Londonedge Party

Londonedge Party


Es war eigentlich ein Geschäftsbesuch in London zur Londonedge aber neben Standbesuchen bei den gesamten spannenden Labels und Marken hat die Londonedge auch immer eine Party zu bieten.


London ist aber seltsam. Den Sperrstunden wegen, fangen dort die Partynächte sehr früh an und enden mindestens genauso früh – zumindest für berliner Verhältnisse. So kamen uns bereits als wir zur Party kamen eine ganze Menge Personen entgegen. Ein untrügliches Zeichen, dass die Freigetränke bereits aus waren. Did not matter, ein paar freie Getränke fanden wir dann doch noch, die wir mit den Mädels von Voodoo Vixen nahmen.


But even, wenn der Abend nicht sooo spät wurde, muss man zugeben, dass dort eine ganze Menge an wirklich wirklich gut aussehenden Menschen rumliefen. Die gesamte Pin-Up Academy beispielsweise.


Oder beispielsweise “Morgana”, das wohl bekannteste Model für Corsets, Vintage-Wäsche und Gothickleidung. Ein echtes Topmodel in ihrer Sparte.


Auf dem Rückweg brauchten wir dringend noch etwas zu essen und fanden einen Laden bei dem es “Doner” Kebab gab – and I must confess, es war einer der besten Doner, den ich je gegessen habe. Leckerstes zarteste Fleisch, lecker Soße. Das gibts in Kreuzberg nicht besser.


Punk & Rockabilly Flohmarkt

Punk & Rockabilly flea market in Wild at Heart


Every few months there in Wild At Heart no rockabilly or punk music and none of the allmonatlichen Burlesqueschows. However, some, what exactly this circle of interested people a day in this club Performs. a punk & Rockabilly Flohmarkt.


Do not know, whether it is unique in the world, But in Germany there will certainly be no second. Rockabilly clothes, Punklederjacken, all kinds of accessories and music from everything so with guitars in the fields of Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Punk, Hardcore and related musical styles has to do. So just, what is otherwise so musical in Wild At Heart romps

DSC00158For example, I bought a CD for Horrorpops 4 €, two items later give this CD for läpprige 1,50 € awarded find. Annoying! But what the hell. Hilft ja nix.

DSC00159Always nice again, this little flea market, on which it actually is only beautiful things and especially not traders – because that sucks in most flea markets in Berlin massively.
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10 Seven years Redcat @ Roadrunners Paradise


One of the friendliest people, where you can walk in Berlin's fashion world on the way, celebrated at the weekend the birthday of her label and so it was called the Roadrunners Paradise yesterday:


10 Seven years Redcat.


Sammy the Scissors has 10 Years in the world of Burlesque, the Rockabillys, the Hot Rods go and somehow in various areas Retro… And thus it enriches the lives of all of us, However, most of all the girls, their creations everywhere wear the nation and the world.


Many of those – the or just were not were just staying away on holiday that night because we did Sammy wore their respects or even one of its display objects from 10 Seven years Redcat, which were shown as a fashion show today.


Unlike the girls on stage Sammy RECOURSE himself rather have in the background and is unwilling to really the focus, they would have pursued most like the entire show from the chair on the Emphore. now not go again but, if one is the background itself, why all the people were there.

10 seven years redcat

And the Roadrunners was really well stocked, many people in their district and have been asked time, who then has a Redcat Seven outfit in the closet, I guess, it would have some hands moved up.


I myself have two outfits of Sammy in the closet, a skirt + Shell and my coat from – Which reminds me once again, that the latter hangs from time eternal with Sammy because I have not picked him up after a change. sorry sorry sorry.


10 Years, many stations with their respective creations and a whole lot of stations of which I have noticed in my but now several years in Berlin. I am the First time a Redcat Seven outfit in Underground Catwalk 2007 noticed. At that time I was able to get the label but not do anything.


But I have certainly found, that this was the most exciting parts, what was shown on the Underground Catwalk, so it was with the other Underground Catwalks, where Sammy girls mitliefen. Here or here or here with Pepper and Eve.


Later I noticed Redcat seven on the Swing Royal on with Djamila on Wheel of Fortune, or Alexa 2008 at a fashion show, for example, Ginger Synne with a great number Roxanne where I even made a video.


