Gloss on the volcano Premiere

I'm always ready for exciting things and so it was of course no question, come along, asked Sheila, if I wanted to come up with the new show of Miss Evi.

Gloss on the volcano would the hot and, As the name indicates, act on the 20s.

Good, since just end 2019 and thus the (new) 20He imminent short, seems to be in vogue. The admiral Plast has a show, conservatory, Cabaret runs so eh further and now yet another show. And also to the premiere in Mainz.

No matter, my travels in the last two years have made me even one or other points accumulate on the railways and two 2. Class free tickets were there still in it, So on to Mainz.

I honestly had, not a particularly high expectations, as most traveling shows have not really impressed me in the past. What is somehow clear, when 10-12 People, Light, technology, commissions, Costumes, Travel expenses etc. are payable, remains often just not a lot of production and show.

I also had her last show Let’s Burlesque more than 6 1/2 Years have seen and could not really remember it myself.

In a nutshell:
In this case, I have the traveling show absolutely nothing to reproach. On the contrary. I was pretty confident and the audience in Mainz apparently also.

Miss Evi just has a great voice and the music selection is great. Great songs from the 20s and 30s, interesting eingeswingte recent songs (from. B. Gangsta's Paradise in Swing robe), and Miss Evis man could now and then ran, z.B. than “Hi-de-ho Man of jazz” Cab Calloway. That was all very good.

To make the girls of course her a lot. 2/3 formerly FriedrichstadtPalast and today That Glamor Esque, 1/3 German Fernsehballett. There's learned just learned and it shows clearly. Since the legs are just times swinging with an ease in Charleston kind or kicked in heights or, you just know from the Friedrichstadtpalast, but equally do not usually see in a traveling show. They've very excited.

but was especially great Tigris, the contortionist, of there next to his great acrobatics (I've learned now) Marinelli-trick shows, dominate according to the website just three male acrobats. Since we really are moving in the field of world-class.

Great song, great dance and acrobatics high profile. Since it made absolutely nothing, from, I sometimes, lost the course of the story told. Time did not fit there anything. Since flew fighter planes, although by Cab Calloway and above Metropolis, the confused me short while, but made for the enjoyment of the show absolutely nothing.

The only, which reduced some benefit, was the Light Management, somehow not quite fit in this premiere. Since Miss sang Evi happy times completely in the dark, the ceiling of the hall were blinded in light was. But these are certainly Premiere pain, that should not be seen as closely. The grooving a safe and this is a really great show, which can run as secure long.

If gloss on the volcano runs in your city, I can give you only the tip, because to go and you watch the.

Moulin Rouge @ The Grand

Moulin Rouge @ The Grand

Sheila wurde [Bitte Zahl einsetzen] Jahre alt und feierte im Grand bei der Moulin Rouge Party.

Das Grand ist ein ziemlich cooler Clubalso genau genommen eigentlich ein größeres Haus mit massig Bars, Zimmern und einigen Tanzflächen. Ein völlig Club-Ungewöhnliches Ambiente und das laut der angegebenen Jahreszahl schon seit vielen Jahrenund dieses Mal eben Moulin Rouge.


Bevor wir uns auf die Tanzfläche begaben nutzen wir erstmal eine ganze Weile den Backstage Room um mit einer kleinen aber feinen Geburtstagsgesellchaftmit wirklich gutem Prickelwasser auf Sheila anzustoßen.


Insgesamt waren die Outfits ganz okay, aber kein Vergleich zu einer typischen Boheme Sauvage. Richtig gut war allerdings die Musik und die VIP Lounge, zu der wir Zugriff hatten und in der es freie Getränke gab. Leider zum Ende aber nur Noch Gin Tonicund das ist ja nicht ganz so meines.

