Underground Catwalk Berlin 2013

Underground Catwalk Berlin 2013
or # UC2013Berlin

DSC04906a valuable part of the Berlin Fashion Week has for many years also the Underground Catwalk, which is always a little bit modified. There used to be a train, last year there were two trains.

DSC04933This year was different.
Instead of one or two rented and closed off subway trains, this year was all publicly. Instead of the invited guests and the photographer were allowed this time everyone in the subway, of bought a ticket and the various teams found, because that was a little tricky.

DSC04885Between Alexanderplatz and Frankfurter Allee commuted each of 6 teams 12 different designers in different trains, got out and into other trains again and enjoyed the knowing visitor and marveled normal commuters and tourists. Unfortunately, we knew then but never actually show where the teams are located just.

DSC04939In return, the makers of thought Rockstar Models from, that under #UC2013Berlin should always be tweeted, when divided into tight teams. Actually a nice idea, but not as good as feasible in the Berlin underground, since there is no cell phone reception… …London would be for an idea, there gibts in the subway a WLAN …

DSC04913Susi Sue with the Twitter hashtag in a very prominent place 😉

After a short time, but I found the first team of Slacks Fashion accompanied by Binca and Yoran, which I followed shortly, got out with them and let them go back, while I waited for the next troop… The next force a designer, ran my path was then, however, – the team of Slacks Fashion … again 🙂

DSC04944Fortunately, this time accompanied by Susi Sue by Rockstar Models, the plan a little more than I did and much more reception at the various stations. Together we then began the way through the underground and found really all different teams in the near future and some people, the way your actual interrupted by the trains between the two stations to follow.

DSC04920Particularly a tourist group of young girls out there are doing, that the models actually brought applause and whistles sometimes to perform and poses, because before and after many have thought, this is a typical fashion show, and one must look as unconcerned, but just this small way through the girls squad has brought them to smile. Since then really had fun also all. Models, uninvolved visitors, Photographers and give these girls squad.

DSC04927By the designers themselves liked me best Topvintage, an online shop from the Netherlands with great 50s outfits. 6 wonderful dresses with 6 customs Models.

DSC04916The second force, appealed to me was the very SinWeaver, translucent bar, a Berlin label, I did not know bisdato. …The first view was “okay, online, simple portable, elegant but not exciting”… But look closer when I had to admit, that the creations were anything but boring. For example, a skirt made of ropes, but as I said only what you saw, if you looked closer. A little frivolous – at second glance 😉

DSC04921Slacks Fashion however disappointed me a little. Slacks makes great burlesque corsets and gorgeous creations but showed “only” Chains and jewels of models with nylon suits. Amazingly, Slacks got it but a corresponding media content from….

DSC04908Lazo Oleg's creations were as usual “specifically”. Not necessarily wearable but so, that they should not be missing in a Underground Catwalk, but they make the “underground” from, even when the usual suspects latex, Gothic or burlesque labels were missing this year.

DSC04898Not great but lacked the after-show party in the Sage, which was great as always. Spanned, to chat with nice people, six es Moon Diamond, Oleg, Mile, Lauren or my old Maria rbeitskollegin (I unfortunately did not recognize directly). However, this was not the ordinary enjoyment of Amaretto Sour, -Cranberry, und-Ginger Ale… I hope at least.

DSC04949Moon Diamond

But the great thing is also, that you can still get to know many other nice people.. Although I barely know who was who, but a Heath, an Nathalie, Tanja and a mainly a Nadin !! Without E !! as she emphasized 😉 Nice people in Sage.


At later time then the pool at Sage has been used excessively. Among other things, one of Ferdinand Prinz von Anhalt, I did not know, but they showed me to my question: “One must know the?” to understand with a shaky hand “neeeee not really” okay, I don't know him 😉

DSC04953Sometime after 3 clock I went home, So it must have been a really nice evening, in which I chatted great. As always great. If Berlin is now still puts Wi-Fi in the subway, it gets even better.


Wii Play Lounge Berlin

Wii Play Lounge am Alex

The weekend was once again the Irrenhouse announced, but as a mad house night is only just two clock really exciting show for transfusion. But since it makes no fun, then just drive off and it just is not fun, catch up with the Mad House, hatte Sheila Idea, but even to visit the Wii Play Lounge at House of Travel on Alex .

Die Wii Play Lounge? What issn the? Now, it showed, that it is something between the Internet cafe and bowling. Only significantly cooler than the internet cafe and much fake but much more stylish than a bowling alley.

But the same soweohl have the Wii PLay lounge and bowling alley, groups that go there and play a game together. While, however, thrown on dre bowling with big balls, is played with small controllers. And it is not a game but can rely on the daddeln the, what exactly is the Wii by yourself. To the Wii PLay Lounge has two other great benefits, There are good cocktails and you can go bowling in high heels. The only unreal but of course on a large flat.

