Jägermeister Aftershow Party

Jagermeister can they drink to all
Jägermeister Bar

(1) Often I look at things so work-related marketing with the glasses and sometimes you just have to admit, when other people clearly understand their marketing crafts. I must compliment the marketing department / Make marketing agency of Jägermeister.

Jägermeister Aftershow Party

How did it, a herb, the predicate “Cool” to give, which is already worth all respect. I mean, just imagine, to order in a disco one Underberg… How uncool would that please the? I just think of only one thing, which would be uncool and that is the disco, where you really get a Underberg.

Jägermeister Underground Catwalk

Jägermeister is somehow different, and this is certainly also in such events, running under the label of Jagermeister, just as the Underground Catwalk under Berlin Fahionweek. In this respect RESPECT.

Toll war the actual show and when it was finished, aufgingen the doors of the subway, began the next peak only at: The Get-together on the platform and the after-show party at the Sage Club.

Tattoos auf dem Jägermeister Underground Catwalk

The good thing is such an underground fashion show, that the terminal can be directly on the club after-show party and so that really all visitors and models actually come to the party. A great idea – and it works. It was really almost all there, they all had a good mood and it was great this week. On the platform itself, for example, still with Sammy Spahn, there desig von Redcat 7 and their Models.

Sammy Spahn

Amazingly, we were able to once again find, us that actually a degree of self-awareness is, known as one of the models my blog and Sammy, which is also the manager of the Teaserettes asked me, Sheila ob ich ancient texts, die ihr einmal eine Email geschrieben hat 🙂


But let's get back to the party. In large VIP area you could actually entertained with all people, we could make a nice picture with Stefan Kretzschmar or with Martin Kesici, the 2003 Star Search winner was.

Martin Kesici @ Jägermeister Underground Catwalk
Martin Cutter

In addition, I noticed on the catwalk still a male model on, that somehow seemed familiar to me, but I could not assign. Since he was somehow constantly interviewed on the platform, I could think of, that he could be a celebrity somehow. They explained to me, that he was the singer Max Buskohl, who had come relatively far in American Idol and then got. Okay okay, another one for our Celebrity Gallery.

Max, we need you once for a photo

Max Buskohl

said, getan 🙂

Great but at this party were not only the people and the conversations, but also the Jägermeister Bar, who provided the attendees with free Jägermeister creations. Jägerinha, the Jägermeister Jägermeister caipirinha version or Redbull or – and because I have kept, Jäger Colada…


Jäger Colada? Pineapple juice, Batida de Coco and a herb? A mixture, which rolls from listening to the toenails, but one can hardly believe it. This stuff tastes great. So good in fact, that the girls at the bar at the end of beige potions could no longer offer only pure and Jägermeister or could do with orange juice. Und Jäger-O rollt einem nun wirklich die Fussnägel auf 😉

Still Great. Oh yes, one thing is missing, the thing with the Michalsky Sunglasses


Berlin Fashion Week – Catwalk subway

Underground Catwalk at Berlin Fashion Week

(2) The Berlin Fasionweek shows twice a year a mass of fabulous fashion shows and great designer clothing at various catwalks in Berlin. All well and good, but as long as no one proves to me otherwise, I gaube that the exciting and thrilling the Underground Catwalk is.

Redcat 7 zur Berlin Fashionweek
Redcat 7

In a – partially propelled – often standing underground young designers show their latest creations to the underground scene from the fields of paint, Leader, Gothic, Baroque, Punk. Sexy Dresses with corset and high heels. Models von Rockstar Models.de were not about any Heidi Klum Anziehpüppchen but fits with tattoos, Equipped piercings and own broadcasts. Completely from the typical chic of Berlin Fashion Week, far away from all the Joop, Gucci and other designers – and the current models there.

AMF Korsetts @ Berlin Fashionweek
AMF Cross

But probably one comes to these other fashion shows and not the Underground Catwalk is always with 15 Admission € for paying guests still a real bargain. After I last year was there alone, Sheila and I hit this year there together.

All were in the subway, the doors closed, and the music started and the actual show. The car drove off and everyone could be happy, when he was able to get a card… And it really seemed like so ago, as if the organizers behind this time a few more visitors to the web. It was more crowded and less space for the models to run. However, this did not detract from the matter.

Salone di Pessa @ Berlin Fashionweek
Shop Pessa

The “Catwalk” was constructed, that each 5 Designers should in turn and walk back end of the central Bachtage car in a direction to subway, while the others ran in the other direction. In the middle we all met again and it started all over again – only the other way around.

And I was in the first slot is actually a little disappointed. Seemed to me the first five creations were worn by the underground but mostly rather arbitrarily. Not boring, but not really tingly. Many of the pieces were T-shirts with tattoos, Plants, Ornament or rock-Print.

T-shirts zur berlin Fashionweek
Joker Brand & Broken Heart

So pieces, I have a similar kind in Ad Hardy, on the merchandise stand irgeneiner hard rock group or – sad but true – can get to almost any farmer's market. Hardly anything, which one can really inspire me in a fashion show.

