Lilo Wanders – Hamburg

Stars and starlets VII – Lilo Wanders

Eventually, I started again with the category Stars and starlets and wanted something to a couple people – maybe saogar nice – write. Today, however, I have noted with horror, that the last entry with SuperZandy is already almost a year ago. Actually, I had made several months determined Barbie Breakout incorporated into this small series, but something always got in the way. Today again – namely this little article about Lilo Wanders.

Lilo Wanders? Is not this true love tranny?

And, that's it, but it is more. Sure with what you “True Love” the first tranny, which has brought it into serious broadcasting times away any drag shows alone on German TV. She was there to educate Aunt German television, it was probably not prevent. In any case, it has been Germany, travesty that does not hurt, and in “True Love” it was rather quiet retreat from swingers club visits, Testing of rubber dolls or I wasweiss….


Of course I never saw it 😉 but all of Germany suddenly watched a tranny on TV, the not so corresponded, what was imagined as… Lilo Wanders was indeed always has a good spell or a repartee, but neither came tuntig, still funky, Customized sexy or even contrived to. Lilo Wanders was simply Lilo Wanders, a real woman not quite as host of True Love. I'm actually sure, dass those individuals gab, the latter point – So the woman does not, not the presenter – have not noticed.

… Sure you ever raises easily with words or designations to be, But Lilo Wanders for me is definitely the person in Germany, Title I of the “Grande Dame” the travesty would concede. She has certainly seen it all before and needs to prove himself and anyone else anything. This fact struck me the first time at right, when I gave her preface to large Tuntenbuch read and thought: “Agreed, Who if not you should write something like” Lilo Wanders already raved about the stages of Germany and especially Hamburg as known today of all the trannies and drags was not thinking – and maybe not on the freedoms, that allow us today, done, what we want.

I, Lilo Wanders, Sheila

Had not yet Lilo Wanders tingelte Ernie Reinhardt with a gay theater group through the country and was a member of a Tuntenchor he moved from Bremen to Hamburg on the Reeperbahn. He opened with the Corny Littman 8.8.88 The Schmidt Theater, made the easy outrageously high-pitched theater.

In the legendary midnight show he developed the washed up actress Lilo Wanders, which led to scathing comments with obscenities, and by the evening. It Lilo Wanders has always been a very strange figure. Some glamor but not really. A dream, the Lilo Wanders lives and it really just a dream.

I created Lilo Wanders as a washed up actress from the Glitter- and glamor world, the still believes, to be a world star

Well Wanders woman in her moving chair was a highlight of this great show. The show was so successful Schmidt, that it was broadcast on TV channels in all third… In allen? No one an inflexible village called Bavaria thought of this open homosexuellplüschigen and loopy Revue not much and not transferred. Whether total or only partially is not me unfortunately unknown, Bayern but was probably turned off the NDR signal on test image as a Poster Aidshilfe shown. At that time, probably unheard unheard. (So at least, and at least in Bavaria)

“Good evening dear guests,
we'll enjoy in the best,
with Mr. Schmidt and Kommödianten
and not always real aunts.”

After four years Schmidt ran the midnight show on TV – Schmidt Theater in there they still, but with different presenters as Mrs. and Mr. Emmi Willnowsky, Kay Ray, Ades Zabel or just rare occasions also Lilo Wanders… In any case, the person Lilo Wanders was then known as, that they became independent and Ernie Reinhardt Lilo Wanders was now. Whether the short film “Given your assessment differs fatal Lilo Wanders committed suicide” from 1994 now an attempt was, to let the character die I doubt it, because obviously they are still there. Not quite as massive as in the past, but every now and again. Long but not more than washed up actress but just as the person Lilo Wanders, as we know it today.

That they then as I said a while Wa(h)has moderated re Liebe, everyone knows, on programs like the celebrity dinner or it also occurs from time to time in the larger public appearance, your homepage currently lists two programs, she wrote books, lent her voice as a voice, was seen in television and movies, next to it still shows moderate. Overall, still very untriebig the lady.

For more information about private life I will not spread here, for I am not even the image – where I could read it. Obviously Lilo – Married but no Ernie and noisy image Hinnerk and probably also happy. And that's what counts yes. Who wants to know more, can google so times and then find the date of birth in the vastness of the Internet. Lilo is just as much about 30, so what in our circles, where man traditionally the 23 does not exceed and then only if 24 is quite already has an almost biblical age.

30 but also means, that we will probably still get some time on stages across Germany Lilo Wanders. Beautiful!

