Drag Queens verboten beim CSD in Rostock

That can not all be true.
You shake your head, if the news from the East, from Russia, Ukraine and Poland also reads on the rights of homosexuals and transgender, feel but also in Germany obviously many opponents strengthened.

I could not believe just, what I read in the newspaper about the CSD in Rostock, who was now in danger. This is so incredible, I think it's an April Fools joke.


“Also a hood ban was imposed on the participants of the City. “It prescribes, that nobody can dress up as, that his race is no longer recognizable.” For the organizers, this requirement is particularly absurd. “Finally, it involves the, make that homosexuals as colorful attention on that day itself. Shrill panels and drag queens are simply part”, said Luther.”

That can not be true, they are by the “successes” strengthened in the East as, that they also try it in Germany now? Just Rostock should have learned from his past. A mummery for drag queens in a CSD? Rostock have not heard the shot. Drag queens are not only includes “easy to”. They are a fundamental part, which has led to the CSDs in the world.

Clear, There are different stories before the Stonewall Riots 44, but that a great event was a raid, which was directed precisely against transgender alongside homosexuals, is undeniable. The law then said, one must carry at least three garments, identifies the gender of the person wearing clearly. This led in turn to, that the transgender, the drags, the queens were arrested for the first time and really fought

Not only do they, but they were, the, that violated a law, are the very “normal” Homosexuals in the bar “relatively” remained unmolested, sodenn they were able to identify. This discrimination led to Stonewall and the following year to the first Gay Pride (CSD in Germany)

And who does not know to this day, What is celebrated on the CSD, may still read it again:

It's not about listening to music, not to celebrate, but to 44 Stonewall years.


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