Vaudeville Varieté im Imperial Club

Sheila has also been part of the party for several years, but she doesn't make it easy for blogging. Every time she changes the name, that I can't just look into the tags to look, how it has changed… And it has changed. 2014, 2013-2, 2013-1 This time, as a co-organizer, she didn't look for the QueerRiot Club but the agency Heroine Artists, where many of the great artists of the evening can be booked and so it became better, it got less trashy and it got – more – more.

Redstar Pepper 2

When Sheila told me, the next festival would be different, it was going to be a vaudeville variety show, chairs, greater, more expensive and with the creme de la creme the artist I waved off and said roughly: Here is Berlin, it does not work, people all want cheap, Berlin already has so much, with the word “Vaudeville” nobody can do anything here anyway and ultimately most people cannot do one [Please insert your name] in Lilly's Wonderland, for example, from a Lada Redstar – clear when you see both of them side by side on stage, then yes, but in the end they find one on one stage terrific and the other on the next stage “only” toll, even if we see vast differences on stage, we've just seen hundreds of performances…

Ginger Synne 3

I think I repeated the whole thing a few more times, whenever we got to talking about Vaudeville Variety – Sheila didn't listen to me though, which she never does anyway, when she has got something on her mind – And it was fine like that, because the Vaudeville Varieté was great and it was probably exactly that, what she imagined. The line-up was awesome and so in the crowd it was probably the best that Berlin has seen – I was only at the Berlin Burlesque Festival on the second day, but this day was easily pocketed by the Vaudeville Varieté…

zoe delay jasmin schmidt

And she stayed true to herself. In addition to burlesque, it remained vaudeville and it remained queer, even if the word no longer appeared in the name. Very well, it shows the guests, what else is going on – and as I said, they came in the crowd, that the festival was again at least not a subsidy business – as I said, I didn't expect that – but am happy, that I was wrong and all guests with me.


It is difficult, enumerate, who else was there, it's probably easier to say, who was NOT in the Imperial Club last night. For the first half hour after we finally got in, I only felt people kissing. Toll.

kaptn kidd

After we finally got in – why do I write that? Well I ordered the cards and I didn't print them out. Why also, you have a cell phone… But what can I say, I just couldn't find this fucking shitty dirty mail – I now know why… I ordered with an email address that I actually use NIEEEE, the only, which is not saved on my phone. …4. Row it should have been, Place 3-4-5 or 4-5-6 … At some point Djamila had mercy, believed me, that I don't want to screw her up and let us in. Thanks for that…

sheila wolf 2

So when we wanted to take our seats I heard “Zoe, that can not be, these are our places” … Uh hello Anne. Hmm behind that there are three places available.. it was series 5? Must have been like that, So we moved, until the owner came and we moved on… I finished off my colleague – Jasmine, welcome to the abyss of Zoe Delay….

Screenshot 2014-11-08 to 05.35.22 Copy

now I know, there were 3-4-5 in row 4… just right … No matter, we found three wonderful vacancies ….with even better prospects in – now it comes “Row 2” – same price category… In the end everything will always be fine – and now and then even better…


So we could start, to drink the red wine, to calm down and follow the show, because it should be given some. ANJA PAVLOVA, for example, with a real 20s flair on stage, with dance and burlesque – and of course a great look.


followed by LE PUSTRA a very dark one, very white made-up singer, I didn't know before, who convinced me very much with his style. Almost fake with a cigarette holder and cylinder, in tails and bow ties, a great appearance and a great singer.

LE PUSTRAit continued with the third person (of three), I did not know – when I asked myself, how Sheila does it, so many people, I do not know – now she's been attending pretty much every event in pretty much every stage in town for years + a lot outside, there you get a lot… Where, however, she opened Miss Cairo, I do not know. A really beautiful tranny in lace ballet shoes and an attention deficit, even that of the people standing here on the stage (and for most of them that's really big) is still in the pocket. 😉

MISS CAIROSo much for the unknown artists at the beginning. From now on I knew roughly, what should I expect. for example at IKENNA AMAECHI, known as the Great Whitney Houston Impersonator. I used to write: “Only Melli Magig brings Whitney Houston better than Whitney Houston” today I am writing: “Only Ikenna Amaechi brings Whitney Houston better than Melli Magic” The huge difference. Melli Performs Whitney, Ikenna looks, sings and is Whitney. So much, that she was in the media from time to time, following Whitney Houston's death, who couldn't tell their image from that of the real Whitney…. It's hard and people slept very badly there. But Ikenna is really really great, a great voice and a loose berlin mouth. I Like! Ultimately, however, I ask myself: What kind of figure do you eat?? one TicTac or rather two TicTacs per day?


