Grand Prix Vorgeplänkel

Grand Prix Vorgeplänkel

When I Look in my statistics as “Alex Christensen youtube, Dima Bilan Gay oder Dita von Teese Grand Prix” see, must be anything… clear

Okay, than seven hours more towards, bis to Grand Prix – Sorry – the Euro Vision Song Contest in Moscow, and I therefore also my live blogging evening begins .

…and so begins the fever langsan. I scolded the NDR still angry, as it without asking me – and without anybody has to ask Alex Christensen and Oscar Loya chosen as this year's challengers, so calm with the nagging now even have to be. Since the coach has therefore not taken my favorite striker and yet I am, if the national team wins the European Championship.

This time everything was really trying, Germany thus amends the debacle of last year. For one, they have ensured, Juries decide that half the points and trafficking of Eastern and Scandinavian states ends slightly (In other words, they have bought with the impact points in the ESC). The set gives you more points.

For this they have brought but with a producer Alex Christensen, has got off to a snappy and yet totally liberated meaningful English songs in the best tradition of Grand Prix. That at least gives no points


But that's not enough, with the musical actor Oscar Loya Alex Christensen has scored a beauty openly gay singer on the stage – and DAS are on the biggest event this Queer and beyond all CSDs (even those, which are banned in Moscow in the year of the ESC) ALL SITUATIONS pluses.

And that is not enough then, there are still real props for the idea, as Backgroungräklerin not any beautiful woman, but the goddess herself Dita Von Teese to bring on the stage, Although the arrived until Thursday – Sample probably does not seem so important, but the recipes for a good performance (in addition to the artistic value) are done. Now the roast can still 6 1/2 Simmer for hours and then eaten.

Last year a gay singer has won a catchy pop song and a well-known figure skaters, why not this time a gay singer with washboard abs, open shirt and pants with a glitter bouncy swing song and a known stripper…

Well we will see, from 20:00 here in diesem Blog. Check it out.

Oh and since I have it up just spoke to a recent report from today:

The Moscow police violently dispersed before the finals of the Euro Vision Song Contest a demonstration of homosexuals. Some were in the grip of at least 30 Männer und Frauen aus Russland und Weißrussland vor der staatlichen Lomonossow-Universität abgeführt. Also a U.S. citizen, was arrested. Policemen dragged the participating activists into waiting vehicles. The activists had called the widespread homophobia in Russia as a disgrace. The Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov in turn described homosexuality as “devilishly”.

Dita Von Teese stripping for Germany

Dita Von Teese stripping for Germany for the Grand Prix

No, No April Fools, Germany goes to the Grand Prix at this year's sharp guns on. After Germany or the NDR yes, this year has considered, has to send well-known artists to the Grand Prix and therefore equal themselves once decided, the voting mass to steal the qualifying round and instead prefer to know itself, what is good for Germany, I was completely convinced, that can only go in your pants. Alex Christensen I really have expected no victory…


The NDR obviously not, and so it was decided, pimp the German contribution a little, fiery and make sharper.

Drum stripping next to the two singers have someone a little burlesque and not just anyone, but actually Dita Von Teese. Whether this makes the post better, I venture to doubt, However, I'm sure, that it brings more viewers than a contest, we do not always win with artists, we have not always chosen. Let's see if there is a Dita Von Teese effect.

Dita von Teese = Germany 10 Points?

In, I let myself be surprised