted, sometimes smoked, because smoking was not prohibited… as indeed the whole action not, yet everything was very civilized vonstatten and even the garbage in breaking seemed to hold very limited.


In between I went to the car and just ran short – completely in white – by some people, completely dressed in black… Haah, something is wrong here :)…


There was a chorus, who wanted to sing in the National Gallery and spontaneously considered later, bring on the stairs of the old museum still a serenade. Toll. Trappings listening masses of people and it was a great atmosphere – as the entire day. A little strand but great event with many happy people.

attentively listening

attentively listening

Happy to be back next year.


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