Myfest 2013

Myfest 2013

The Myfest remains for me the best street festival world - at least! I know, that some people see things differently and for those that Myfest a "hard fucking police" is. Okay, then just the world's best police hard. I am also satisfied with.


Although I realize, how Kreuzberg changed slowly but surely, thus keeping the issue of gentrification felt here still within limits. The Orange Street is still alive, when I look at the Oranienplatz, I look at Refugee Camp, something, what would be hardly to unthinkable in other parts of the city and I feel generally more comfortable.


I think it's also okay, when on May 1 is not a police state of emergency, burn and no cars. Place in the face give it to the ears and such right. Punk, Indie, Reggae and dancehall, Hip Hop, World Music, Electro and even some with a more x (= Large number) to make the platforms Myfest simply a pleasure.


It's just not a commercialized festival, Becks no stage, kein West Power Tower, no Carlsberg beer stand or Bacardi cocktail as. Anwohnende residents and traders provide food and bars, Tavern etc. for the beverage and sound. And which is, that the Orange Street and all side streets until midnight are pickepackevoll and having to burn cars ...


I love the Myfest for girls punk band like the Diva or the collective simply superb beatboxer at the underground station Skalitzer Street. For me, every day could be ... Although Myfest, I would not be happy ... Let's leave it there so once a year and we hope, that the district not eventually cancel any, because Kreuzberg has become quiet.

So stay loud

1. May Kreuzberg

The 1. Mai is in Kreuzberg and remains exciting. Although Berlin is becoming more and more gentrified, include a 1. May still be added to Kreuzberg self.

This year it drew me in the morning but only once after Oberschoeneweide. A district of Berlin, I did not even know until a few days before. The NPD wanted to march there, as a few years ago when they occupied the middle ... or there marched - and therefore the police occupied the middle.

Several trainloads of counter-demonstrators, therefore, set out to the east cross, by the Nazis to be damaged by hail the tour. …. It's always a good feeling, to see so many peaceful demonstrators for a good cause. Real strength.

935086_254237961387297_1229011092_nUnfortunately showed, that the demo was not as well prepared, as some years ago in the middle. Went there over winding paths and a garden plot right direction road, both by surprise, a small police line had just overrun, this time was no getting through. Well now .... Allotment can climb over fences. Houses rather bad.

Thus, we were faced with a police clearing tank, Water cannons and police Martians secured Polizeiabsperrung, which was to. No chance and far, far away from the rights marchers. Damage. I think yes, a counter-demo should at least hear, still be more visible ... she was not here.

The counter-protesters were also still pushed back far and I found myself at once in the neutral zone back into my back right, then police and a water cannon, before me other officers , then the counter-protesters ...
I was in the middle of everything in the sun on the road with two other people and "Susie" a girl, that lived there and the Troubel interested in their street attended .... Actually everything nice. At least as , by Susi home had to counter-demonstrators to open her bath and CS spray to wash out various eye, because even though it was a very peaceful demonstration, was then but neat CS or pepper spray sprayed into the crowd ... This tool is devil and is hereby established by many police officers seem very carefree ....

197784_254278254716601_1140820790_nIncidentally, I have gotten nothing, because I always get hold of something. I only got all kinds and a large sun from sunburn.

The counter-demonstration was far enough away from the actual demo and was not disturbed. Success as you can not really evaluate it, I still think to have been right there and sacrificed my day to have it, to demonstrate against laws - even if law does not notice anything .... So I was not completely down, when it came back to Kreuzberg to enjoy the Myfest.

1.Mai Berlin – Prevent rights demo

One could say: Much ado about little. One could also say: Resounding success.