I was very excited about them “Black Swan” Number from EDEN BERLIN. This was developed when it was still part of the Sinderellas, which I unfortunately never saw back then. I heard, that here Eden would interact with the black swan on the screen and admit, that I took a look at Youtube.


…Obviously, as a lone fighter, she no longer has the possibilities of the big Sinderella production and no longer the outfit. Too bad. So the number is still beautiful, but unfortunately far less great than seen on Youtube. Take a look at the number.

Now we come to the only part of the show, Which I could have done without. Roxy Diamond und Matt Voodoo – both as singers of their new number in their band. In my eyes it looked more like a promo than a number that really should have been. There was really great singing and really great burlesque that evening. That number wasn't fish, nor meat on the really high level of the entire show. Both are great as individual artists and also in cooperation, but they should both do that, what they are really good at. Roxy burlesque, Matt Musik. They did that later too. I imagine, the applause was also less than for the other numbers, but that may be subjective.

roxy diamond matt voodooJust before the break – ( and, so much happened – and just as much was to follow ) – then the blast of the first part: GINGER SYNNE. When I told Jasmin something about burlesque, usually came the sentence at some point: “Ginger likes to go crazy on stage, she is totally insane – and great” – And I was right.

Ginger Synne

He started slowly with light and canvas and ended violently with black paint and water. If the fire police had allowed it, there would have been fire too, but even so it was hot. She didn't clean the stage quite like Clea Cutthroat did last year, but similar 🙂

ginger synne 2PAUSE. Time for photos and talks with great people like Sammy from Redcat 7 whose outfit Jasmin wore on loan yesterday and which is certainly sad, to have to give it back.. but the purchase price is more expensive than the rental price 😉 … I think the four of our dear colleagues, those who were there that day didn't look bad, when we came – for one thing, they only knew me from pictures, on the other hand, they certainly did not expect Jasmin so hot. ..or with Ruda Puda… or with Jasmin the Strange, who finally raised their prices. I'm proud of her, I grumbled a lot with her, that she was selling her wonderful fascinator far too cheap. Top!

red pudabut a second half should follow, for example with High Class Burlesque from HONEY LULU, who performed with her tea or coffee cup. Classic beautiful-girl burlesque.


Another highlight was KATHARINE MEHRLING who will soon be in the Devoid of reason is to be experienced – and it seems to be worth it, a great voice, that gave me goosebumps one time after another. Massive applause and hopefully a whole lot of guests Katharine Mehrling in the bar of all reason, look at the great mirror tent. Hin da! She really impressed me – and as I said, the audience too.


But if I had to choose the real highlight from a lot of great numbers, then it is REDSTAR PEPPER with her butterfly. I had already seen her number, but it stays that way one more time: World class! Great number, wonderful outfit. I Love!

Redstar Pepper

The good thing about having your own event is, that you can design it yourself, Sheila thought to herself and asked for another song from LE PUSTRA, namely Wig in a Box Hedwig and the Angry Inch, the great musical, that one in exactly this place, which at that time was not called Imperial Club but was still called Absinthe Bar. Le Pustra did it great, however – Hey Sven Ratzke as Hedwig was incredibly good and who knows, maybe we'll see him next time – otherwise – he comes back to the BKA Theater 😉

Le Pustra 3… then was better than the vocal duo Voodoo Diamond – in my eyes the burlesque duo Diamond Voodoo, as already said, stick to the core competencies.

roxy DiamondThat stayed The Briefs at any rate.
Fez with his hand puppet


Evil the Hate Monkey, whose microphone was actually there everywhere, where it doesn't belong. ..Do not use the yellow microphone for vocal performances anymore.

evil the hate monkey

Dallas Dellaforce

dallas dellaforce

and of course Kaptn Kidd, who was properly dressed up for the aftershow party, and had unexpected problems with his hula hoops. The champagne tasted good in the backstage. But he still thrilled the audience.

Kaptn kidd windmill

Apropos Aftershow Party. Unfortunately, many guests quickly ran away, but a few nice party beasts stayed until shortly before 5 before it was slowly completed. The party beasts The Briefs then went to Berghain, followed by Lada Redstar who actually went into “The Church” wanted to “Pray for our sins”. You can certainly do it in Berghain or afterwards – then if necessary. for a few more sins.


I wrote the last time:

So the third Queer Burlesque Festival was great and should be hard to top.

Hat: she did it. I am therefore abstaining from similar statements about the next Vaudeville Varieté and expect the impossible, Presumably Immodesty Blaize or Dita von Teese will be on stage next to Sven Ratzke, but the latter two are too boring anyway.

sheila wolf

Great evening.


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