Gay Pride Berlin

Corona Jahr 2020

Den typischen CSD gab es dieses Jahr aus Corona Gründen nicht, das war schon lange klar. Dieses Jahr sollte sich laut dem CSD e.V. alles im Netz abspielen, da vermutlich eh keine Demonstration genehmigt würde.

Black & Trans Lives Matter
Bild in Originalgröße hier

Nun läuft es aber in Deutschland ja mit Corona ganz gut und es sind wieder Demonstrationen erlaubtund neben komischenHygienedemos”, Attila Hildmans und anderen seltsamen Menschen extrem wichtig und vermutlich so dringend wie lange nicht, wenn wir uns neben Deutschland die Welt anschaut.

Das fand auch jemand in Berlin und hat eine Demo als Pride Parade angemeldet. Keine Werbung, keine LKWs, kein Alkohol. Politik statt Party. Selbstverständlich viel kleiner als ein typischer CSD aber umso wichtigerselbst hier.

This “Gaypride” war ein kleinwenig wie die Enough is Enough Demo vor JahrenUnd immer noch wichtig. Das zeigt auch der Umstand, dass es währende der Parade offensichtlich mehrere Situationen gab, in denen Teilnehmer beleidigt, beworfen und gar tätlich angegriffen wurden….

Ich habe vor Jahren schon einmal geschrieben, dass der Berliner CSD umso wichtiger ist, da es wohl der östliche sichere CSD ist. Und selbst wenn diese Parade den weltweit bekannten Namen Gaypride trug, bleibt es dabei. Selbst wenn es die oben genannten Situationen gab, ist man hier sicher und das halbe land ist nicht wie in PolenLGBTIQFreie Zone….

Übrigens die meisten Teilnehmer liessen Platz und trugen Masken….

AJ & The Queen

Okay, on 10. January 2020 we all need to look again Netflix, because (apparently today) Netflix has a “AJ & The Queen” asked trailer into the net.

I’m a Drag Queen on a cross-country tour.

Okay, at what this reminds me now?

Ru Paul as “The Queen”, in a (not pink) Camper full of drag stuff and clothes, (apparently) because a child by the (not Australian) Outback (for mother?) frightened drives, while some experienced and rednecks in dress. To Lola's “Kinky Boots” Windows occurs, a little like Pray Tell speaks and acts and talks as well as otherwise scolds at Drag Race..


A newfangled version of Priscilla Queen of the Desert is seasoned with something Kinky Boots, Pose and NEM big blow on top?

Sounds a not completely wrong, But although not entirely for something new. It will be interesting

Game of Queens

Game of Queens
Game of Queens

Just before with Queen of Drags will be the theme of drag queens really appear for the first time in prime time in German, have brought me friends from the US, a drag queen quartet with the really famous Drags.

Dame Edna & Sharon Needles
Dame Edna & Sharon Needles

Sometimes I'm not quite satisfied with their assessments. Okay Divine has a Legend of Factor 100 however – matter, what you think of it, a legend is definitely, and in my opinion a higher, than, say, Sharon Needles (the course and of course one is)

Bianca Del Rio & Alaska Thunderfuck
Bianca Del Rio & Alaska Thunderfuck

The same theme at, for example Bianca Del Rio and Alaska Thunderfuck… In my opinion, Bianca would have earned since the higher estimate. But I guess that's just purely subjective.

Also, who plays with my Game of Queens quartet?

Eat Lipstick Release Party @ Quasimodo

I am and always not a fan of Halloween. But I'm a fan of Eat Lipstick.

In fact, I'm usually quite a while before Halloween in a bad mood and tired of the hustle and bustle. And even, if this sounds weird. I do not have it so with dress and certainly not ugly dress. Unfortunately I can carry my own on normal days too good.

Citizan Pain

However, if Eat Lipstick call Halloween for Album Release Party, then I am comfortable that day out of the house into Quasimodo, his ampersand actually a jazz club, on this day, however, all about the Punk & Glam Punk Rock.

Anita Drink

Here, show me, as well Eat Lipstick are now, because between the equally Halloween default dressed sliver and Anita, Shredder and Co showed a pretty big difference in quality in virtually all.

Eat Lipstick but now a lot of really cool songs, I've seen at their performances somewhere in Berlin or on the merger and are now for the first time captured on disk.

Eat Lipstick

And as is often at such events, to from, For example, of course, Tom (the drummer) and Kirsten (a good friend from the Kit Kat), which, however, both have never seen as types I…

On the night of Halloween I was but rather in my male persona, with leather jacket, and Bad Religion shirt. Well, and of course, was not immediately recognized.

The Shredder

Typical Berlin – “Hey, hello, Nice that you're here”, Hug etc. but recognize? Nope. Kirsten I have not told that night, Tom I did it until the next time the 10 Years Black Rider Fashion Show told.

Eat Lipstick
Eat Lipstick

But I do also recognize no drag, if you is the first time a guy in front of me 🙂