Kein Platz für Nazis

Well Well, I had decided, not so easy to accept it, that rights march through Berlin on May 1 and was about, stand dagagen. Consequently, I browsed the internet and found out, that at the meeting 9 Uhr am Alex war… Pooh 9 Clock – on Saturday … Well, get up early get the best seats. Ergo I tortured myself out of bed, got the leather jacket and steel toe shoes out of the closet, considered the juice on my Iphone and went on my way to the Alexanderplatz.

hunde gegen Nazis

On the World Clock I found also a scattered pile of possible protesters, ein paar Punks, a pair of “the Left” some normal, maybe 70 People – more less. A miserably sad bunch and I had the opinion, that everything would nix. I had a bad feeling. Nevertheless, we were off to the branched underground Ubahnlabyrinthe toward U2 platforms. From all inputs a few people came down and there were significantly more added – a better sense. Then we came to the U2 platform and we hardly came up, He was so full. The feeling was a good.

Here also I met Clara and Sebastian, with whom I spent the day.

gegen nazis

Clara wondered about my change of opinion, I do not consider such a.

I am still of the opinion, notified that a peaceful and lasting demonstration of the police is to be protected and should not be canceled because of some counter-demonstrations – sodenn it is approved.

I am also absolutely believe, that approval of such a demonstration at a symbolic date as the 1st of May should not happen. Generally, I am of the opinion, demonstration that the law also applies to idiots. But it must also be possible. Loudly and clearly and visibly especially, to demonstrate against.


So now I was at the U2 and waited for the next subway, because the first one was completely crowded and the second as full would. They handed us a note in the hand, where our group was registered. Barricade 1, Barricade 2, Main rally .. and so on. We were barricade 1. In super: Cannon Fodder. What the hell. But some people have made all sorts of thoughts. By winding paths, it went in the direction of allotments, before receiving Although there was a crew of a team car, however 6 Officials had several hundred people little to counter, einige Personen suchten derweil sicherheitshalber den Weg durch einen Schrebergarten, where a fence must be rebuilt now. Had the owner been there, I would have him 5 € prep. He was not there.


Unfortunately, we were back, So missed the assault by the first police line. When we arrived had already ordered some extent again and would not let us. Here, however, showed quite clearly, that Clara had advantages there. Great in a skirt and heels, Stick with dolls face, but somehow not quite wife up the courage and just went off. Perplexed police officers did not really deal with it and let it happen. Brand: In Trance / Drag / Whatever you have on demos benefits. Good to know.

sitzblockabe Berlin Demonstration 1 Mai

I had to take another with a different entrance to the street. Which there was and there were then only a few officials, significantly more protesters had let happen. I saw myself sitting in the street and looked into a mass of police and a water cannon. It seemed like it had come – and not necessarily unexpected, I was then eventually cleared and then re-city outside the fence, but again with Clara and Sebastian together.

dunkle wolken über Berlin, Nazis marschieren

Okay various other ways then led us finally to the corner Wysbier, Bornholm, Schönhauserstrasse and here were many times right people. The organizers spoke of 1.500. I came up short on hitting significantly more. And there were people from all walks of all camps. Punks and retirees, Left, Mothers with children, Politicians, Apolitical people, Antifa, Gays and Lesbians, German Foreign. And, sogar ein Hansa Rostock fan, whom I met, and an image-employee, I know. Told a true cross-section and how. Really many. And so many can really be loud, if they have.

click for large image

Towards 14:30 then continued the train of the right to march. And it is amazing, What the media are doing today. There was a sound truck, but the medium of the day, the Internet was. Twitter links, Twitter right, Indymedia, old media, Taz and image ticker. What happens, how it looks, what happens elsewhere, and if you just once attracts or impute the Idealismusfaktor lot numbers of all you get to a very good assessment of the situation. Google Maps shows the way to the next point and Taz, Show Indymedia etc, what is a zukommt.Es should therefore about 500 Rights march, and alone at this point blockade was loose 4 times the amount. Overall, about 10.000 towards 500 or just 1 to 20.

