Gloss on the volcano Premiere

I'm always ready for exciting things and so it was of course no question, come along, asked Sheila, if I wanted to come up with the new show of Miss Evi.

Gloss on the volcano would the hot and, As the name indicates, act on the 20s.

Good, since just end 2019 and thus the (new) 20He imminent short, seems to be in vogue. The admiral Plast has a show, conservatory, Cabaret runs so eh further and now yet another show. And also to the premiere in Mainz.

No matter, my travels in the last two years have made me even one or other points accumulate on the railways and two 2. Class free tickets were there still in it, So on to Mainz.

I honestly had, not a particularly high expectations, as most traveling shows have not really impressed me in the past. What is somehow clear, when 10-12 People, Light, technology, commissions, Costumes, Travel expenses etc. are payable, remains often just not a lot of production and show.

I also had her last show Let’s Burlesque more than 6 1/2 Years have seen and could not really remember it myself.

In a nutshell:
In this case, I have the traveling show absolutely nothing to reproach. On the contrary. I was pretty confident and the audience in Mainz apparently also.

Miss Evi just has a great voice and the music selection is great. Great songs from the 20s and 30s, interesting eingeswingte recent songs (from. B. Gangsta's Paradise in Swing robe), and Miss Evis man could now and then ran, z.B. than “Hi-de-ho Man of jazz” Cab Calloway. That was all very good.

To make the girls of course her a lot. 2/3 formerly FriedrichstadtPalast and today That Glamor Esque, 1/3 German Fernsehballett. There's learned just learned and it shows clearly. Since the legs are just times swinging with an ease in Charleston kind or kicked in heights or, you just know from the Friedrichstadtpalast, but equally do not usually see in a traveling show. They've very excited.

but was especially great Tigris, the contortionist, of there next to his great acrobatics (I've learned now) Marinelli-trick shows, dominate according to the website just three male acrobats. Since we really are moving in the field of world-class.

Great song, great dance and acrobatics high profile. Since it made absolutely nothing, from, I sometimes, lost the course of the story told. Time did not fit there anything. Since flew fighter planes, although by Cab Calloway and above Metropolis, the confused me short while, but made for the enjoyment of the show absolutely nothing.

The only, which reduced some benefit, was the Light Management, somehow not quite fit in this premiere. Since Miss sang Evi happy times completely in the dark, the ceiling of the hall were blinded in light was. But these are certainly Premiere pain, that should not be seen as closely. The grooving a safe and this is a really great show, which can run as secure long.

If gloss on the volcano runs in your city, I can give you only the tip, because to go and you watch the.

Boheme Sauvage @ home Neukölln

At the weekend the legendary Boheme Sauvage was once again 20s party and they should be this time in Neukölln.


“Neukölln?” Is now some people issues “Is not that just as the legendary district of Berlin, in the one should go only with police protection – or better not even the, da man dann ja auffällt – So better not should go”? Exactly the…


But as bad, how the media want to make the world looking, Neukölln is not at all. There are even nice corners, not even know the Urneuköllner, such as Home Neukölln. …Has nothing to do with port, The nearest water is far away, but home all the more. ..And localism for Neukölln.


The Heinmathafen Neukölln is a theater with an adjoining bar and much, more style, than one might dare Neukölln, if you think about it. In any case, the home port of Neukölln is an absolutely suitable location for a wonderful Boheme Sauvage. …actually


This is always different and much has to do with, as the location is just procure. Is it, for example, just in the Bassy, then it is suggestive and a little dirty she is in a ballroom, it is clearly set and distinguished. The home Neukölln has more flair, and this ballroom that was the party last a little more difficult.


Dr trailer records. Hirschfeld had such trouble with his art, and the guests, barely out of the rest – and were much less bring in ecstasy. It was difficult for him, to get to the correct bubble party. Whether he has done it later I do not know, well not really, woran is lag… An the guest? Hmm were have also been provided to a large extent on other old acquaintances Boheme Sauvage and other parties to demonstrate their suitability for celebration… Perhaps the port… But perhaps the many interruptions.


Stainless namely else has taken care of this evening for a bit of program, For example Operalesque or The Wonderbees, the multiple bespassten guests, However, this unfortunately stopped short Partyaufkommstimmung…


This does not diminish the achievements of artists, The Wonderbees just because I was pretty good… Opralesque I also found quite… pretty brave but. But look for yourself, what I mean.


Overall, the Boheme Sauvage diesesd time but also an unprecedented 20's party with a very stylish crowd was again, that there is nowhere else to… And with many people Liebenswertejn, you meet there again and again like.


And I learned, that there is evil in Hamburg in early January & Will be a dangerous Swing Royal, will enter the Confronciere for Coco. Eine Swing Royal in Hamburg…. Hmmmm good idea actually.


Ps: Sheila & Janka: I could not help, as the word “great” always to erstetzen, when I was in danger, to write it

New Burlesque @ Bang Bang Club

Okay, I like the article about yesterday Joe Black have already announced, here comes the second part of the second edition of the great La Fete Fatale and thus an article with tons of new burlesque videos, with fire, Dance, Music and kunsvollem defoliation.

burlesque Shows

But before watching firstonce I had to find the Bang Bang Club, which was less simple than expected. Sheila was already in place, Janka should come later and I had myself hinfinden. Actually, a slight. Look at the website of the Bang Bang Club, then enter and depart the address in Google maps. At least that was my plan, But Google did not know the new promenade and so it took a while and a whole ungekauften browsing in Berlin city map of nearest gas station, to determine, because where I actually hinmussâ € |.

