GMF – Drag Queen Contest

GMF – Drag Queen Contest


Once a year there in the Berlin Heimat very Drags, the GMF Drag a GMF Contest. I'm not sure, whether before Ru Pauls Drag Race, but in any case very long before the German branch, the big announcement has long been no big message… Some people talk about Ru Pauls Drag Race Germany already of a stillborn child. Too bad wäres.


But be that as it, last night a drag should be named in the GMF. And it could be so beautiful. It was really given everything. The GMF bursting at the seams yesterday before Drags. As may be the Berlin CSD almost a slice of cut.


Nicky Dynamite, Lady Bob, Janka

This a really top-class jury consisting of actress and burlesque Actor Sandy Beach for the performance, from Michael Michalsky responsible for the costumes and made Barbie Breakout, ihreszeichens drag queen and Makeup Artist, responsible for the make up of the ladies on stage. What more could you want from a jury.


Nine women were selected by the jury, join, plus a wildcard for the previous year's winner.. And if you asked frequently, Janka steadfastly refused to join there, they can do nothing except “Appearance”…


But much more would it not also used, to join. …except maybe a little stress resistance, because somehow that was not, with this Contest. The first two rounds consisted of questions – However, it had the great problem of technical incomprehensibility.


In fact, the system was so, that the stage could understand the questions from the jury and the jury had hardly any problems, to understand, what the girls responded to the scene.. This was all a bit chaotic.


For this I wondered a little about the decisions of the jury, because I would have at least Dynamite Nicky gevoted definitely in the finals, would have asked me. Hair, Makeup, Glitter fumble and ever.. I not only they had more expected at the end.

DSC05664Ades was the show program

Incidentally Ruda also. Ruda puda, has submitted an application for Ru Paul's Drag Race and is impressively. Nice to meet and get to know Ruda.


It won a Bitch… at least that was her last name. I forgot her name, or do not remember, but that's nothing.


Birthday bash in the birthday club

Eight years Irrenhouse


Every year in August there is the birthday astray House in the birthday club. That is, that Nina Queer another year celebrating their anniversary party. Normally this means a great show, due to incredible wealth and an equally incredible temperature.


As soon as you entered the birthday club began to sweat you übelst – probably just shows how strong the Note, I with Ashna, the ordered again in the rest of the bar just moved WATER. An absolute novelty. Since I have them in laborious work order as far as getting, I need only look and have a Becks get pushed towards Lemon and then the. A water – while I remained. I had not been drinking before that one or the other Vodka Energy, would have been able to think straight, I wanted to Nina (Small nicht Queer) Connect and Janka's drinking habits and antialkoholisch draw from now through the world. Forget it…


But water was urgently needed and there was sea water umm more water this evening and that moment during the show. Fortunately, Stella Destroy warned us at the beginning of the show VOCH just from excessive water use, which could reflect badly on the performance of the camera, Therefore, even today the videos are not from the front but rather of the page. Does not matter. content counts, and yes it was serious.


It was nice seeing again by Tatjana on the stage of Irrenhouse. I wrote a long time ago so about Tatjana “The more cotton candy, Tatjana more” but these wigs she has long gone. Unusual indess it should stay with her and so she came this time with a mane of Tina Turner on stage and sang with Tina Turner the right skirt length – and frame OHL? A medley of ältestens lady in showbiz, in a mini skirt is acceptable. Tina eben. And some have Tina Turner and Tatiana together… Not only that “T” in the name of… No. Tina was on her Ike & Tina actually gesehnet time only with a first name, was then properly with the last name known… and Tatyana means obvious since the weekend Tatjana Berlin. Perhaps the career is going right now, then go…


But I wanted to talk about water and came with Ades Zabel on stage. Ades Nina brought a bouquet of flowers, and it should be the love of trees, have used a little water, lest they wither. So Mataina and Tatiana ran off and fetched water that they then also a large area on the flowers, Ades on, distributed the stage and the audience at the front. Have made great cinema and I know that the girls have a lot on stage, but so much water they have certainly not yet spilled.


