On a lunar day – in Kreuzberg

Kreuzberg is always good for a surprise.

just now I was sitting by the Thais and tried to find the right words, To find sentences and phrases, to let them flow into a long handwritten letter, because a man came up to me and convinced me with many – thoroughly – interesting words, him one of his “Orignellen importance formulas” abzukaufen.

on a lunar

In Short – and probably played totally wrong – are the little poems, which should be read aloud originality and thoughts flow.

I imagined myself in a lunar day of the bride's skin in the eye

Then I stood still and I saw a poet,
he sold poems for a Mark.
I bent down to him to understand
and his wonderful lecture
held me spellbound for a tenner
and there is no entertainer,

better on the big stage would
on a lunar

I like to bought one for a Euro.

Alone, his presentation was this value, the deflection and the smile, to which he brought me were already at least adding. Now that I have this album in the CD player is added… Wenn ich jetzt noch tatsächlich durch die original meaning formula the right words, Sentences and phrases writing letters find, it was the best deal of my life.

Itself, maybe if he believes, mich übers Ohr gehauen zu haben 😉 – But I do not think. I believe, he was simply a Kreuzberg original.


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