Hamburg at night

Hamburg at night
On the Reepernahn at half past midnight.
Hans Albers

At half past midnight, it is pretty full on the Reeperbahn usually. But if you are honest, this is also the weekend really so.

Annabelle and I had planned for quite some time, times to make a photo session in the old Elbe Tunnel. The tunnel is suitable for great pictures. We have un even made a few weeks ago even a preview taken the place in inspection times, and stairs, Looked elevators and security cameras. After we had also examined the inside of bars we are at the end of the night once again to the Elbe and have seen “Yes he is also open at night and on weekends, it may happen, that at one time a troop of “Visitors” appears, the one the undisturbed photo shoot spoil.”

No Problem, we just make the mid-week night, as it will be empty.

On the last Wednesday was once again a party with Sabrina and we set out to, then drive to the Elbe. Unfortunately, I had to edit quite a long Annabelle, until they agreed to, come along (allerdings als Mann 🙂 ) In just know you are. So we are jetted through Hamburg and arrived around two-thirty in the morning on the Elbe clock only to find, that during the week of the Elbe a magnet for people seems.

We counted within a few minutes more people, that went into the tunnel, or out of it came as weekend evenings. They came from all directions and from all corners. We even joked, whether there was probably a party….. but that the people were too different… After a few minutes we left the tunnel and tunnel just be moved to a second time this session.

Instead, we went to the sea side of the jetties and made there a few photos, almost all were either somewhat dark or light…. But still very beautiful images were.

a pair of impressions from this shoot:

was a beautiful commentary on the last picture on Heelscity:

I love the photos too well – Despite the overexposure. I also like the second best. And your look / expression of what is so “sexy suffering”…not find a proper word for it and that wink Well I like your legs I've always been told several times.

Sexy suffering

Photo session in the port

Purely|fall [m. 2; ugs.] Failure, nasty surprise
Dictionary of the German language
A failure or bad surprise the dictionary defines the word “Letdown”. I can only write and what a let down one of my weekend activities.

On Thursday, I chatted with a hamburger girl and her pictures, which since I saw her for the first time on the internet, have significantly improved. She told, that they intend soon, to make new and indeed in the old Elbe Tunnel. You would not trust just so right and did not know, how would that be if they then herumhantiere with her tripod….

Old Elbe Tunnel? Da war doch was. I've dug around a bit in my head while I this again recalled, I sometime in 've seen. “Stylish and large class! I thought then and “soeines I do at some point once”. Of course I had long forgotten and so I spontaneously said, me to go. We were then already in pairs and should someone come, then would not that be so bad. So we arranged for Saturday night 1:00 on the Elbe on the other side of the Elbe.

So after a few hours Grand Prix and a brief phone call to 0:00 I went with the fixed target to shoot some nice photos and the knowledge, Gracia that not only did not the first at the Grand Prix – but has made the very last place, the. Before that, I have just looked, I must go well. >>Veddel from, towards the harbor and later “The Lion King signs” followed.<< No problem at all. In one hour, which is to create loose.


At the point where I wanted to go was a long road full, but in between was a large fence, the declared, that there is the harbor area and not by mere mortals there may…. So I went to good luck for the port I found places, of which I have not yet dared to dream (and of which I otherwise would get even nightmares), and once stood on a small road, I stopped on the turnpike just before the highway. I drove a total of 5 Times over the Elbe bridges and 4 Times over the Köhlbrandbrücke – In short, I got lost hopelessly.

Then there was the “fairly new BMW” before me waved out by the police and I had to see firstonce, if not maybe I was meant. … No matter. That would be the third time, that the police would stop me so. Since the police but then too friendly, when I look at myself in the mirror, 've creeped, I had previously not afraid…. but I already was something very late. No matter, they did not mean me, and I could go on

Eventually I became unnerved by my company picked up at one end of Köhlbrandbrücke and we drove to the Elbe.

Unfortunately, the Great Grand Prix Final that evening was transferred to the Spielbudenplatz and some people have probably Gracias four points a little too well celebrated. It stray Erten the Elbe 3 Drunk and around a couple, waiting for the bus. I was absolutely matter, but my companion was a bit fishy. The images in the Elbe tunnel were thus summarily canceled. Mist.

It then proposed before to go to the cruise terminal and there to take some pictures. I agreed, but had to recognize, that the place for sophisticated images is unfortunately completely unsuitable.

Of the total only 7 Photos of me this is the least bad, and would not even normally shortlisted publication worthy photos come. (I have to top it namely also the wrong, taken because dark wig… Dark hair at night …. Great idea!

Actually, I had not done then go to the Kinky Roxx Planet Party, but now there was half 4 and I annoyed. Tired. From home.

The evening had gone. And I've now let off Saturday night and unpacked the outrageously expensive stockings… just to see the need, the dass) my head is not on the single image and b) Once the seam is not just. Grumble.

and where I now get pictures of me in the Elbe ago??