I guess times 20 – 25 Lounges were fully booked and could not Sheila reserved, and we would probably be allowed to hold long with the attentive staff, because the games we would not have come so quickly.

Thus, although we acknowledged the Hugo Egon Balder lounge free and cared for us with cocktails, different controllers, Microphones, Play all, anything else that burned us at the heels. Very caring the girls and boys.

After a short but crisp Bowling, clear that Nina lost and a slightly longer game Mario Cart, clearly that I lost, we bethought us also an area, on the good taste, lost all the talent and ears of the neighborhood: We played Boogie Superstar, what about something like SingStar, that in turn is something like karaoke. It must be confessed, that we were all very, very bad.

We tried with various duet, so that at least two more for the discord, the drowning of our lounge, were responsible. Nina sang not only with somehow, weil Boogie SUPER STAR weder Heavy Metal, nor death metal or any other “Music”-Direction contained, which after a Guterzug, driving in a station with Full Ride, sounds.

In short, We were not good, but that with full neck and a lot of fun. These cocktails were good and the chicken skewers great. I believe, we were not the last time in the Wii Play Lounge Berlin.

The Wii PLay lounge but you should better book in advance, which it is probably getting pretty crowded there.


Wii Play Lounge

Mo-Fr:  ÂÂ⁇ ab 19.00 Clock
In-So: ÂÂ⁇ ab 14.00 Clock
Alexander Street 7
10178 Berlin

Zombie Walk Berlin

Zombie Walk Berlin

I had some time ago announced and today it was so far. Point 15 Clock should open up dei hell and spit out tons of zombies in Berlin at Alexanderplatz.


Thus, at least, was Satan's plan. Now I do not know, whether photographers and cameramen are considered per se zombies, but I'm afraid not. In addition to a whole lot more or less creepy-looking zombies and at least numerically identical high number that is was present at the photographer… But what I Bitch, because I was also present and not as a zombie.


What was there to see? Lots of blood, many undead, smiling and laughing Undead, Undead, could climb and what, could even jump. I always thought zombies had no brain and are so smart in some, as a closed package Toast – not moldy understood, because otherwise the toast should win the intelligence test against the Tombie.


Well, sometime about half an hour later put the zombie march, accompanied by the still very interested crowd of paparazzi howling and wailing in motion, eyed by the people, actually wanted to sit in the Sone, were easily amused and after the march turning back to the sun. Fearful Faces? None.

Interesting, that a lot of Zombies T-shirts with the inscription “Maskworld” contributed… As someone has probably tried to do something guerilla äää Zombie Advertising… I also think, Maskworld that deserves a whole lot on the march, so much fake blood and scars I saw there.


By the fountain, the red city hall I had seen enough and I'd rather be shopping again devoted. Nette Idee, all.


Food or shoes shop?

As I mentioned, fell last weekend, a film crew, two well-known to the reader here Shemales (Sheila und Janka) and a fungierendes on this day as gray mouse girl into my home, to explain the RTL Mittagsmagazin times, how umstyled a gray mouse in a star….

The Filming at the Brandenburg Gate we put behind us quickly and we had actually 2 1/2 Hours, it should go up in my apartment. So enough about another pair of clothes to create Janka to me and even just take a couple accessories.

…The pair accessories amounted to no less than four fully loaded IKEA bags, some Schminkköfferchen and even the one or other survival for Trans utensils, as well as all the mitmussten. One must be prepared for all eventualities… But first we had to buy another pair of things – oh yeah and eat something naturally.

On the Alexa shopping center at Alexanderplatz, where we could actually get everything. But that's not so easy with us. If we are looking for something, that must have been exactly the right color and desired more than just a little bit correspond. So looked out from the Alexa over the Alexanderplatz square and the shops there. And lo and behold, we found everything, what we were looking for – looking for not too long… But only some searching was already too much, for the time (vgl. Top 2 1/2 Hours) tickerte mercilessly. So back to Alexa and something to satisfy the hand to the stomach.

On the way over to Alex wished us a couple nice point yet “Happy International Women's Day”… Much better than the other guy, who called us whether we are women. Apparently he was only sure, when we called out to him, he should advise it out…. But I really wonder, why no one is running with his eyes wide open to the next best pillar or lantern. That would be wanted again.

Back to Alex, we now had two choices:

1. Something to eat or
2. Discover shoes

I believe, I do not need to mention, what we started the other shorter and shorter time, or???

Has anybody a restaurant -30% Seen signs? I do not…. So it was shopping shoes. No question! Unfortunately, there were three girls after a long search together not a pair of shoes, the affordable, would have been large enough and wanted.

Now the time but was so far advanced, I had to get home quickly, to the Blush-Plakat to get to the wall. While I tried using a roll of double sided tape, again just to make Janka and Sheila went briefly to the golden M for food.

Hardly the two came with me to – also rang the door for the second time.

The food was shelved and taken in the ladies and gentlemen of Accent Media