Superzandy – Berlin

Stars & Asterisk VI – Superzandy

Sometime I have in my blog section times the “Stars & Asterisk” imported, but which grows very slowly. Just give five people have been found shot in my little Hall of Fame and there are sooo many names from. Time so, slowly take someone again.

So today we continue with a genuine artistic figure among many other art figures, with a great DJ, with an enormously likeable person with probably the coolest outfits of the Berlin drag scene. It's about SuperZandy.


In the last post about Mataina Ah how sweet I have written, Mataina that also hangs up, But their world is actually the stage, because it was unbeatable. With SuperZandy it's the other way around. Your world is the platter, for as it is in her element and unbeatable. (at least as far as the drag DJ Scene)

This is actually not quite white, whether SuperZandy should really be called rightly as a drag queen… Somewhere I've read, it was actually a trans impersonator. Sounds funny, but somehow it is so. Not, SuperZandy that would indicate a bad drag queen – it does namely, but it just occurs rarely as a drag behind the mixing desk.

Dragqueen Superzandy

Now, one might speculate, they simply have no desire, always aufzutransen, should not feel like what they put on the makeup and the question again this time. But far from it!

SuperZandy is always aufgetranst, always extravagant makeup and I think, I've never seen it in a boring outfit. Often in shirt and suit, sometimes in a catsuit but always colorful and always flashy and always with any accessories. (Only the hat she has on often). Insofar as it actually meets all the criteria to be a drag queen without a. This makes them but – themselves in the colorful Berlin drag scene – unique.

Superzandy im Catsuit

Musically SuperZandy is somewhere arrested the House, between house and I do not, Vocalhouse, May differ Electro Techno or slow. We say it differently, when the mixer is SuperZandy she plays no more music in the guitar occur. Their sound is electrically. …Although this is actually not my music, but she has done it several times, was sticking me on a dance floor even though the room next door rather played my music. Remained, particularly in my memory is like their set with DJ Milk im Klub International, where the two had just hung great and obviously had a lot of fun – I had also, because they had fun. That evening I decided, SuperZandy that is probably my favorite plate specialist in Berlin.

Superzandy & DJ Milk

Speaking of plates. She is one of the few drag Djanes, which still can handle this big black gizmos. Most of Berlin Drags swear yes but rather on the small pieces of silver- I guess but, which will also be related, that they just play other music.

Maybe SuperZandy is also a nostalgic and, we still have them last summer with a camera with real film (So not digitally) seen, to which they swore. Whether she has now gained a digital, I do not know, but there probably hit the photographer in you to, developed but rather the real movies, pulls out as a memory card…

Because if SuperZandy not just behind the controls, then stands her male I like as a photographer behind the trigger and you are coming back out rather exceptional images and Closeups. You should dringed times on its Photo Page look, who is there already so everything is represented and who is hiding behind the tennis player for example Kurnovykaya. The people are all, not only long Weiler. Respect for the photos and the list of persons.

There is certainly an advantage their Plattenauflegekunst, meet the people, but I think most of all it is absolutely likeable character Superzandys. There is a commonality with Mataina. I wrote about it, that there is hardly a drag, which I have honestly never heard a negative word. SuperZandy is the other, to which it applies.

Myself SuperZandy is noticed for the first time at a party by Valery Pearl. I had no idea who SuperZandy and did not know they also. Since celebrated this freaky dressed and made-up type front of the stage and I still thought. “I do not know what he is, but I think it's cool”.

Now I know it: SuperZandy simply represents SuperZandy.

Mataina Ah Wie Süß – Berlin

Stars & Star V – Mataina ah wie süß


I have quite a while with my little list of Stars and Starlets pauses the drag scene, there was always more than enough to write. Nevertheless, it must be in the list though finally go on un even more clearly this time with a star as a star – at least in Berlin.

The Lady, the most so far was the most different names on any flyers.

So now I do not mean a person, that would constantly change their names or pseudonyms would have massive, no your name is just something unusual and therefore probably the most difficult to grasp Flyerproduzierer. I have already named as Mataina, Martina, Mantaina, Marteina, Martyn, Matina and X've seen other versions. And if this is not enough name confusion, can carry on the surname, known in Germany as Ah Sweet and, when they once again with Melli Magic than the two trannies go from Mykonos is, is sometimes just changed into vagina. But it remains, that in Germany only has a name and is called Mataina ah wie Süß.


Now Berlin has loads of great drag queens, but many of them are neither fish nor fowl. So of course I do not taste or arty-farty but qualities and skills opportunities. Many Berlin Drags are constantly Although some flyers and are therefore always present in Berlin. However, very often more behind rotating CD discs as on the stages, which actually should mean the travesty World in Berlin.


