Underground Catwalk Berlin 2013

Underground Catwalk Berlin 2013
or # UC2013Berlin

DSC04906a valuable part of the Berlin Fashion Week has for many years also the Underground Catwalk, which is always a little bit modified. There used to be a train, last year there were two trains.

DSC04933This year was different.
Instead of one or two rented and closed off subway trains, this year was all publicly. Instead of the invited guests and the photographer were allowed this time everyone in the subway, of bought a ticket and the various teams found, because that was a little tricky.

DSC04885Between Alexanderplatz and Frankfurter Allee commuted each of 6 teams 12 different designers in different trains, got out and into other trains again and enjoyed the knowing visitor and marveled normal commuters and tourists. Unfortunately, we knew then but never actually show where the teams are located just.

DSC04939In return, the makers of thought Rockstar Models from, that under #UC2013Berlin should always be tweeted, when divided into tight teams. Actually a nice idea, but not as good as feasible in the Berlin underground, since there is no cell phone reception… …London would be for an idea, there gibts in the subway a WLAN …

DSC04913Susi Sue mit dem Twitter Hashtag an sehr prominenter Stelle πŸ˜‰

After a short time, but I found the first team of Slacks Fashion accompanied by Binca and Yoran, which I followed shortly, got out with them and let them go back, while I waited for the next troop… The next force a designer, ran my path was then, however, – the team of Slacks Fashion … schon wieder πŸ™‚

DSC04944Fortunately, this time accompanied by Susi Sue by Rockstar Models, the plan a little more than I did and much more reception at the various stations. Together we then began the way through the underground and found really all different teams in the near future and some people, the way your actual interrupted by the trains between the two stations to follow.

DSC04920Particularly a tourist group of young girls out there are doing, that the models actually brought applause and whistles sometimes to perform and poses, because before and after many have thought, this is a typical fashion show, and one must look as unconcerned, but just this small way through the girls squad has brought them to smile. Since then really had fun also all. Models, uninvolved visitors, Photographers and give these girls squad.

DSC04927By the designers themselves liked me best Topvintage, an online shop from the Netherlands with great 50s outfits. 6 wonderful dresses with 6 customs Models.

DSC04916The second force, appealed to me was the very SinWeaver, translucent bar, a Berlin label, I did not know bisdato. …The first view was “okay, online, simple portable, elegant but not exciting”… But look closer when I had to admit, that the creations were anything but boring. For example, a skirt made of ropes, but as I said only what you saw, if you looked closer. A little frivolous – auf den zweiten Blick πŸ˜‰

DSC04921Slacks Fashion however disappointed me a little. Slacks makes great burlesque corsets and gorgeous creations but showed “only” Chains and jewels of models with nylon suits. Amazingly, Slacks got it but a corresponding media content from….

DSC04908Lazo Oleg's creations were as usual “specifically”. Not necessarily wearable but so, that they should not be missing in a Underground Catwalk, but they make the “underground” from, even when the usual suspects latex, Gothic or burlesque labels were missing this year.

DSC04898Not great but lacked the after-show party in the Sage, which was great as always. Spanned, to chat with nice people, six es Moon Diamond, Oleg, Mile, Lauren or my old Maria rbeitskollegin (I unfortunately did not recognize directly). However, this was not the ordinary enjoyment of Amaretto Sour, -Cranberry, und-Ginger Ale… I hope at least.

DSC04949Moon Diamond

But the great thing is also, that you can still get to know many other nice people.. Although I barely know who was who, but a Heath, an Nathalie, Tanja and a mainly a Nadin !! Without E !! wie sie betonte πŸ˜‰ Nette Menschen im Sage.


At later time then the pool at Sage has been used excessively. Among other things, one of Ferdinand Prinz von Anhalt, I did not know, but they showed me to my question: “One must know the?” to understand with a shaky hand “neeeee not really” okay, ich kenne ihn nicht πŸ˜‰

DSC04953Sometime after 3 clock I went home, So it must have been a really nice evening, in which I chatted great. As always great. If Berlin is now still puts Wi-Fi in the subway, it gets even better.


Teddy Aftershow Party

Teddy was the weekend awards ceremony and this was not queer be the most important film already enough rice, It was also the 25 You. So an anniversary, that masses of important, interested and certainly attracted some important interested in the departure hall of Tempelhof Airport.


Unfortunately, I can say nothing about the teddies themselves, because my press accreditation could unfortunately only be issued for dei aftershow party because of the large Andrags. Damage. But obviously I did not miss much at the ceremony. Two O-Tones, I was told namely “of chewing gum, as every year” and “Well had ups and downs, You have but little miss”. I am inclined, to believe this, and so as not to feel too bad.


Teddy the after-show party was then that really good and a very reasonable price gay lesbian film, because behind the departure hall, there were two wings each having a party. You can view the whole thing as GMF meets Girl Town, because on the one side presented Zoe with her girls on, on the other hand show Gloria Viagra and Barbie Breakout, what they can.


In addition, there was a drag or anything Italian, the late hours performte on stage and this in an outfit, not insignificant that recalled the full body suits of SuperZandy. You would have thought beautiful, that Madame would hide behind, if this lady would have been on stage not obviously pregnant,, at least I interpret the abdominal times. …And such a belly is not at Zandy on stage… also lacked a hat. Funny, it was still.


But before the party started and you could meet all the people, you wanted, wait it was called firstonce. The accreditation spoke of inlet 23 Clock, but at the time could only be barred gates in front of the door a look at the – throw really well-stocked company – and wait, that would be let in later.

DSC00764wait before (door) the Teddy Awards

Man was then and it was really wiederverwunderlich, who else was there. The usual suspects Queer Celebs Mr. Uecker, of Praunheim, Romy Haag, of course Wowi, somehow to all of Berlin's party organizer and a whole lot of typical Berlin drag partygoers…


And a camera crew from Vancouver, one of the most beautiful cities ever, the there do a weekly show for the German-speaking population. What there is not anything. One may be surprised again and again.

As I was also surprised at the guy, the white very stylish in black, walked around with shirt and tie and in which I noticed only on the second Bick, that he helped SNEAKERS. What a break in style. But he could tell me, that this be very special, they were also black and white and he would collect sneakers. Well yes I collect shoes and then somehow can understand that already… I like but would prefer high – and that would not fit in his.


But somehow fit the music has, Barbie and Gloria played and let me dance after a long time again properly…. a big mess partly true old music of my children and youth days, yes – I like it hardly say – back at least a few days.. I mentioned, that struck me the other day, how old Roxette have become? Now I knew the still, since they were young and crisp … Relief.


In any case, it was one of the better parties of the recent past and

Teddy Awards Bilder

Tonight it's too late, still contributing to the Teddy Awards 2010 to write. Quick download some pictures from the camera and just to throw in a contribution to the Teddy Awards, just goes, so that the inclined seeker finds something.


Morning, then comes the real contribution to the award or. the after party with another Teddy Award images, so check back tomorrow hereein again and finds weiteer Teddy Award Pictures.