Cirque Musical & La Fete Fatale

Cirque Musical & The Fatal Feast

Thx to Peter Groth

Thx to Peter Groth

Yesterday day was once again an issue of great La Fête Fatale, this time in the show by spies, Agents and all kinds of Super Heroes. I am none of those things. At least not normally. But I bought a matching outfit, that will most likely come tomorrow… Was ist deaf, da Party gestern war….


This outfit question in your mind, I then decided yesterday also quite spontaneously on the phone, third Cirque Musical to accompany the second time. Nette Electro-Swing Music, nice performers and artists, and generally nice people at this party.


I only had real problems with the name… Pustefish Swingboppers, went da nor. But how the hell are you talking Cap ou toi tois (or something like that) from. My two years of school French have had to keep my head The m'apelle Zoe, my one exchange in a small town near Brest have let me keep two to three piggish things and words… None of this helped me. Fortunately, I met a girl, that French studied to become a teacher and was able to train professionally… Then worked quite well, (she said at least)

My baby belongs to me

My baby belongs to me

A really nice, small party series. Since there is no denying. Because a lot more people should know about. When I am against 3 Clock opened towards Bassy, the party was still in full swing. But I wanted to at least drop by again and over “Hello” say.


Of course I missed the shows there and Sheila on stage, but since I had to be indicated by. Many nice people but were nevertheless still there. And so I talked with all the Superheroe-Spy Agent and asked many, many people who they were for so.


So traf ich “The intellectual Man”, but the would just go incognito, Therefore, one would not even watch it, I met or “The nameless assistant Girl of Aeon Flux”.. The however, there are, in contrast to incognito untewegsen intellectuals really. und mit The nameless assistant girl of Aeon Flux (TnagoAF) I chatted for a while then about comic superheroes (where I had not really contribute much) and the question, actually why all superheroes wear high heels, but if everyone knows, that this is a fast movement but rather detrimental.


I really got me actually look at Aeon Flux for the first time asked, but this carries all sorts of high, as indeed for Catwoman and probably every other superhero of this and all other worlds. TnagoAF and I agreed then more or less on, that they would just drawn by men. That makes sense.


TnagoAF then was, incidentally, the lady, the always, if I wanted to go with the argument “Wait a minute” equivalent to a very great song made sure, that when I came home, already the misfit bar had closed over. It could be because, concluded that these early times, or it, it simply 20 ago 7 was…pooh. Today I feel slightly whacked in the rest. Fortunately, tomorrow is the weekend. 🙂


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