Aber wir wollten dann eh noch weiter zu einem Event, welches eine Anpassung an Jasmins Outfit benötigte.. Mein angepasstes Outfit lag im Auto


und jenes wurde die Nacht noch aufgebrochenGlücklicherweise stahlen die Diebe nicht das teuerste des ganzen AutosMein tolles Kitten Deluxe Kleid 😉


Cirque Musical & La Fete Fatale

Cirque Musical & The Fatal Feast

Thx to Peter Groth

Thx to Peter Groth

Yesterday day was once again an issue of great La Fête Fatale, this time in the show by spies, Agents and all kinds of Super Heroes. I am none of those things. At least not normally. But I bought a matching outfit, that will most likely come tomorrow… Was ist deaf, da Party gestern war….


This outfit question in your mind, I then decided yesterday also quite spontaneously on the phone, third Cirque Musical to accompany the second time. Nette Electro-Swing Music, nice performers and artists, and generally nice people at this party.


I only had real problems with the name… Pustefish Swingboppers, went da nor. But how the hell are you talking Cap ou toi tois (or something like that) from. My two years of school French have had to keep my head The m'apelle Zoe, my one exchange in a small town near Brest have let me keep two to three piggish things and words… None of this helped me. Fortunately, I met a girl, that French studied to become a teacher and was able to train professionally… Then worked quite well, (she said at least)

My baby belongs to me

My baby belongs to me

A really nice, small party series. Since there is no denying. Because a lot more people should know about. When I am against 3 Clock opened towards Bassy, the party was still in full swing. But I wanted to at least drop by again and over “Hello” say.


Of course I missed the shows there and Sheila on stage, but since I had to be indicated by. Many nice people but were nevertheless still there. And so I talked with all the Superheroe-Spy Agent and asked many, many people who they were for so.


So traf ich “The intellectual Man”, but the would just go incognito, Therefore, one would not even watch it, I met or “The nameless assistant Girl of Aeon Flux”.. The however, there are, in contrast to incognito untewegsen intellectuals really. und mit The nameless assistant girl of Aeon Flux (TnagoAF) I chatted for a while then about comic superheroes (where I had not really contribute much) and the question, actually why all superheroes wear high heels, but if everyone knows, that this is a fast movement but rather detrimental.


I really got me actually look at Aeon Flux for the first time asked, but this carries all sorts of high, as indeed for Catwoman and probably every other superhero of this and all other worlds. TnagoAF and I agreed then more or less on, that they would just drawn by men. That makes sense.


TnagoAF then was, incidentally, the lady, the always, if I wanted to go with the argument “Wait a minute” equivalent to a very great song made sure, that when I came home, already the misfit bar had closed over. It could be because, concluded that these early times, or it, it simply 20 ago 7 was…pooh. Today I feel slightly whacked in the rest. Fortunately, tomorrow is the weekend. 🙂

Alice Francis – Queen of Electro Swing

Alice Francis @ Astra Kulturhaus

After the grandiose Show in the bar every reason and the nice little trip in the great bar, The Liberate with a small but elegant cocktail it was getting late enough, to take the rest of the evening in attack.


Electro Swing at Astra House of Culture in Tallinn's street should still pending and in particular the appearance of Alice Francis, ihreszeichens probably the Queen of Electro Swing. She herself was not known to me, but I'm a big fan of music and had been there several times for Electro Swing Club at Ballroom Kreuzberg, but it's a bit like with techno. you might know a song, white but not, by whom it is probably.

But what does it matter, Electro Swing is a music with a driving beat and yes extremely danceable and the Astra culture house I've always wanted anyway, So let's see, and if the powder- let through and plant seller up to the Astra and engage us in the underground music scene.

Overall, the electro swing scene seems some of the Boheme Sauvage to have copied, for example, the first of course Swing, not, however, the clothing style, but rather the Berlin indie chick was, Incidentally, the audience seemed more student-heavy, However, what the whole event did absolutely no harm. The tone of the music plays. In this case, rather the music the music plays.

And each was just a concert of Alice Francis. Impressive cool and exciting, she played with a keyworder, a sound wizard, and two dancers, their job understood their set and had a lot fun on the matter – as in other respects your audience, that she brought to dance and swing.

Numbers of apparently own about Christina Aguilera's Genie in a Bottle in Electro Swing coat up to occasional influences ranged House music and it was really fun to watch and mitswingen. Oh, and the dress of Alice Francis was great.