Ades certainly was not hot then, I already, Therefore, I moved the rest of the evening no longer out of the smoking room, because this does have the great disadvantage, that he is smoky, but it is also the great advantage, he's cool – and that was more valuable this evening. Moreover, it is there and so quiet you could still keep one or the other chat, and then went home.


Irrenhouse ist immer toll, but at such temperatures hard to bear. But I will not complain, ich gastrointestinal the summer – und da ist es eben auch im Irrenhouse heiss 🙂

Edith Schröder stripping

Last Friday it took me so the Roadrunners Paradise for Teaserama show the Teaserettes and who knows, the white, that it is burlesquens striptease in a large part of the time. But always with the small restriction, that there is still a small panties and a pair of pasties on the woman. This time it was different, it was shown everything and that by a real Berliner original…


Edith Schröder, Neukölln's most famous recipient of resin 4 was on stage and showed, what she has adopted the other ladies on stage. Her striptease was unique – at least this evening, but they came out without pasties and no panties. But look for yourself.


…Although I can not help with Edith Schröder, her nose somehow always reminds me of Ades Zabel.


Romy Haag in Berlin

If Romy Haag Berlin VERZAUBERTE.

I'm more a person, trying, Never expect too much and therefore often surprised once can positively. That's what happened this Monday in the voles on the Romy Haag concert.


And I must confess, I was just very cautious, Sheila asked me, if I would come in with the voles to Romy Haag… Although the name I had heard before, But apart from the status as Germany's most famous transsexual and liaison with David Bowie before after all 33 Years is absolutely nothing occurred to me to you. ..Also Eine Person, before the 30 Years angebändelt with NEM Star. That would be about as, as if Katie Price starts singing and 20 Years occurs….. So I thought at least. I had even – I must admit disrespectful names – as “Omi Haag” or “Kaffe Haag” zurechtgelegt und muss nun kräftig zurückrudern. I rarely mistaken as.

Nundenn it surely has to my generation, because at that time, as Roy Hague Berlin with David Bowie made uncertain and Udo Lindenberg Auf Tour ging, I was just born… When I my musical socialization learned then was not just the music of their en vouge and never reached me so. So my previous opinion.


You have to admit sometimes, if you made a mistake. Romy Haag is an admirable personality with a strong aura and a great voice, I would never have expected her. For this purpose it looks fabulous…. I previously did not know any of their songs, the whole thing did not diminish, because they sang their own songs alongside many of music history, of whom I knew many. Sweet Dreams example, With the best will in which I did not miss Annie Lennox or at the end of My Way by Frank Sinatra. In between songs of Brecht, Although I can not confirm because of ignorance, However, I have no reason to doubt their words. Ultimately, she sang many songs of their own, some of which, such as the “Berlin” Song were just great.


I had goosebumps several times in this concert and this is usually a very good indicator, me that a concert, Move music or a voice. In this case, probably all three was the trigger. Is fixed, I was very pleasantly surprised and quite excited. Romy Haag is indeed a great artist. And obviously she sang with other great artists and artists, told how their anecdotes between songs. Eartha Kitt, Grace Jones, Marianne Faithfull and certainly many other stars crossed their paths duet. So if Romy Haag Berlin once again enchanted with their presence, I'm definitely back.

Apropos of gewesen. Overall, one could say, that Sheila and I pushed the average age down rather, but that did nothing. For this, some celebrities were present. For example, we came to a photo Lilo Wanders, again to a nice conversation with Gabi Decker oh and Ades Zabel was also a man there and greeted us with the words “Hach such an effort”.. No matter, He has definitely paid off.

By the way, I learned something really important in this concert. So Romy Haag sang in one piece “Jesus was a transvestite and came from Peru”…. These are things, not told in the Bible. 🙂