House of Red Doors Midsummer Dreams IV

as long as I am still in the lucky position, Not having to work on Fridays, I love to visit them House Of Red Doors Party in the Wilden Renate… as long as they still exist.

How Eve recently already said: As the Fusion, only people wear a little less. For me the best party ever and almost a little better than the one I favored Kit Kat Club.


So do many others. At least one meets at the House of red Doors always a lot of people, that you usually run into in a kitty…. But also many others, because the queue in front of the wild Renate is getting longer from time to time. This time incredibly long

Well, Vacation time, Semester break, CSD weekend…. I actually stood in line for almost three hours – and this only, because I saved some time creatively….

But when I was inside, it was great again. I met people there again, Got to know people new and was only against 11 Noon at home.


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