In Mataina Ah How Sweet it's kind of the other way around. Of course they can hang up and does from time to, but their great qualities are on stage. If there is a “Prädikat Wandalbar” Art should be for drag queen, that it would probably get Mataina ah how sweet. Red, Weiss, Blue, Black, Braun, Blond, Hydrogen and the whole thing in countless cuts. Mataina has a wig collection to call their own, on many a wig shop would look enviously – and displays them in ever new stage personalities. But each to their short-term personalities needs the appropriate lyrics. Often digs Mataina songs from any crate, of which you have never heard of something lebtags. All fits together but always excellent and receives mostly well-deserved applause.


Overall, everything seems (and that is now meant positive) very professional. It has often worked out a little more, treated with a little more thought and a little more preparation than other drag performances, I have seen in recent years.

Usually in the drag scene is indeed the case, the following: In Germany a star, nothing in Berlin… Incidentally, this applies the other way around. Really come out significantly from Berlin only provide very few. Mataina ah how sweet has done it with an appearance in RTL Wife Swap in which they shown the fake Trans-WG with Angie Price and Christel Cokes board and the exchange mother served, supervised and after all comments, I could find on the internet as, arrived extremely well. Best advertisement for trannies, Drags and of course for myself Mataina.


But not only the exchange of women-seers come Mataina ah sweet as well to, but actually for all. If you talk with many people, there are few people, in which they all agree. If you are using 10 maintains different people about some drag there will normally be within that, they are class, a few, they are totally matter and some, they do not like. Finally, because there is always at least one person, they can not stand on the death. Mataina like ah how sweet all. I honestly, otherwise I would not write it, not heard a negative word about Mataina.


Also I would think none. It is great, convertible, sympathetic and gave us several times (freely according to their motto Travesty Zahl not) brought to an entry on the guest list free entry to Bangaluu. Thank you for this and for many great shows.


Find all posts by Mataina found, the wonders of the day: Mataina Ah wie Süß

ADES Zabel – Berlin

Stars and starlets IV – ADES Zabel


ades4.gif…So, strictly speaking, Ades Zabel is much more than just a person. In your role as a comedian, Drag Queen, Dragdjane, Movie Star, Moderator and mom she is much more than just Ades Zabel. On other sites I have already been read by Zabel Universe – this is true, it is not very well, but Ades Zabel is a whole Pottpuri of names from.

As a DJ, drag Adessa Zabel can hear it better on every gay party in Berlin, as a German housewife Edith Schröder seen it on the boards of nonsense comedy Comedy Club on Kurt Kroemer show up to their own show Simply Zabel detention For example, the BKA Theater.

In addition, they can be as Karin Hoene, Hurriyet slackly or Evelyn experience in a variety of feature-length films, which, however, generally a certain trash-factor can not be denied. For example All love mom, where she is acting as mother of Biggy van Blond then probably more for fans than for the cinema of the world

[youtube] = rnCuyGoYtx4[/youtube]


[youtube] = J9dqU8j0yXI[/youtube]


If cinema in conjunction with Ades Zabel, he prefers the Kino International and by that I mean the Club International, the Irrenhouse, the GMF Club, the After Aua or any other good gay party in Berlin.

Now when I say, she was one of the best drag-female DJ from Berlin, this is so, as would a blind tranny talk of colors, for I can say is, if I like a song, not whether a transition was good. But I do not need, because, fortunately, I heard from someone, of the turntables is equally devoted following sentence: Ades is one of the few in Berlin, which can properly. So also I like to believe that. Not for nothing this allesverratene nose as Ades Zabel or Adessa is really common to see.

Then times also with the usual trans show, such as with :Gloria Viagra: Kinzo in the official show program for the G8 Summit in Heiligendamm, as they protested against these same.

[youtube] =-8y8lXAqlfg[/youtube]


To Trashy, to coarse?
Then Ades Zabel's not for you. Your dirty jokes on stage are coarse, Trashy their films and their performances as well as here on the Mandonnamania.



Nevertheless, and perhaps because of Ades Zabel is but one original Berlin, that no one would want to miss. Somehow it seems to be a little over the mother of the Berlin Trans Scene, although it actually only has a foster daughter with Biggy van Blond, but has now developed quite outstanding. The education has therefore worked.


Ades Zabel was myself of something presented over two years in an asylum House times and was surprised, I did not know – whence also, I came from Hamburg… I was surprised alleerdings, when I saw her a week later in nonsense Comedy Club. Wow.