A few Bunny Babe

In a mental house before Easter


Easter is approaching and Janka had the idea, this time to go as a bunny into Irrehnouse.

Said – done. Strictly speaking, was still a little preparation is needed, because such a bunny costume now does not grow on trees times. So off to Deko Behrendt and bought a pair of bunny ears and a pompom. Plus some marabou feathers, a little black dress pimp…

Then after that it looked, like a Santa Costume in the wrong color ( black instead of red ) did not matter to me, because for me this was a Osterhäsinnenkostüm. The bunny ears and pompom proved that. From the end point!


Now Sheila had on this evening birthday ( Birthday greetings please here ), I still did not bring their, Janka but a couple with gifts, namely all the things, My apartment was aufgetranst with the. Now looks almost back to my apartment as before. However, as I said, we saw Bunny-like than usual from. Vier Bunny Trannies (+ Mel, which was already there) So burst into the Irrenhouse und direkt an Divatlantique, that was just a little too busy, to us to press the mandatory cards in the hand. Now to the emergency gehts without and :Nina Queer: could save a few cents, and which it then with a lot of compound interest and compound interest …but we leave the. Well in any case, in many quantity in the form of a bottle of champagne Little Red Riding Hood, they donated to Sheila's special day. Sehr nett.


The theme of this repeated misleading Houses was swinish…. No, it ran any videos such as last time, as Nina multiplied their fame, but this time it actually had to do with pigs. On the Big screen, the nieeeeeeedliche Babe: Pig ran along and all other projections, there were half pig carcasses at slaughter in different images to admire, Ran on the toilet “You must be a pig” of the prince and there was Mettschnitten for free. Olga went to this time-instead of Schlüppi with pig mask around. It drove a pair of bunnies and much bank on the house party around this time's misleading.


But we were not just here to celebrate birthday but for the reason, from which I have to 12. Time in the last 13 Months to misleading House-Day opened there – exactly. I mean the trans show – the Highlite of each party by Nina.

Main actors this time :ADES Zabel:, :Mataina Ah Wie Süß: , Stella DeStroy and of course the lady of the house itself. …Unfortunately, I can record the shows but this time only very inadequately, I have obviously not yet fully understood my new digital camera and video, die ich machte irgendwie den Ton an anderer Stelle der dazugehörigen Bilder ausgibt 🙁 Da muss ich wohl noch etwas üben.


Now, I must therefore be content for now with pictures from the video without sound.. grmpf. All four began the show with a nice number, whose name I once again do not know of course, whose images but with four different colored scarves, they whirled through the air, were excellently accompanied. (Edit) It was the Grand Prix track of No Angels, with which they will win this year's Grand Prix course… If not, we will send these 4 Girls the next time. Drag queens always go, We have supplied Verka Serduchka know at the last Grand Prix.


This was followed Mataina in a nun costume, who sang about, so what can a poor little innocent girl at a Catholic Beichtabnahme happen so everything. The girl called Anna Dutzinger, the Mataina lent her appearance this evening. Very nice of her, because then the Anna remain anonymous, which is certainly so in a typical Catholic mountain village where I expected the whole, is a good thing.


It was followed “Mommy” Adessa Zabel, which had been apparently on this day nothing to eat and so powerful fat yoghurt and sausages and potato salad on stage purely stuffed. That the residues, the kleckerten then flew necessarily on my heels through the area I like to forgive her even.


The Highlite was then but the appearance of Stella, the performte the unknown to me Stefanie Heinzmann. Now I know, Stefan Raab won the singing contest. A great voice, But Stella's show was better vieeeeel. Since there is nothing to quibble off.

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v = E51_nxC-XLC[/youtube]

When Stella performs and Stefanie sings, then you could find also like to Dieter Bohlen. Stella & Stefanie …. But only, when the two kissing pigs are in the background again. Which are extremely important.


The gig was great.

Was there anything else? Oh I!

Pricilla and Mataina indicate, dass die Scandal Party im am Insomnia am 21.03. inexorably closer and you might still appear there…. We'll see.

Otherwise, I thought I'd get a girl in my “never seen a man and therefore not immediately recognized” Swabbed list. Christal Cokes. Sheila with me the “You have not noticed it again views” looked at it was clearly. It is always easier, da es immer weniegr Möglichkeiten gibt 🙂 Okay, received and noted.’


The last thing to be noted, Mataina exactly that and went and had a parking place astray House. Who genial. We have, however, this time parked so far away, I never think, but that was not so bad, because it is getting warmer – at least somehow not as icy cold as in recent months.

So, that was the misleading House in March, we said goodbye to Felix… Who would have thought.

Tatiana, Fateful Years of Queen

A standard work of the Berlin Trans Scene?

