Again a propaganda

The propaganda party in Berlin is somehow still one of Berlin's most important gay parties and they used to be in the grand anbiente of Goya. There it is, however, quite a while now and no longer in the sterile atmosphere of the…. of… um, the club was so boring, I did not even notice the name of me..


No matter, on the Saturday of the street festival Nollendorfplatz, where eh is the entire target audience of party propaganda, next to Goya, there is no better place for a gay party as these same club. …one reason, für dioe Party, the Goya times to repopulate – and misleading because the House anyway only to 2:00 is interesting, It was also a reason for us, to go again for propaganda.


But along the way I am, Just Wild rummaging in my bag, fallen into a really stupid come-. A few types, felt the need to tell me, I would “over there” lost some… Nundenn, it was rather because, that they wanted to see me a few times still wiggling your ass back and forth stöckeln… She told me then… Uh, I should now feel honored? Suspected.


That was the most exciting but also most of the propaganda tour, as was the party itself – Although well attended – rather boring. Little people, we knew and this time there was no Popfloor this time in Goya…

Almost all party photographers hovered around there, However, we only until half two, misleading because the House was waiting for us.


Fast Fiction @White Trash

I'm not exactly known as a great wedding film, I can not even remember, when I was for the last time at the movies, but of course there are movies where you can not come over the years. One of them is Dirty Dancing, another Pulp Fiction.


Recently I read a Kollummne, in which it went about, why in almost every WG somewhere a Pulp Fiction poster hangs. Be it the sexy Uma Thurman smoking or both damn cool Samuel L. Jackson und John Travolta… It was just a movie, with which all could identify any. The lowest common denominator of these people untersciedlichster WGs. Quite as I'd not seen Pulp Fiction, but rather as einene damn cool movie.

…and this even works as a play, seen as just last week…. At White Trash Fast Food Pulp Fiction Fiction and was listed as fast while the middle of the restaurant. While the guests feasted on their nachos and burgers, cool Pulp Fiction killers firing through the area, talking about burgers and foot massage and clean the scene of these traces… and take care of the boss wife. Eben Pulp Fiction. All but the cool ambiance of the White Trash and sprinkled with cool ideas, which were recorded on various television and a tape, who played the soundtrack.


The whole thing was not played by professional actors, but by employees of the White Trash and friends of the. Such was the boss “Marsellus Wallace” just actually the boss… and so it is not surprising, that the body actually landed, according to the cutaway gag in meat grinder. Keine Burger mehr im White Trash 😉

Despite the Leienschauspielern but it was pretty great, although it must be admitted, that the first part – due to the history – had some lengths. In the first part there is just a lot of talking and little action partially. That changed in the second part, who played down at White Trash, very un klat included the best parts of the evening. ..Butch the boxer and his usually French Fabienne flame, was a Spanish transvestite in this case, the really great playing and I think in the end got the most applause.


..In addition to the great singer, A 2-Mann Band, who sang at the same time, Played guitar and drums served. Great.

I almost enjoyed fiction and then have the Trash.Hat a cocktail or two at White well worth it.

Circus – People Animals sensations

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Freak Burlesque Circus im Roadrunners Paradise

I do not need to think twice to know, that The Rock â € ~ nâ € ™ Roll Freak Burlesque Circus will be the last weekend in one of the Roadrunners Paradise Events, I'll probably call in the years to meienm blog as a description of the events, who turned off the year.

The Teaserettes organized this great event and spoke of it to a unique spectacle, Sexy tiger jumping through flaming hoops | with artists and burlesque performers from all over Germany and of course Rocka € ™ n'ROLLLLLLâ €., strong men with muscles mountainous, three-legged ladies with long Bärtenâ € |.â € | and told ehrich, they have promised not speak too much. All this and much more, there were.

It was actually a bit of people, Animals, Sensations on and off the stage, what Teaserettes and especially the Moderateuse this evening Sandy Beach served up as. Alone enumerate the exciting and great people, we know from countless parties as, would take hours – and therefore I leave the auchâ € |.


Ironically, we got hold on abrogating the Roadrunners Paradise still a Parrkplatz and so had only half way through this unspeakable cobbled stöckeln, until we reached the ground before the door of the Roadrunners Paradise. Fortunately, Sheila had once again provided for guest list and so we came in â € | that came namely not all according to Sandy Beach.

But I believe all the exciting people, which can be thought of as, already when entering we met Hedoluxe and Baby Jane, which are not designated for no reason as the world's smallest drag queen, the next person was doing in-haired lady with large Cylinders. You fühte actually like in a circus, However, as in the circus before at least 200 Years

Baby Jane & Sammy the Scissor

Baby Jane was still all the time next to Sandy in front of and behind the stage. Hedoluxe also had his first stage appearance, However, that was a bit too long poem, after that it was exciting and it went quickly. The haired lady had a second there and they were just such as the burlesque duo Hairy Marya € ™ s on. Great.

Played between the performances Jane Walton their sweeping soundtrack, they refer to as speed rumbling polka-country-trash-circus-punk-musique. That evening they were a circus band and they reminded me – at least optically – extreme on the Dresden Dolls and I liked very much indeed bekanntermaßen.

As I of course may also like Eve Champagne, the two performances this evening hatteà ¢ â, ¬  | I had an early number of Eve here so times as à ¢ â, ¬ Å "betrunkenà ¢ â, ¬  branded. Her two performances on Friday but had to do with alcohol. Jack Daniels and moderately short and all that high on bannich Hackenà ¢ â, ¬  | that were 14 cm in any case extremely high on which it is staggering. For them, the professionalism, However, I say, eventually breaks up the good again because the knuckles and gets hurt right.

Crimson Carnival

Prior to, to hurt you in any way, The Crimson Carnival really have no fear, because that is where the proverbial program. One can not imagine, but they are tackerten various things to the body. I dacte to a fake without metal and maybe double sided tape, but it shone on the metal cards and threw a person – an der anderen Person – festgetackerte balloons kaputtâ € | with darts !!! Since my mouth was really open to. â € | and not only to me.

Another highlite was Coco Clownesse, the burlesque times in completely different clown-type showed. How a simple clown girl behaves well, when the big date draws near with Jürgen.. strange. The Berlin chicks, In a way the Horosistas Feurshow offered and the strongest men in the world, the Teaserettes, Viktoria Lapidus mit einer Hula Hoop Show, Miss Prodigy Red with her number and a tiger Dressage, a self-liberating puppet and what I know still Allesa € | It was great, great, terrific.

That the great circus show was decided with Gloria Viagra Squeezebox band, was hardly a particularly between all the curiosities on stage the girls were almost even the most normal, even if Lady Lou could not believe, how big it was. One thing is definitely, that The Rock â € ~ nâ € ™ Roll Freak Burlesque Circus one of the train and most interesting events was, that I can remember. A big kudos to Sandy Beach and their Teaserettes.