I am proud of my neighborhood

When I moved to Berlin, and chose me Kreuzberg, had mainly the reason, that my apartment,
a) I liked quickly
b) I liked better than the other three
c) it was only a few hundred meters from my former work.

the great Orange Street to the first St. Pauli Fanshop berlin fit to, Kreuzberg past also.

In short,I immediately felt at home in Kreuzberg and I do not think, that there is a better neighborhood in Berlin. I like my neighborhood, is still cool despite gentrifizierungstendenzen. I have now seen again only in the general election, the result of which I liked very much in Kreuzberg – and certainly in my constituency.

In my own local Red / Green had an absolute majority and not even needed to the SPD. Together with it would be even 78% … In addition, the CDU reached, FDP, AFP, NPD and the Republicans TOGETHER 9,0 % and thus exactly the same as the pirates and “The Party”.

What more can you want more of his polling station… Maybe a green direct candidates: and his name is Hans-Christian Ströbele 🙂

Thank Kreuzberg, Thank polling station 310

federal election kreuzberg


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