Denise Weekend

It glittery and has the mood to party

God, the Olle is hard. But I am too

I was recently Juliane in Frankfurt from, and Denise has since through social estimate what kind and for the 26.09. logged in Hamburg. Denise in Berlin ? Cool. There is on Thursday but the House of Red Doors. And since I have bought anyway as a precaution two cards, why not. Maybe the ol has indeed Lust, come along.

Had it!

The House of Red Doors: Vintage Circus from Bad Bruises on Vimeo.

On Thursday, and on Friday and Saturday also. The old is insatiable

Because the evening on Thursday was so nice, we visited Monty still on the Piepshow in Kit Kat, and how this party in turn was so boring, we sat still the same Saturday in the Kit Kat hintendran. What to do.

Because Denise still working in between had and it should be somehow fair, I remained each a whole lot of hours later at the parties, while they slumbered already saved. Early to get out of parties is not my super power.

In Kitty I was first photographed by one of the photographers. I am considered so now actually as regular guest or was it only the extremely horny outfit, I wore the first time there and that I earned compliments like never before. So many, that Denise felt closed out in the shade.

She said, if we do not already so we, would know long, she would not let it pass :). In, but I'm glad 🙂


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