, ihreszeichens Berlin CSD sovereignty of sometime to keinerweisssorecht has a second part of their work Tatiana, Fateful Years of Queen put on the web.

She describes her fictional story in Berlin Dragzene, Your immersion time as CSD and its sovereignty

I have not even noticed the first part, then the second definitely delicious. Although Tatjana “Similarities with all other persons or events in the past, Present or future” possibly titled as random, I can not escape the fact, me that several of the stories, the people, Parties or practices appear quite not quite as random. Still, most people are still made good. Okay okay, somewhat exaggerated but, but has not played completely wrong on the whole.

This story could give to all Berlin Neutransen as the great Trans Almanac. Tatiana talks about the Schwuz, Wigstöckel, the Irrenhouse, the Kumplenest, the GMF, The Bangaluu, den CSD, the different transport scenes in Kreuzberg and Mitte, in your history are as varied as people Kaey Tearing, Gérome Castell, Chicago Rose, :Mataina Ah wie Süß:, Barbie Breakout, Melli Magic, :Nina Queer:, Polla Disaster, Tilly Creutzfeldt Jakob, Biggi Blonde, :ADES Zabel:, or Daphne Baakel.

Anyone who has read the, has already had a first glimpse of the Berlin drag- and Transeszene. I'm looking forward to Part III

A few excerpts:

The deep-set eyes, I had lined with mega long fake eyelashes, my lips just shamelessly painted and eyebrows just a few centimeters above the original, heavily pruned painted. Only the big nose I could not hide with cosmetic tricks, and the Adam's apple does not also.
But since I also acted as a gay man, who plays a woman, and no one knew, that I was a woman, Playing a man, the turns gay, to play a transvestite, It was not so bad.
I even had an extra left the hair on the upper arms, peeped between the glove and a sleeveless evening dress. I was, gave me in these circles as something real.

Gérome had begun, a little to take care of me.
“Y'know ¾, Old, We shemales have to stick together. Each of us here has daughters and sisters, the system I brought from USA. In, sonst ha`m wa doch keen! And who should take care of, nich when the family? Ebent! You are now my daughter. And for you I have also been a; Your daughter's name is Frank!”
“My daughter's name is Frank? Absolutely not,” I resisted from. “¾ I own nothing and I do not have the nerve, to take care of as a lost brat.”
“¾ Frank is not a brat,” sagte Martina ah – as – Sweet, at the counter of the Bangaluu `s got us. Martina was the only salaried tranny all over town. This chic club in the middle, the Kaey would certainly enter only dead, she was the consummate hostess. She liked everyone and everyone liked them.

Gérome had imagined Melli Magic and Barbie Breakout at the counter of the GMF. The GMF was a chic club in the middle, where on Sunday evening, the young, would cap off the weekend, pretty and rich gay nightlife of Berlin.
Now I understood kaya, Â's disparaging remarks about “¾ Mitte.” The Trans-scene in Berlin-Mitte obviously differed greatly from the in Kreuzberg.
Barbie and Melli embodied pure glamor.

Melanie, a truck driver in zebra dress, the safe 120 Weighed kilos, but still proudly known, so go to the bakery every day and spend his evenings on the Internet, where it is marketed as a 47-pound beauty, or Sieglinde, who do not trust, remove her beard and put it value, neither hetero-- to leave even classify themselves as homosexual, but “¾ Transmann” or “¾ multisexuell” their identity seemed to narrow limits set to.
“¾ I am unique, do you understand,” her words were.
My mind was whirling. How easy was my life but! Everything in effect acting!

Nina Queer is genoss, to break all taboos and remained so always talking. Similarly, excessive as Barbie Breakout or Gérome, but it was still doing a shrewd businesswoman, who had worked his way up from the French Seller to the party organizer and owner of his own pub. Your go-go dancers were an ancient, flabby couple, the naked dancing, and their shows were bananas puked, Smeared Nutella or pelted the audience with minced meat. The Berlin loved the.
I was always totally unleashed at my performances, my slutty Playback, lost my wig fell or equal to all of the Stage. So I drew me a solid, reputation.

Tatiana's story seems like a lapse of some years ago Berlin party scene and it's again time to read.

Tatiana, Fateful Years of Queen Part II
Tatiana, Fateful Years of Queen Part I

ADES Zabel – Berlin

Stars and starlets IV – ADES Zabel


ades4.gif…So, strictly speaking, Ades Zabel is much more than just a person. In your role as a comedian, Drag Queen, Dragdjane, Movie Star, Moderator and mom she is much more than just Ades Zabel. On other sites I have already been read by Zabel Universe – this is true, it is not very well, but Ades Zabel is a whole Pottpuri of names from.

