The Boss Hoss secret concert

The Boss Hoss overdressed on the secret concert

On weekends in the countryside Boheme Sauvage Salon stood at, where it was clear and this party was, of course, as the Main Event. But apart from Sheila had opened a further event, that we would go / could. What would, however,, did not want to tell me. Because mental cinema and so – while it is clear that, the love that Sheila is much more susceptible to mental cinema when I rationally thinking northern lights. What could it be well? Now Sheila would not make such a pickup for any party in a silligen underground club, So what more noble maybe??


So be it, So since I could not prepare myself to, I had to prepare myself for the Boheme Sauvage and put my thoughts on it. So what to wear??? I chose my Versace dresses, yes I bought for the bohemian yet but there could never attract. A great dress for a great event, but it would also fit for the other event? You do not know.

Saturday night, it started and still Sheila did not want to tell me, But the way I could see, that we went to meet the White Trash, perhaps the Roadrunners Paradise…. I realized, that I was wrong, Sheila stopped at Bassy. Okay der Bassy Cowboy Club. The Boheme Sauvage was not here today, it was not Chantal's House of Shame THURSDAY So here was also not, I also knew nciht, what to expect because. Even the bands that night did not help me further. Modern Earl would “SOUTHERN COUNTRY GOSPEL REBEL BLUES ROCK!!!!” Aaaah ja! what exactly was I would still learn. I did not know the band and the style of music I had never heard. Also, the other band I did not know The Bob Ross and that would “boss hoss style” play. That said to me more than. The Boss Hoss I had before 2 3/4 Times seen years in Hamburg, The Virgin Rose was inaugurated and it poured. What the guys did not prevent them, to rock the audience in Hamburg vests.


Whew 2 3/4 Years is the her. That was the weekend before I was the first time in the GMF. Berlin was far away and I knew no one here except Pricilla. 2 3/4 Years can be an eternity. A lot has happened since then is much, what you alone can already see it, I was standing here in front of Bassy..

No matter back to the topic: The Rob Ross I did not know, but Sheila had found again any more channels. It was not just about “Boss Hoss Style” but the real Boss Hoss, gave a Geburtstagsgig for the singer under a false name. Na Suuuper… So there I was in something abgeranzten Bassy Cowboy Club in a crowded store between cowboys and cowgirls in Versace Dress. Goes much more overdressed than? So be it a concert, it should be observed and of the hamburger experience I could think off, that it could be funny. And? It was extremely cool.


So a secret concert attracts the most devoted fans and thus the atmosphere was great and gigantic. The Boss Hoss himself had eaten that evening, the joy of playing with large ladles. It is not entirely clear, who had more fun that night, the band on stage or in front of the audience. over so completely that you could not even tell them apart, because there were audience on stage and band members in the audience partially. The fact is: Obviously had fun all. Including us of course.

They started with Rodeo Radio and finished the whole thing with Word up. In between there was a lot of fun and Great atmosphere. From the album version of Word Up, the 3:34 Is minutes were ever considered 10 Minutes and other pieces were coated hopelessly, what they – and mood – made is only effective with better. The Boss Hoss knew their Pubikum and they had very great to the touch. And the concert went far too quickly to an end in Meinan eyes.

But at some point, even the best concert circuit and we also had to continue to Boheme Sauvage. But it is definitely, that the bohemian but then that night was not the main event, but rather the The Rob Ross The Boss Hoss umm secret concert.

Fashion Rock Night Berlin

Fashion Rock Night Berlin – Rocka Wear Vs. Ve'Cel


After the incredible Underground Catwalk to Berlin Fashion Week Last summer it was clear, that we are also on the Fashion Rock Night Berlin would have to be present. The whole was again also in this case at a location, has broadly concerned with mobility, but instead in a subway, the Fashion Rock Night Berlin this time was in the sacred – and pretty cool – Settled halls of the auto tuner of West Coast Customs.

Rocawear vs. Ve'Cel

It was cold in Berlin. Bitter cold. Fortunately, secured us a press accreditation to the rapid onset, during, for example, Tara La Luna and her friend still had endured shivering before the guest list, and not so fix came in. They had my full sympathy. But we chose to go into something warmer firstonce, the great hall of West Coast Customs.

Tara La Luna in Ponymädchen Outfit

Well, actually we were press, but that did not stop her from the press present, to call us before the sponsors wall and how it is to photograph in detail. Hach I love these situations, where you have a uneingeschränkrten star status for a while. The Press Press photographed just because you have to tell anyone yes. No question: we were more than Star Press !

However, should a few other stars have been there: The Lindemann, Richard Z. Kruspe, Christoph Schneider (all Rammstein), Oliver Korittke, Max Buskohl, Jimi Blue & Wilson Gonzales Ochsenknecht, Martin Cutter, Big Dane (West Coast Customs), Johanna Klum, etc etc…. Let's see, Oliver Korittke I have seen, Max Buskohl and Martin Kesici, all others I have not seen again or not recognized. But that's nothing new for me. I tell anyone anyway, with which I am not yet at least 5 Minutes have entertained.

