Game of Queens

Game of Queens
Game of Queens

Just before with Queen of Drags will be the theme of drag queens really appear for the first time in prime time in German, have brought me friends from the US, a drag queen quartet with the really famous Drags.

Dame Edna & Sharon Needles
Dame Edna & Sharon Needles

Sometimes I'm not quite satisfied with their assessments. Okay Divine has a Legend of Factor 100 however – matter, what you think of it, a legend is definitely, and in my opinion a higher, than, say, Sharon Needles (the course and of course one is)

Bianca Del Rio & Alaska Thunderfuck
Bianca Del Rio & Alaska Thunderfuck

The same theme at, for example Bianca Del Rio and Alaska Thunderfuck… In my opinion, Bianca would have earned since the higher estimate. But I guess that's just purely subjective.

Also, who plays with my Game of Queens quartet?

Eat Lipstick Release Party @ Quasimodo

I am and always not a fan of Halloween. But I'm a fan of Eat Lipstick.

In fact, I'm usually quite a while before Halloween in a bad mood and tired of the hustle and bustle. And even, if this sounds weird. I do not have it so with dress and certainly not ugly dress. Unfortunately I can carry my own on normal days too good.

Citizan Pain

However, if Eat Lipstick call Halloween for Album Release Party, then I am comfortable that day out of the house into Quasimodo, his ampersand actually a jazz club, on this day, however, all about the Punk & Glam Punk Rock.

Anita Drink

Here, show me, as well Eat Lipstick are now, because between the equally Halloween default dressed sliver and Anita, Shredder and Co showed a pretty big difference in quality in virtually all.

Eat Lipstick but now a lot of really cool songs, I've seen at their performances somewhere in Berlin or on the merger and are now for the first time captured on disk.

Eat Lipstick

And as is often at such events, to from, For example, of course, Tom (the drummer) and Kirsten (a good friend from the Kit Kat), which, however, both have never seen as types I…

On the night of Halloween I was but rather in my male persona, with leather jacket, and Bad Religion shirt. Well, and of course, was not immediately recognized.

The Shredder

Typical Berlin – “Hey, hello, Nice that you're here”, Hug etc. but recognize? Nope. Kirsten I have not told that night, Tom I did it until the next time the 10 Years Black Rider Fashion Show told.

Eat Lipstick
Eat Lipstick

But I do also recognize no drag, if you is the first time a guy in front of me 🙂

My plaid jacket is gone

What can I say. I love the Kit Kat Club. He is the world's best club – but at least in Berlin – and somehow I am now every two weeks there – know a lot of the regulars and the bouncers know me. What can I say: My family club and I stand by.

Well, and if I'm eh gedresst ever leads me my way to a previous event about 98,74% at the end at some point in the Kit Kat. After the Berlin Burlesque Festival it should also come as.

I spoke at the festival with a mother daughter duo from Hamburg, who were there, each with their friends and the deliberate rather quickly, come along, when I from my other evening plans told. The mother's friend had no desire and disappeared into the hotel all the other three were but happy with, But although only the (very cool mom) pretty much knew, what might have been expected in such Kitty.

The problem with spontaneous visits to the Kit Kat is always adhering to the dress code, the fit so directly only reserved for Mama. Since I anyway wanted to do even a short trip home, I just took all with and pimpte all a little.

I gave ado a short skirt, a pair of stockings, leggings and especially my great since 25 Hot beloved Schottenkarojackett, that belongs to an entire Schottenkaroanzug. So that suited some extent, and all came without any major problems purely.

It's great again, people watching during thawing, when they visit the Kit Kat for the first time.

The friend's daughter was initially very surprised, why should one e leggings worn and had convinced yet, that the shirt under the jacket still got away. At first he has yet resisted, he was convinced no later than half an hour later full of Kitty and understood, why he was so funny bears shows and found it quite normal.

Mom went at some point and the two bieben in Kitty and had fun in the evening. When I went to nine, it was not staying two late enough and they wanted to – I hope you have had the hotel checkout in mind.

When I went I have the two – because they could not find on the fast her wardrobe brand – leave my clothes yet for the evening – with the great promise, that they would send me everything…

I trusted them. – And never heard from again….

The evening was great, but I grieve for my jacket and therefore, I have once again lost a little faith in humanity.

Berlin Burlesque Festival – The Even Night

After I have not kicked the numbers of Odd Night yesterday really, I put more hope in the even of the Night Berlin Burlesque Festival. The Winter Garden is just the right venue for Svarovskis, Velor and feather fan. And I should not be disappointed.

Berlin Burlesque Festival 2019

In fact, I was quite happy after the first number. Clea De Suede showed, was “Even Night” can mean so. One (certainly true) Catherine D'Lish robe and a Svarovki occupied corset ensemble, that glittered so, as it can only do a corset.

And anyway, how can you look just as good.

Clea Velvet Burlesque
Clea Velvet

I once again thank Marlene and Inga for, that they have left me with Sheila free in. And – because just in places were there, even with a place in the very first row – where you could simply outstanding look.

Missla Life

For example, on Missla Vida, one side of the two hosts this evening.

This number would actually fit for the Odd Night, but I found it better than anything eigentich, I have seen the previous day, in this respect, the right of even Night. A great performance.

Kerri N 'Fire
Kerri N’ Fire

But even if the performance was good, Kerri N'Fuego has me really excited. The number had everything, it was fast and hot and exciting and they surprised. actually, all, I asked about it, it also has thrilled. For me the highlight of the evening. Wow!

Kerri N 'Fire

That you could not tell at Marlene of Steenvag unfortunately – but that was not because of the number and also not to Marlene itself but, simply because, that since technically diverse failed. Einges came down quickly, another did not go high and ever… Marlene could do a really sorry.

Marlene of Steenvag

In their number all really went wrong, what could only go wrong. The things are not working so, as to, comes even more common, usually but the good artists can somehow play. Marlene nothing was there that night but to make more. Unfortunately, it was abundantly clear, that there (technical) some went wrong. Very sad for them.

I had fun with the Even Night, and even after. This “connection” But does my Schottenkaroanzug cost me.

Arden Delacour
Arden Delacour