As a DJ, drag Adessa Zabel can hear it better on every gay party in Berlin, as a German housewife Edith Schröder seen it on the boards of nonsense comedy Comedy Club on Kurt Kroemer show up to their own show Simply Zabel detention For example, the BKA Theater.

In addition, they can be as Karin Hoene, Hurriyet slackly or Evelyn experience in a variety of feature-length films, which, however, generally a certain trash-factor can not be denied. For example All love mom, where she is acting as mother of Biggy van Blond then probably more for fans than for the cinema of the world

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v = rnCuyGoYtx4[/youtube]


[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v = J9dqU8j0yXI[/youtube]


If cinema in conjunction with Ades Zabel, he prefers the Kino International and by that I mean the Club International, the Irrenhouse, the GMF Club, the After Aua or any other good gay party in Berlin.

Now when I say, she was one of the best drag-female DJ from Berlin, this is so, as would a blind tranny talk of colors, for I can say is, if I like a song, not whether a transition was good. But I do not need, because, fortunately, I heard from someone, of the turntables is equally devoted following sentence: Ades is one of the few in Berlin, which can properly. So also I like to believe that. Not for nothing this allesverratene nose as Ades Zabel or Adessa is really common to see.

Then times also with the usual trans show, such as with :Gloria Viagra: Kinzo in the official show program for the G8 Summit in Heiligendamm, as they protested against these same.

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v =-8y8lXAqlfg[/youtube]


To Trashy, to coarse?
Then Ades Zabel's not for you. Your dirty jokes on stage are coarse, Trashy their films and their performances as well as here on the Mandonnamania.



Nevertheless, and perhaps because of Ades Zabel is but one original Berlin, that no one would want to miss. Somehow it seems to be a little over the mother of the Berlin Trans Scene, although it actually only has a foster daughter with Biggy van Blond, but has now developed quite outstanding. The education has therefore worked.


Ades Zabel was myself of something presented over two years in an asylum House times and was surprised, I did not know – whence also, I came from Hamburg… I was surprised alleerdings, when I saw her a week later in nonsense Comedy Club. Wow.

Tatjana in Irrenhouse


:Nina Queer:s Irrenhouse On the third Saturday of the month is a must visit for some time in Berlin. So in this month again, for the few minutes trans-show against two clock tomorrow is simply a must for us. Nina booked every time three or four Grossa name of the Berlin transport VIPs for a small appearance. So this again.
As usual a part of this show was once again Stella Destroy, which this time with a medley of Kylie Minogue, that she completed as well as the small Australian of the einene or other costume exchange moose. Corset with feather boa and white peacock feather like Kylie Stella was not quite as much glamor as the original in small White Diamond. But I guess, with similar princely salary as Kylie at a sold-out show, we would also see Stella Destroy gäntlich glittering.


With a little less glamor came :Mataina Ah Wie Süß: from, actually appear in the Drink B was booked. House B and misleading House… According to Nina, that's not at all and there was only one star, they would allow the. Mataina eben. I suppose, that they would allow this to go the other usual suspects name – But that's just my subjective opinion. Mataina led this time in full gear “Havah nagilah Havah”, So Jewish heritage to the best….

As Nina commented yet?

This time some Jewish, I did not bring these Nazi last time my number? I just wanted to note times.

Yep it has- and it was great.

This evening, however, was the Reisser Tatjana, in the sparkly dress with a Half mirror ball on the head of us all Eurovision Song Contest Favorite Serduchka were. actually it was clear, that it would come, or? Just great! It was not just me, because Tatjana was greeted with the biggest cheer clear this evening. One two three – dance.


It was like the Reisser said of the evening and so great, I unfortunately would not seem so, Biggy Blonde und :ADES Zabel: then gave the best.

Some old traditional folk song from Tahiti with a lesbian text, But that was less snappy than before performance. Consequently, there was less applause. So here is different from the tranny Song Contest on the lesbian in audience voting.


Otherwise it was as always in a mental house. Full, stuffy, loud and the toilets overflowing and after a short time barely passable. The Trans-density on a normal day-House astray not sooo great. Thus, for example, Janka Croft came again this time as a man. But still the Mad House has its own style between glamor, Trash and commerce. I like the Mad House.


Eventually, about half past four we left the house and were wondering mislead the Bangaluu to visit. Although that day was there any gay party but yeah we do not care, because the club is great.

Well, when we were waiting outside the door Biggy van Blond, who asked us, still so before what would we have. The answer she finished with the words

Have fun – and does nothing, I would not do
and gives you the greatest possible freedom to do, what you want.

Nur ein Ruf oder die Wahrheit 😉
someday I'll know the. I take them at their word until then at least.