Lena Hoschek Aftershow Party @ Bassy

Celebrated yesterday Wednesday Lena Hoschek the after-show party of their famous runway on the Berlin Fashion Week, which is consistently as “Must Have” and “Want Have” was designated. I honestly didn't hear a negative voice about the collection. But many “toll”, “great” and similar words of praise.

1-DSC00573But her aftershow party is always great and great, those yesterday in the jam-packed Bassy held. Not at all because of the free drinks, the ones at the bar and Betty, Later that hour, Bettie and Bettie poured you straight into your mouth in Coyote Ugly fashion. Nevertheless, a big thank you for that.


Not even because of that Burlesque Performance on the bar or from Roxy Diamond in your large glass – Of course that was great too, but only a decorative accessory to a great evening.


No, The people made the evening great, who met at Bassy that evening, and made the evening special. Sheila got it as a “family meeting” and that's really true. You knew many of the people and you have probably seen many more before.


It was the people, where you can find yourself at every Fête Fatale, every Pinkys Peepshow, the Freak Burlesque Circussen and the other good events in Berlin again and again, when you meet them. The Berlin family, made up of artists, Burlesque dancers, Musicians, Fashion designers, Freaks and some “normal” Composed of people.


The whole thing together with some fashion bloggers and visitors to the fashion week, who are interested in the mélange of people at this party, which in their entirety are so far from the “usual” Fashinweek Event-People bewegte, rubbed your eyes, but partied vigorously to the music of Anita Drink and that for quite a long time…


Some visitors – I as well – noticed a strange lack of sleep this morning 🙂


It all started in a strange way for me. I was looking for a nice vintage dress from the closet, that I've definitely been 4 Years ago, but in my opinion it was absolutely suitable for a Lena Hoschek party. But when I wanted to put it on, I had notice… Shit too small.


and who now says: well then you just have to lose weight, I say: “would be nice”… No, I haven't gotten too fat… I got too big. While the dress on the stomach – also fitted without any problems through the use of a corset, the upper body and the back were the problem…


I got a wider cross. I, the person, which for years has even remotely resembled everything that sport, goes far out of the way. How can this happen – and especially, what do I do about it. Losing weight doesn't help…


But I also had another problem. My blonde wig was washed and soaked. No problem… there is a hair dryer…


Until yesterday I also had one, which, however, said goodbye with a bang. The fan popped out of its anchorage, sparks flew, then it started to glow and smell terribly – fortunately not to burn… What now? The wig is wet and uncombable… I had no other choice, than to switch.


So yesterday there was Zoe in black…. Unusual, but not so badly arrived apparently.







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