Studio Lovemasters Pre-NYE Sauce

The time between Christmas and New Year is a special and a quiet one. And it is a time, which I mostly live in at home Hamburg spend, where I meet friends and family and generally have a good time.

Barbie, Medusa & I

But it is also the time, in which the bars and discos are empty for a few days or have closed completely. Even the Hamburg Reeperbahn is extinct on these days and also Olivia Jones‘ Empire has been there for a while.

Incidentally, that is the reason, why I have all the people at Olivia (out of Eve Champagne) don't know everyone. Because I'm not in Hamburg, when the shops are open and when I am in Hamburg, the stores don't open. A vicious circle.

It was different this time just before New Year's Eve. Leo and Helge called to the Studio Lovemasters Pre NYE Sause and there the party on St. Pauli should be and since Eve wanted to go there and me and some of her friends, invited them to preheat.

And that was it… As I wrote on Facebook the next day?

Go a hairdresser with a dog mask, a travesty Warhorse, they Hula Hoop Artist, Ne burlesque media-whore, still ne Transe, a guy with whom you would buy a home savings contract and a mettler together at a party… And since fall actually hardly.

I, it was like this. A cool collection of people in Eve's kitchen.

Then Leo said, that we noticed. At least not negative, however.

What kind of party was that?. I think that was the largest collection of beautiful people, that I've ever come across. Everyone was beautiful there. And especially if you thought: wow, they all look good here, then a group of beautiful people came in again.

And I don't mean beautiful in the Heidi Klum supermodel beauty ideal.

groDa were Freaks, Outsider, Fetish models, Gothics, Trannies just normal people and what white for people but actually everyone carried an aura with them, who testified “I'm great at my job and I know it too – But today I'm here to just have fun”

Nobody was at this party to advertise for themselves but between “the days” To meet friends and have an evening of fun. One of the best parties, that I experienced for a long time.

Of course we were the last to go home….

In which “home” in this case a few more drinks in Eve's pub “Old Sailor” meant….

The Queens of the neighborhood

It is known that I am a Hamburg plant, which (especially) decided at some point because of the nightlife, turning our Hamburg back and to move to Berlin.

At that time there were almost no Drags in Hamburg and I could see the visible Drags in Hamburg at most count one and a half hands (and since then I've been nice included), which then usually also mostly complete at one of Olivia Jones Royal Chicken Club Parties were present.

(2010) – Valery and I on a Pink inc.

Olivia had not her neighborhood Empire yet was only 2008 landlady and thus all the girls around them not, Nicky Dynamite was not also not in Hamburg and many other visible, not created or simply not there yet. Meanwhile has since done a lot in Hamburg.

Now there is a documentation of the Queens neighborhood of, which is very great, although certainly shows a very limited picture. The documentation is “Queer Life in the City 4 – Queens of Hamburg” and I could see they already fully. I need you as from today by four parts look, but they are very engaging.

Part 3 – is still

are actually interviewed four generations of Hamburg phenomena. Firstly, the Grande Dame of the landscape Lilo Wanders, the lot has to tell. second Olivia Jones Part thereof is slightly smaller, for the third Valery Pearl and last a Veuve Noir.

Part 4 – is still

Anyone who has a bit of insight, quickly realizes that this is because in Lilo, Olivia and Veuve to members of Olivia Jones family is and Valery some first steps made even with Olivia's Parties. In addition, there are both Lilo as well as Valery Pearl already when I was still living in Hamburg was when Olivia.

(2009) Lilo Wanders

There must also give new blood from the now walking to the end of decade, that does not come from Olivia's network. It would therefore certainly other Queens in Hamburg, where.

Part 5 – is still

Nevertheless, it is really exciting to watch. The ladies have a lot to tell.

But to be honest I have Olivia also due to some, the first Parties, have visited the, were their. After they came from Berlin to Hamburg again (where they pottered few years) , reanimated them their Royal Chicken Club and it should have been people, the weeping, came as the mail. I felt definitely that time safe enough, because to go and dance. I was anyone still too shy back then to address, but was approached by Olivia herself, the a few words exchanged with me, What has me very well done. Valery Pearl, who was there also, I dared not then to address.

Part 6 – is still

Valery I then but on many of their own parties and Hamburg CSDs know and love learned. I have still a small laminated card, I won times as terribly lousy Madonna copy, of my life-long free admission and a welcome drink on their “Pearls of the Night” Party grants. Unfortunately, there is no more. You can to Pink Inc. can rewrite?

