10 Seven years Redcat @ Roadrunners Paradise


One of the friendliest people, where you can walk in Berlin's fashion world on the way, celebrated at the weekend the birthday of her label and so it was called the Roadrunners Paradise yesterday:


10 Seven years Redcat.


Sammy the Scissors has 10 Years in the world of Burlesque, the Rockabillys, the Hot Rods go and somehow in various areas Retro… And thus it enriches the lives of all of us, However, most of all the girls, their creations everywhere wear the nation and the world.


Many of those – the or just were not were just staying away on holiday that night because we did Sammy wore their respects or even one of its display objects from 10 Seven years Redcat, which were shown as a fashion show today.


Unlike the girls on stage Sammy RECOURSE himself rather have in the background and is unwilling to really the focus, they would have pursued most like the entire show from the chair on the Emphore. now not go again but, if one is the background itself, why all the people were there.

10 seven years redcat

And the Roadrunners was really well stocked, many people in their district and have been asked time, who then has a Redcat Seven outfit in the closet, I guess, it would have some hands moved up.


I myself have two outfits of Sammy in the closet, a skirt + Shell and my coat from – Which reminds me once again, that the latter hangs from time eternal with Sammy because I have not picked him up after a change. sorry sorry sorry.


10 Years, many stations with their respective creations and a whole lot of stations of which I have noticed in my but now several years in Berlin. I am the First time a Redcat Seven outfit in Underground Catwalk 2007 noticed. At that time I was able to get the label but not do anything.


But I have certainly found, that this was the most exciting parts, what was shown on the Underground Catwalk, so it was with the other Underground Catwalks, where Sammy girls mitliefen. Here or here or here with Pepper and Eve.


Later I noticed Redcat seven on the Swing Royal on with Djamila on Wheel of Fortune, or Alexa 2008 at a fashion show, for example, Ginger Synne with a great number Roxanne where I even made a video.


If hot, when one hangs out in Berlin on certain events you can not get to Sammy and that's good, because as I already wrote is one of the friendliest people, which you can run in Berlin's fashion world on the way.

And I hope, that is to her for many years. That evening, which was then celebrated as I said with the fashion show, many friends and surprises, such as a large cake and a Bobbycar Parcour, Sammy the serve had.


And, if determined not everything went just as, as it stood on the running order, the as always, no one noticed – and when – it would have been the people on the stage no matter, as long as the box is nice and it was him.

redcat seven jubilee

A great night for a great label.


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