Blicker and ASTRA Advertising

First try, “You yourself” be,
before you can log corrupted by advertising!
© Willy Meurer (*1934)
Today I am advocating unabashedly for two products, which are quite good for trannies, together but only in moderation is tolerable. High Shoes and beer. Both are great for. But high shoes with too much beer should not be enjoyed together.

Blicker shoes in Hamburg

After I asked the other day yes, whether Blicker is probably the verge of insolvency, (see here!) Yesterday I was more than surprised, I saw a totally empty Clued window. Not seeing a shoe. … Scare.

Then I saw the sign:
We are to build, The sale is still continuing. Reduced shoes. Boots minus 10% All other Shoes minus 20%. So hamburger storms Durchblicker.

Astra – was dagegen

If you stroll through the neighborhood, a one or the other falls into the hands of. For example, the new flyer from Schmidt. On the back is a picture ASTRA, which is subtitled “Real men drink ASTRA.”. The image was already used for Easter but still cool.

To buy the poster is incidentally also specifically here. Astra does have cool advertising.