The show itself, I must say, that this time though with the labels from Jay-Z and Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, the bigger names were clearly shown, the fashion on the Underground Catwalk, however, was much more exciting. Junge Designer, the world still want to prove something tailored just more interesting than the men's fashion rock stars, just yet tailored for the more mainstream. If I alone of the Underground Catwalk Redcat 7 taken both immediately shown Costumes, I have just two pieces so pleased at this fashion show, I would buy it – because they would be affordable. But for the more boring fashion of the stars can not be accused of the event, but otherwise it was great presents from the Rockstar Models. At times, so much happening on stage, that you did not know, where to look.


Speaking Rockstar Models and equally apropos recognize anyone. Ein Rockstar Model, I did not recognize, I realized however that, was Nathalie, the sweet bunny from the CSD in Hamburg. In Hamburg she has made to anyone, nevertheless at once Rockstar Models to apply.. And obviously took Emma, which was in a beautiful pony girl outfit at the Fashion Rock Night Berlin in other, they great enough, take them. Top

Nathalie & I in Jungbluth Fashion

Great, incidentally, were also two cars, who stood there. K.I.T.T. You know: a man and his car was parked around there. Black front with red lights. A dream. Since the Dodge or what the souped-up car was always beside heumstehen there could also be green and… Oh, that was so green… Otherwise, there was still a Blues Brothers police car around. Such cars simply have more style than top souped carts. Sometimes less is more.

As with the Fashion Rock Night Berlin Catering. Of course there was something to eat. No salmon or Kaviarschnittchen really nice but ordinary hot dogs. Light.

So overall, what a great event, The fashion of Jay-Z and Chester Bennington was rather unimportant, the event itself was the star.. and K.I.T.T. und wir natürlich 😉

Copyright: Tilllate

And as befits Stars soon as we started rar, because we were cool and we wanted to continue.

Creative Link & Redcat 7 Fashion Show

Fashion show at Alexa. Redcat 7 & Creative Link

If you hang around much there, where creative people gather and engage in conversation with them, it may be, dass man – if reasonably fit – is also invited views on Verantaltungen, organize these creative people themselves. This happened last week.

Some time ago, Sheila and I have even visited the Underground Catwalk, where tons of creative people, Roamed models and fashion designers.


Among other things, we talked to Lazó a cool for a while, a little loopy but absolutely lovable fashion designer, Artist, Painters, Photographers, Space designer and general jack of all trades from Russia. Lazó invited us to Fight For Glam for an event by him at the “POP up” Fashionweekim Alexa ein. A VIP invitation, which should allow for a parking on the fence as well as appetizers, Champagne and wine.


However, I did not know, that this fashion show was not just showing pieces by Lazó, but also from six other fashion designers ....

Some pieces were issued prior to the start of the event and I must admit, I was somewhat surprised, to clearly identify in one piece, that it from Redcat 7 is, So a creation by Sammy, I also met a short time later.

Creative Link

Ever meet: It was partially the usual suspects there. Some people associated with the Rockstar Models and others, the last few months have gone somewhere on the way to us.

However, before I could take my place, I had to do a spirited swing over the barrier, which made it even rritsch and the slit in the skirt was a little longer. According to Sammy, but he was not bad extended, see clearly the text that something was, which should not be visible. If the show had not started the same, then they would have made for me shortly. But the show should begin immediately so.


And this fashion show was something else. Seven entirely different fashion designers showed some of her creations from more portable but boring fashion, Evening dresses, Fetish clothing handed to absolutely spacy clothes. Exciting

Moreover, the whole was not presented but durchkoreografiert by trained dancers of typical models. That is really something different times.

Creative Link

The order I do not get out – also because the fashion designers but not in succession exhibited by each. It was something opaque, who has created pieces which, but it made the whole show even more exciting and unpredictable.

Narcissus & Goldfaden

So there were clothes, that would have suited the Rio Carnival in addition to coats that would have been right in the deepest Siberian winter, corsets by Sammy and men on high heels and a lot in between .... Lazó said, he had neither seen nor aligned with such a wacky fashion show – previously understood.


The show ended with the absolute highlight of some Redcat creations 7 to the Roxanne version from Moulin Rouge and Ginger Synne with a look that seemed somehow familiar to me. Vampiraugen 🙂

So if you have no desire, You see all the movies, then I put you particularly fond of the first. Great to look at and absolutely.

After the show was over and everyone was a little more calm and relaxed again, you could still nice with delicious sandwiches with models, entertaining the fashion designers and guests and Lazó told me, that he would like to organize a show just once in Moscow. Of course we were there also cordially invited.