More than just a mascot. Ströbele

Amazingly, I was at this point the blockade not particular strong. Okay, 2 Water cannons and a whole lot of police in armor and pepper spray baton Armed, Dogs etc, but in the case of the case… seemed to me to be the devil to come out not held, when the mass had really set in motion.

Polizei Berlin 1. MaiClick on the picture large

You come closer slowly from a distance saw the train, or. you looked closer, the police caravan, a sound truck, many Mannschaftswagen, A police clearing tank, three water cannons etc. For this, the two that were already there anyway. We looked at a lot of water. Far in the distance we saw a couple of black and white red flags, the rights held a short rally. I said earlier, that such a mass of people can be pretty loud, it was interesting now, may be such an amount as quietly. Okay, that the pin is not quite true, but it describes it quite nicely. Strained silence or the calm before the storm…


The storm did not. Towards 17 Clock strange happened. The three water cannons and police clearing tank turned and went away the flags. The police were relaxed, the counter-demonstrators remained somewhat, the dogs were Muzzles created and the police also announced the re-release roof, they had occupied. The nightmare was over.


Instead of 6 Miles through Berlin was the demo in fact only modest 600 Meters through Berlin. For this 600 Meters they have hiked 2 1/2 Hours gebraucht.Ein Olympic victory is not that there. Although it myself 10 Has cost hours and aching feet, so it was a success.

Oh by the way, berlin was so not only Nazi-free but also free car, as you can see here. (Provided by: The police have cordoned off well

hier stand mal ein Bild

Oh by the way, as far as the police. Of course there are right there, but the large set of officials are simply poor dogs, that they must be there. Of course, they have from time to evacuate a sit also, but I think the only part geringte enjoys it, To protect rights. Da tut es ganz gut, auch mal in die Nachrichten der Rechten zu schauen.

After some time, it finally went further, get right back, diesmal nach längerer Zeit, to stop. Dies sollte dann auch das vorzeitige Ende des Zuges bedeuten. We were about 30 Minutes, bis man uns seitens der Polizei erklärte, man könne die Blockade angeblich nicht räumen. Wozu bringt die Polizei dann überhaupt zwei Wasserwerfer ins Rollen, anyway if they did not want to use this ?

If hot: The blockade should not be aufeglöst, and because it was there, the rights were not.


A success. no question.

….oh yeah, a word to the police. it has effectively kept apart left and right, which has at the block resolutions “relatively” reacts calmly and can hardly get out of the rest even with the kind of abuse. She has set the rights on the Kurfürstendamm and soothes the end of the demo with pepper spray. The major blockage has not cleared and water cannons were – I believe – not used. Generally, I was willing to talk about a very good work of the officers in green – until I saw the following:


Clearly, I do not know, Davor baffled, but that is not at all. And exactly this is in memory.

1. Mai Nazifrei – Berlin remains red

Gloria would be proud of me, for I will push me tomorrow once political.

1. Mai Nazifrei

Not often, but now and then I will be in my blog once political. The attentive reader will base my political attitude not have escaped. If I were just a football fan, I could also be a fan of the HSV, but I like the FC St. Pauli, I would just like fast loud music I could listen to metal or hardcore, but i like punk and when I moved to Berlin Kreuzberg was not just because of the way to work my preferred area.

It is the district in Berlin, where 81% choose the left of center, where the Greens' vote before the link-saving part of the turn before the SPD, dort wo Hans Christian Ströbele 8 times as many votes, as the right candidate of the CDU and the Greens where 36,5 x obtain as many votes, as the NPD. It's my neighborhood in Berlin. There is a neighborhood, where right pack has nothing to Search. And look, it has nothing at all in Berlin. Even not in a 1. More, which is celebrated tomorrow.

At this, the NPD has called for a demonstration in Prenzlauer Berg and want it to remain, that are sufficiently counter-demonstrations, To prevent this. I'll be there, who else is coming. Report to me.

Should take you to: 9 Clock Alexanderplatz
Use should be:
You should know for safety: 030 6922222 (committee determination)