Hackischer market so? Hmm near the street line, the girls are known to, to be all corseted. Well that will have been amazed this evening, that since so many other MÃ ¤ dels also corseted ran past them and did not want to take them about a place, oped but unable pede towards Bang Bang Club troubling ¶, to celebrate the La Fete Fatale.


And if I just à ¢ â, ¬ Å "vieleà ¢ â, ¬  wrote, I meant it absolutely seriously, because of the Bang Bang Club was so good stuffed, that you hardly came to the bar and although there was no real dress code, have become really almost all mà ¶ glichst true burlesque style outfits thrown, some slightly heavy or fetisch Boheme Sauvage – even 20s outfits were also present, but actually all have a lot of trouble. Probably all knew, that this is an event, Mrs. Else in stainless steel has its finger and thus a high quality external appearance is EXPECTED.

Short swallow I had at the box office, rather than, because my name was not found on the guest list – He was on, However, I read the big note, dass auf der La Fete Fatale Fotografieren ohne Genehmigung verboten sei… Wäredoch zu langweilig, to be able to post any images of visitors and videos of burlesque shows here. Fortunately, I made a couple minutes later Else on the way and I could just get me a verbal approval from their.

Chrys Columbine Burlesque Dancer

But not only ran me Else in Bang Bang Club on the way, it was more like a big family reunion of all persons, one has ever seen at a Berlin Burlesque Event. Golden Treasure, Johnny Profane and Hedoluxe from Hamburg, Julietta, No, Heidi, Alex, John, Eden, Tara and I wasweiss who else, a whole lot of familiar faces, dazu Sheila, Janka and even Stella. All there and a few more and they were all excited, eas denn da so kommen mag.

The beginning – at least according to Joe Black made a burlesque dancer, on behalf HayDee Sparks, coming from Friedrichshain sollteâ € | From Berlin? And unknown to me? How might come sowetwas??? Also the first look at the red-haired HayDee not really brought me more knowledge. As she turned around, and I recognized the unique back tattoo by Heidi Pulkkinen, Mrs. Savage Wear Personal. Now I was just blindly again, I'm always, if someone does not look as planned. At the latest, but when they playing around with their fireballs back tattoo I would also certainly gewesenâ € | Later she was the way, then again blonde.


Also with red hair, But as usual the Golden Treasure occurred. With melon and floor, they should represent the tramp without a doubt, but if Charlie Chaplin ever stood in such high heels on stage, I do not know.. But it turns me on, Golden Treasure that obviously has a lot of numbers in their repertoire, but now I've seen it a few times, and not seen any number twice. Although I can not even say, which is their best some great and very sophisticated. Actually, I liked all the previously. Only in this evening the second, that was not my case. Why? I do not know.

Well be that as it, Golden Treasure comes indeed from the Queen Calavera near the Reeperbahn, and just this is indeed for most diverse tabledance shed and even though I was just in there only once in a, I think, take all nothing, a rod to the more or less interested in women dancing. Pole dancing is called the then well-, and there was also at the party by Fenix. However, the best will not uninterested pretty special class.


Whether she has learned in the dance studio beauty? I do not know, but I know, that just also offer Pole Dancing. I read that is on the flyer, to me with an invitation, times but was forced to come by in the hand.. Now you need to know, that the dance studio beauty clearly writes, it is a studio for Frauenâ € | Because I may feel honored. By the way, a whole lot of beauty dancers were present, probably next to all trainers and at least two students, with whom I held in the ladies room for a chat in front of the vanity mirror rieeesigen.

Clearly not there, but somewhere in London Chrys Columbine has learned their craft and now London is indeed the melting pot, when it comes to New Burlesque, therefore one expects from almost from the outset great and spectacular. What can I say, well it was but the ladies, I've seen in the last two years, have some great numbers laid. Germany in the form of Berlin and Hamburg needs in the area really do not hide. But I knew that anyway longer.

la fete fatale

But what I did not know until the end of the Fete Fatale, was, wass exactly the game show in the middle should. By A Popped Quizzmaster, some guests, a rocking horse and some rubber dolls. Next time can then come Ricardo M, then celebrated a round Bingoâ € |. No no, it came to the shows and the outfits, and select the best was Sheila's task, even if she could barely decipher quite, because most who reaped applause, but my favorite has won in the end.


Has also won – in my heart – the entire party, the class was zimelich, although I found the first half a little more exciting than the second, I have to say, that the first half of the bar has very much created above.

For my part I, already looking forward to the nights La Fete Fatale

back to the twenties

of the seventies in the twenties

Just now in the Bar Tausend listened to original 70s music, and descended just a quarter of an hour later, back in the twenties. Clearly at some point we had to Freddy Fischer himself he can be and leave the Bar Tausend, because Boheme Sauvage and their original twenties style waiting for us.

And nice to her people and the Oxymoron. Meanwhile, there is already 13 Monate her, than we have been the first time at the Boheme Sauvage and at this time we are somehow already become the inventory. No, Coco, Chloe, Tom and many regulars. It's always a great fun, to visit the bohemian.

This time, the good but probably do little more than usual, because half the oxymoron is currently a building site well and hardly suitable for a stylish twenties party, but with many paths they have concealed this great fabric flaw and some ingenuity, and you would not have known it, if you did not know it. Solely the bar in the small room looked somehow different than normal. But no matter, It was great again. On the video screen, they played with great freedom Hans Albers, the Cuba Libre tasted of a cobbled-together bar. Both conjured einwohliges feeling in my face.

We had a couple of super-cute conversations. Somehow both Sheila and I had completely lost track of time. That may be nothing unusual in a twenties party, but also without time change we left the bohemian surprisingly late and annoyed us again, to have too little and most importantly made videos…

Always nice again, these twenties, although the seventies and it was also the Dining at the Grill Royal also. If hot, It was again a really nice evening.