My own event photographer for CSD

I wish everyone a separate event photographer
Tatjana Taft and the two sailors on their floating boxes
added to ( ) Berlin, ( ) Cologne, (x) Hamburg

As my last posts have already shown, I was at last weekend's Gaypride Hamburg.

Since my Berlin chickens all either do not want or did not have time, I had the arduous 280 Record kilometers long way in the most beautiful city in Germany alone. Since me but my Lokalkolorid committed to a nearly Christopher street day in Hamburg, of course, and also attend mitzulaufen, made me but little from. Furthermore, my former sub-tenant and offered Foto-Shooter Olli(and) an, to accompany me all the way as a slave and personal photo-event photographer to shoot photos and massive…

Madonna Erotica Bitch Mother of Pearl and religious lady Valery

With “the entire route” I mean the way in fact the whole track, because quite contrary to the usual practice and completely against my name I was clearly time for the start of the CSD and there was still tons of pictures in front of Starttschuss with Olivia Jones, :Valery Pearl: and so make. And of course I let myself do not ask long as Valery said “Stay close – let's make the group picture”….

Olivia Jones - Gaypride Hamburg 2008
Olivia Jones has since borrowed a hat from Tatjana Taft?

Normally, this is the start screen… This time the parade started but strangely enough, just at the time, as we posed elsewhere… I think Olivia Jones was so smart, to polish off an early stage and it has probably managed to be one of the only ones on the real start screen… I did, however, found nowhere, probably because not even the DPA or AP photographers have noticed the start, because they were busy with Us.


Now, da is losging, I also sat in motion. Far ahead, behind the first car and even before I joined a rickshaw Valery. It was found, that my decision was correct you: Participate start, and classify forward!

The first kilometer I was running a DPA photographer before the lens, AP eine Fotografen, the video team of and from NDR Hamburg Journal. Olli(and) said yet

“Front is properly, because all the photographers are still hungry”

Laeticia Snake

He was right. Good to have their own photographers to. At first he had some concerns, if he could probably run along. But of course he could. After all, he had me there. So, strictly speaking, this was a typical win-win situation: I got tons of good pictures of me and he also good pictures. …As a simple sentence.

Hello (XXX). This is because the only important camera.

but kan help, that the target person to the right of the 20 Lenses, currently focused on her, looks.

So I can only guess photographers, looking you a drag, accompanied her and drags all I want anyway a slave to the photo page. Olli(and) it was pretty beeidruckt. He ran some distance before me and as soon as I put the wings on, darkened the street in front of him by photographer, who all wanted the best photo. And for the best photo I'll do almost anything.

Ricardo M. Hamburg's Star Entertainer No.. 1

And I still do not understand, why all the photographers must always photographed from below, where it must have actually gotten around slowly, that Trannyfotografie from below always goes wrong… – Well not always, but often just…. The bird shot down the photographer, which was at once on the road in front of me. Was lag also ferner, than to ask me to define and times, why it has hingehauen….

thx to * Luna *

And as befits a true Zönix, then I rose from the ashes in the air to the nearest fuse box. The two boys, those who sat, were quite surprised, but took it with humor and even helped me up yet – and down again. So it should be for real gentlemen.


Eggs, der CSD in Hamburg, great fun. I spoke to some people, I have not seen exactly for a year, drank champagne with Valery, geposed with the cutest bunny clear the entire CSD and looked into a few thousand cameras…. All in glorious weather. Was will man mehr.

das süßeste Bunny des ganzen CSD

…someday something to drink in the sun. Exactly!

Ab nach also Budnikowsky, bought a couple of drinks and inserted a short Nachpuderstop. This one has hardly left me out of the store…


Olli(and) I was told Eien Posingschlampe… And he said later, he would now understand something, why am I doing this. … And he was like back again next year – in Berlin or Hamburg or wherever…

It attracts, what she chooses him. It must be love.

Almost at the end of the parade came then H. H. to me, I would never have recognized, But she said her name… So I realized it… However, I must say.. Hilly, You must declare a costume only, it is often difficult… I have detected in you Brigitte Nielsen unfortunately only, as you have pointed out to me…

Then I met two girls, the road were as flight attendants and me with the words: “You looked great out, than their CSD from Cologne flown home are.”Actually, they were images vonsich in Oldenburg, but they found in their search? Just Sheila and me. So it should be, and this realization was a great end to a wonderful CSDs.

Well I could think about where I go in the evening before, but both were not so exciting. Both the 136° Party, on the well-hung Nina Queer, and the Closing Party in Edelfettwerk on Biggy Blonde Made music, could not convince me, to miss a birthday party of a good friend. The ladies I can see often enough in Berlin


I have to apologize twice:
1. the images are pixelated, I will change tomorrow. (done)
2. Most of the pictures myself branch. Das ändere ich nicht mehr 😉