David Vicente & Damned Clothing

But after the candy girls candy and submitted by the sponsor Jägermeister came into its own and distributed refreshments to the guests, it was again – and right in my eyes the more exciting creations going on.

Redcat 7

Apparently the models needed to be a little einzulaufen, not only because the pieces were punctured Direction but also the way, as they were brought over. From now on, was actually on the subway bars geräkeln, pulled on the handles or when the situation required sometimes thrown to the ground.

Rock & Rebellion

It has flirted with the cameras or it was put by the models Redcat7-dollar bills in the various sections. This part was loose and carefree hotter than it was in the car anyway.

Only Guest or model but?

Unfortunately, even the best show comes finished, but certainly I will Unerground on the catwalk 2009 be born again, and it also still the after-show party at Sage Club. But more on that tomorrow.

My Conclusion: One must necessarily have been there and my Favourites were the red corset corsets from AMF and the girls from Redcat 7.


But this case were much more:
Run there are:
(1) AMF Cross, (2) Joker Brand, (3) Damned Clothing, (4) David Vicente, (5) Deadly nightshade, (6) Shop Pessa, (7) Beauty Fiend, (8) Broken Heart, (9) Bat Attack … Fashion From The Crypt, (10) Rock & Rebellion, (11) Redcat 7.

Actually remains only the question open, Sheila and asked me was…

Why did not you run there actually?

And, why not? The question is more than justified.

To the after-show party

Again a sponsor wall

Before the Underground Catwalk

Broken Heart, Rock & Rebellion, Broken Heart

(3) The Jägermeister Underground Catwalk stand an – and it was a weekday. We also had to get a – completely unfamiliar to us – extremely early time – also completely unfamiliar – definitely be on time at the right place. Something stupid.


Sheila lives even now something outside and go home, dressen, drive back to town was not in it. So I invited them, to use my mirror. 'm Incredibly nice and whitish, allowed them the keys even an hour before my – premature – Pick up at the end of work of the company mirin, to already prepare. So when I came home, sat halbgeschminkter already a man in my apartment before the mirror.

Deadly nightshade

Of course I thought immediately of a masked burglar, because I now had to shoot in self-defense, but based on the voice I recognized Sheila. Also, I can not something like that anyway, wenn so herzerweichend um Gnade gebettelt wird 😉

No matter, they had about an hour ahead, I – always accompanied by “T minus 90 Minutes” Call, “T minus 85 Minutes” and so had to catch up… Ich hatte es fast aufgeholt und war so gut wie fertig. Only the dress and the accessories were missing.

Stefan Kretzschmar

A dress? Not just any dress. But a special. Especially for the Underground Catwalk I was again shopping. A blue-polka-dot dress in Pencil Skirt length with red halter straps I bought, a new pair of red high heels and sweet polka-dot-Harklammern. So a well-coordinated ensemble for a great event. Just carry on..

Schieeeelaaaaaa hilfst Du mir maaaal???

Said, done. Rrrritch they had the zipper up.. Unfortunately clearly marked earlier than the end of the dress. She had it in her hand, my dress no longer zipper, I no longer dress and suddenly a bad mood. .. Regardless of Plan B was another polka-dot dress, that although I had already taken, but that nevertheless was appropriate… So we could drive off, to pick up our press VIP wristbands, which we granted free admission.

Rock & Rebellion, AMF Cross, Deadly nightshade

But first, we watched the hustle and bustle yet to, because massive photographers and reporters photographed and interviewed all somehow looked like something colorful or unusually. So we had the – beautiful – Problem between us hardly “we take pictures” and “We pose for photos” to decide. The get to the series but now we are used to and of course the typical sponsor wall was certainly not before us.


Although one must say, that we are less äufdrängten, rather than were forced to go… THAT we would however be sometime before it was obvious. *Blitz* *Blitz* Lächeln 🙂 Gebracht hat uns das übrigens das wohl erste Bild von uns bei der Bildagentur Gettyimages. Yeah!

Then it finally started. Boarding Time. So strictly speaking it was for us and the rest of the press pack go. The empty train was boarded. Class. So we not only had the free choice but also the opportunity, bring a good photographer to, get a little more in the train, take pictures while posing.

Sheila & Ich 🙂

As I said, if we are not just taking pictures, We like to be photographed. Letzteres sogar noch viel lieber als ersteres 🙂 Aber zu fotografieren gab es after that all sorts of.

Underground Catwalk Pictures

Underground Catwalk Pictures

Underground Catwalk Pictures
Sheila and I

(4) Before morning a little bit about the Underground Catwalk 2008 writing, I'll post a couple Underground Catwalk tonight firstonce images. …It was great before, during and after the show, But more on that tomorrow.

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[mygal = underground_catwalk_bilder]

These are just pictures of the photo shoot BEFORE the fashion show. Look again tomorrow purely – and tomorrow, because it will follow the pictures from the fashion show and after-show party. It continues here