Gaypride Hamburg – Hello Rain God?

Gaypride Hamburg 2013

DSC01069I'm not sure, what the weather gods for some years against Hamburg CSD, But something has before him 4 Have displeasing bad years.


Otherwise I can not explain it, that he, after many years of sun, Sun and now three years since some time until a half hour after the start leaves about half an hour before starting to rain now and so Costumes, Makeup destroyed and a high volume of visitors…

DSC01091Hello Hamburg Pride, beat the weather gods but simply a trick and puts the start by half an hour later, which would have brought in the last three years for now, that there would have been wonderful weather throughout the parade 🙂

DSC01094The parade itself was, of course, then again great, they went from the main station in the very best Wetterchen and was later dan in parts also well attended. Only with the typical CSD tour group and the Hamburg Residents I actually missed some of this year in Hamburg. Girls where were you all….

DSC01099And why do so many of the “Olivia Jones paradox” affiliated: I'm on the start screen, but strangely not on the parade more, I got out right at the start. Sadly, something like.

DSC01087Sad also, that the Hamburger CSD so far in my opinion most non-plug Promotion, I have ever seen on a CSD, has approved. Citeecar… sad, but since I come again “Here” to. If you're still wondering how today, whether the CSD or just advertising and political party is, then is not something.

DSC01092But in the end, of course, this year the CSD again been a wonderful event. Many nice people, many good conversations and always good acquaintances.

DSC01075So I had a really nice conversation with – yes with who actually – I know its name not at all, But for many CSDs in Hamburg and various parties we run ourselves since as many years again and again on the way. She gushed to me of a visit to Berlin – berlin was nice to her… eggs, I can only confirm. To me also.

DSC01101-001Or with the girl, that – with long leather pants – somehow smuggled into the leather Group, I was just in the contrast color … Your boys are the – ah nee, I thought, that are yours 🙂

Vina ValentinaOr three “Policewomen” Three girls, I already photographed last year in their cop costumes and thought …”hmmm sweet” again this year because, again as police officers but as an American.. And look at na, they also knew me. You had last year on some green… I had. Actually. My dress with artificial grass St. Pauli emblem.

DSC01081I would also just at the, I could finally make the image in front of the stadium in front of St.Pauli Logo, I look the same because there the game against Preussen Munster. Heterosexuellste Trance, where is 🙂

DSC01076Nice was also at the very end, where a group of friends stood and watched me…

DSC01090The photos unfortunately, I must send, I had failed to, take adapter, the images from my SD card to load on my Surface…. Stupid, I know, but nothing helps, I'll include it here tomorrow.

Und da sag noch einer "Kampflesben"

And still tell a “Battle Lesbian”

One thing pushed me sadly after the fact when writing funny. I saw the two sweet in the picture above and said to the audience funny: And still tell a “Battle Lesbian”.. Since then I got the answer the question. “But here are not all gay, or, but also because many supporters are? It was probably meant very different, but afterwards came to me almost seems like “They look too good, these are definitely not lesbians but just supporters”….





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  1. Dieses jahr gibt es auch wieder einige Bilder vom CSD in Hamburg von mir 😉
    Ein viertel ist bereits online, der Rest kommt die Tage.

    Ich würde mich über eine Verlinkung freuen 😉

    Sonnige Grüße

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