(2010) – Gaypride Hamburg

What has made such in their past Lilo Wanders, know well about each 30, Olivia is a very political and very enlightened by their individual personality, is probably known, Valery advocates for refugee and is – if I remember me honorary medal lady with the Sisters PSI. Only about Veuve I honestly do nothing. Your I have never met, since Olivia bars always have break, when I'm in Hamburg.

Part 7 – is still

No matter. What I wanted to say. Check it out, is really exciting, what the ladies have to tell so everything.

(2009) in Hamburg

And as Goodie for all, who read up to here, another picture from the poison cabinet 2007 for the whole hard-boiled. To prevent eye cancer, I link it only ­čśë
And, I want to see it…

Part 8 – is still

Studio Lovemasters

Sehr kalt auf der Studio Lovemasters

Neulich stand ich mal wieder in der Schlange vorm Kit Katund zwar schon ziemlich weit vorne knapp vor den T├╝rstehern.

Auf einem Mal sehe ich links neben mir zwei Personen, die die vorherige Stunde da irgendwie noch nicht standen.

“Hello!” sagte ich freundlich und stutzte.

Da stand Leo Sun mit Freund neben mir, die ich vor vielen Jahren mal auf einem Gaypride Hamburg (2008) kennen und m├Âgen gelernt habe und danach auf einigen Hamburger CSDs and Fetish parties wieder getroffen habe. Aber schon seit einigen Jahren nicht mehr und eben noch nie in Berlin.

Das Bild ist von einer sp├Ąteren Studio Lovemasters

Sie lud mich zu einer Kinky Party ein, die sie in Hamburg veranstalten w├╝de. Die Studio Lovemasters erinnerte mich sehr an eine House Of Red Doors. Ein abbruchgef├Ąhrdetes Haus, ein kleiner Garten und fetischliebende Menschen.

Die Doorbitsch war Eve Champagne, die mich allerdings reingelassen hat. Klasse Party aber eisig eisig kalt. Und am Ende waren immer wieder die gleichen Menschen ├╝brig. Eve, leo, Ich und einige andere nette Menschen

Heutzutage soll der Garten abgedichtet und w├Ąrmer sein und ich werde die Studio Lovemasters sicher noch einige Male besuchen

Das letzte Bild ist nicht von der Studio Lovemasters aber auch in meinem Weihnachts Hamburg Urlaub entstanden, denn ich habe in meiner Wohnung einen Koffer voller Bondageutensilien gefunden, den ein befreundeter Fotograf dort von der Zeit hinterlassen hat, als er meine hamburger Wohnung als Fotostudio gemietet hat. Exciting.

Holy Night Bingo mit Ricardo M.

Seit einigen Jahren ziehe ich kurz vor Weihnachten mit meiner liebsten Schulfreundin Nadine ├╝ber Weihnachtsm├Ąrkte zum Gl├╝hweintrinken und Kl├Ânschnacken. Eine kleine aber sehr feine Weihnachtstradition.

Dieses Jahr habe ich aber gesehen, dass neben dem Santa Pauli Weihnachtsmarkt am 22. the “gro├če Weihnachts-RevueHoly Night Bingo! with Ricardo M. im Kukuun stattfinden w├╝rde.

Ricardo M., seineszeichens No.. 1 Top Top Top Entertainer und endcoole Type, kenne ich seit vielen Jahren von Veranstaltungen rund um den Gaypride Hamburg, one, seiner Bingo Nights habe ich allerdings nie besuchen k├Ânnen, da er nicht in Berlin auftritt und nie, wenn ich mal in Hamburg war.

Trash, Weihnachtssongs, Schl├╝pfrige Witze und Bingo Gewinne, die all das enthalten: Trash, Weihnachtsdinge und Schl├╝pfrige Gewinne. F├╝r ein vorlautes M├Ądel wie Nadine genau das richtige.. wenn sie denn auch Lust hat.

Had it – und wir hatten viel Spa├č beim BingoNadine hatte sogar so viel Spa├č, dass sie die Hauptrunde gewannDer gro├če Dunkle Dildo im Hintergrund war ihr Hauptgewinn. Er hatte auch einen Namen und wurdenat├╝rlich vollkommen zuf├Ąlligvon Nadine im Kukuun vergessen, damit sie ihn nicht mit nach Hause nehmen musste.

Auf dem Spielbudenplatz steht dieses Plakat, from Olivia Jones and Eve Champagne, bei dem man durch Eves Loch seinen Kopf stecken kannoder so ├Ąhnlich ­čśë

Irgendwie schien es mir aber, als habe mich Herr M. nicht erkannt, was ich extrem traurig finde und mir eigentlich nicht erkl├Ąren kann, da er mich sonst eigentlich gar mit Namen kennt..