If hot, when one hangs out in Berlin on certain events you can not get to Sammy and that's good, because as I already wrote is one of the friendliest people, which you can run in Berlin's fashion world on the way.

And I hope, that is to her for many years. That evening, which was then celebrated as I said with the fashion show, many friends and surprises, such as a large cake and a Bobbycar Parcour, Sammy the serve had.


And, if determined not everything went just as, as it stood on the running order, the as always, no one noticed – and when – it would have been the people on the stage no matter, as long as the box is nice and it was him.

redcat seven jubilee

A great night for a great label.

Lena Hoschek Runway, BBB & Aftershow Party

Lena Hoschek Runway, BBB & Aftershow Party

After I got the last time actually getting great Lena Hoschek show skipped or missed, this year's Berlin Fashion Week brought me again to, is time to view the oeuvre of the great designer from Vienna again.


My colleague Jasmine joined me there and we should have a nice day in berlin fashion world - much to the dismay of her friends, the more envious asked by cell phone, why she was at Fashion Week and thought "Damn why I'm not there"…


As it eats now times and they had every reason to be jealous, should the Lena Hoschek Runway yet turn out to be great.

Because football and fan mile Fashion Week moved into an ice rink in Wedding - a sure-coming Sadtteil - but clearly not center with the glamor factor of Berlin and the Brandenburg Gate. But who needs it, for the C-X celebrities, visit the most runways of Fashion Week which is actually just right.


Lena but are still to some really exciting people there - oh yeah, and especially exciting fashion.


The very first model and the first outfit was a small applause and I thought – "Yep, which is something - this is exciting, " – great models and even crazier creations, bunt, beautiful, female. In between loosened with a long dark dress, that certainly would have as the Endkleid can go through - but far from it, then it went off again properly and the whole thing ended with a great - of course wedding dress.


Next time I need somehow to the forefront create, but could be good photos for my site Pinup Fashion make very difficult.


In any case, I would have hanged me this time all the clothes in the closet - but only under the premise, someone gives me his credit card with unlimited limit 😉 It was definitely their best show since the bondage show with the many Bettie Pages - and the audience saw it the applause after just.


After that I had actually going, me to peel out of my great Dahlia Dress Lolita Girl Clothing at the London Edge and the Bread & to visit butter, but hey, what the hell, we just drove right on. The London Edge was interesting to sniff at times purchase prices and cry (considering, what you pay for itself)… Sometime I make an online shop, just purchase prices to get 😉


At Bread & Butter Berlin we wanted to stay in the Vintage range on the runway, but the weather they probably wanted to punish them for the partial relocation to Berlin and unwetterte properly - so, that the outside area was completely blocked and the rain, the paved away from above and below in the hangar.


We marketed and then the time when kickers and in the press (I was there reading - Working Jasmin on day off…


And so the evening ended well, we visited the Lena Hoschek after-show party in the new Bikinihaus… It was the day of the 7:1 Victory against Brazil and the game was transferred to the party… However, we missed everything. The first two goals for delay and the next three goals between guest list Counter and Bar… After that was at the game then do not care and we talked and prefer nice guests, Known, Promoters and unknowns… As with the lady, who wanted to tell me all Ernst's, Berlin is fashion moderately dead, because well-known designers no longer come to Fashion Week.


My opinion is, even if the Berlin Fashion Week was dead, Berlin is not – they just do not look good enough towards. I told her various Berlin fashion label of which they knew not one - because they deny just no runways and not so well known are.


If only Runways known designers and B-X celebrities represent a vibrant city, then Berlin may like to be dead, but as long as Lena Hoschek aligns still a Runway, solange, Yvonne Warmbier, Lüllepop, Froßen Hibiscus, Redcat 7 Kitsch-Nation, produce and many other fashion, Berlin is not dead to me.

great day, Tolle Show, Great after show - only the lost football match against Jasmin, really would not have to be ... I wish I could now simply say… The nights time I win - but I'm afraid, the rematch already existed, and guess, who won there… And! Exactly. Not me!


Oh, should want to know someone, where there is this great dress, I've recently seen on a screen and Pandora Boxx: Lolita Girl Clothing 😉